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Larry Sanders takes a shot at Brandon Jennings

Andrew Gruman of FOXSportsWisconsin.com (hat tip: Matt Moore of Eye on Basketball):

Larry Sanders when asked for response to Brandon Jennings’ comments on playing with better bigs in DET: "He has to pass it to them first"

You can read my thoughts at ProBasketballTalk.


  • Oct 1, 201312:46 pm
    by Vic


    I really doubt BJ will have trouble getting assists.
    He had 48 assists in a 3 game streak in March, and they were varied and balanced. 


    To me that says its something he can turn on and off. That’s a sign of control, which is good. If he can control it, he can make a decision to do it with the Pistons.

  • Oct 1, 20131:17 pm
    by Ray313


    Got ‘em…. He is really going to have to change his game up.. But in his defense, they were sucky down low on the offensive end..

  • Oct 1, 20131:53 pm
    by pt


  • Oct 1, 20137:11 pm
    by CityofKlompton


    I’m not a big fan of the “Jennings had nobody to play with in Milwaukee” argument, but Larry Sanders is the last guy on that team who should be complaining about not receiving the ball on offense.  The only time he should be touching the ball on offense is when he rips it off the glass.

    • Oct 2, 20137:24 am
      by oats


      To be fair, this was partially a response to Jennings talking about a Lob City type of situation in Detroit. Sanders is an excellent finisher at the basket and seems like he would be a very capable player at finishing those lobs if Jennings was really that interested in throwing them. So Sanders at least has somewhat of a point.

  • Oct 1, 20138:14 pm
    by tarsier


    Jennings actually did pretty well in terms of assists given that he was sharing ball-handling duties with Ellis and carrying a large part of his team’s scoring load.

  • Oct 2, 20138:29 am
    by gmehl


    Jennings kinda brought that reaction from Sanders on himself by insinuating he had no talent around him in Milwaukee even if it was true. He should’ve just said thank you for his time there and moved on. He needs to get smarter with how he deals with the media because it is clear he isn’t the most loved guy in the league. Whether it’s his fault or not, incidents like the one at Rucker Park and that night club situation with The Game will keep on happening to him because he clearly has a target on his back. He needs to be a bit wiser and lay low and realise that the NBA will only be his job for another 10 years if he’s lucky. I’m not saying he should become a hermit but just be a little smarter with what he says and how he spends his free time.

    • Oct 2, 201311:14 am
      by Nothing new here


      Agreed.  Save the trash talk for the games, gentlemen.  I’m so ready for the season to start.  I’ve been reduced to blogposts like this, lol.

    • Oct 2, 20133:21 pm
      by Max


      I don’t know; “Lob city” was music to my ears.  

      • Oct 2, 20138:56 pm
        by gmehl


        Lob City isn’t Detroit basketball and even though it would get lots of SportCenter highlights I think most legit fans would get tired of it very quickly if it didn’t produce wins. I want us to dominate the defensive glass which should allow us to get out a run. If this happens then yes we have the athletes to bring Lob City to Detroit. With quick outlet scoring it should also hopefully nullify our so called weak perimeter shooting that everyone is talking about. You’d have to think that other teams will realize and adjust to this very quickly so fast breaking won’t always be an option.

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