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Joe Dumars on the hot seat, Scott Perry ready to become general manager

Amin Elhassan of ESPN named five NBA general managers on the hot seat, and Joe Dumars is the first name listed:

As the designer of the Pistons teams that won an NBA title in 2004 and lost in the Finals in seven games in 2005, Dumars has long been considered one of the elite executives in the league, and Detroit was once a model for cap management and shrewd personnel decisions. But things began to unravel when Dumars opted to trade Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson‘s expiring deal, a move that created cap flexibility in 2009. However, rather than wait for the following offseason’s talent-laden free-agency class, Dumars decided to grossly overpay Ben Gordon(five years, $58 million) and Charlie Villanueva (five years, $37.7 million). Eventually, Dumars was forced to attach a first-rounder with limited protection just to jettison Gordon’s contract. Villanueva remains on the books for $8.6 million this season.

Detroit hasn’t finished .500 since the 2007-08 season, and is on its fourth coach since then. Although Dumars struck gold in the draft with Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond, the Pistons have lacked any sort of roster cohesion or team identity. This past offseason, he signed Josh Smith for four years, $56 million and Brandon Jennings for three years, $24 million, despite both being odd fits to the roster. This continued mismanagement of cap resources puts the onus on the team to start paying dividends, or else a change is in store.

There is wiggle room, of course, but I would be surprised if the Pistons miss the playoffs and Dumars keeps his job/the Pistons make the playoffs and Dumars loses his job. I don’t even think injuries would work as an excuse. Dumars needs a playoff berth, because that would come with sold tickets, and that’s what Tom Gores’ needs.

By the way, a former Pistons front office member made Elhassan’s list of those ready to be a general manager:

Scott Perry | Orlando Magic | VP of Basketball Operations

Another former Dumars lieutenant, Perry also spent a season hitting the reset button with the then-Seattle Supersonics under Sam Presti and brings the added benefit of coaching experience.


  • Oct 14, 20133:39 pm
    by Slap Dog Hoops (SDH)


    Dumars should have been fired years ago after foolishly firing Flip Saunders and breaking up a team that went to the eastern conference Finals for three straight years.  he then squandered all their cap space by getting free agent busts like Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, and placed the future of the franchise on the back of Rodney Stuckey of all players.  Had Dumars chosen to stay the course allowing for his veterans s contract to expire instead of tearing the whole team down, the Pistons would still be a playoff team.  The man’s been lucky so far as he has been able to cover his backside and pass the busk on the bad coaches that he had hired.  Hopefully the team’s owners finally wise up and get rid of him if things do not go the team’s way.        

  • Oct 14, 20134:11 pm
    by Ryank


    Dumars went through an ownership transition that according to him left him shackled.  Dumars has made plenty of mistakes in years past, but always corrected his errors.  Brandon Knight was a mistake…he shipped him out of town and corrected his mistake with Jennings.  Gordon is gone with a first round pick; but he’s gone.  CV…the end of this story is yet to be told…he might turn into gold for the pistons through a trade or salary cap space that brings in a final piece of the puzzle.  

    There’s more juggling to come with this roster.  Dumars is moving this team the right direction.  If he were spinning his wheels, I’d say he’s on the chopping block…but that’s not the case here.  All Gores should evaluate Dumars on is what he did in the last 2 years to move the team forward.  Dumars has moved the team forward so he’s doing his job. 

    • Oct 14, 20134:14 pm
      by Ryank


      And can we blame Frank on Dumars?  My understanding is Gores overruled Joe D on that decision…maybe Gores should fire himself.

    • Oct 14, 20134:36 pm
      by tarsier


      “Gordon is gone with a first round pick; but he’s gone.”

      He would be gone anyway, just one year later (and not even that if the amnesty clause were used). Well, technically Gordon was gone two years sooner due to the trade. But a year of Maggette hardly qualifies as better than a year of Gordon.

      The fact that the bad contracts he handed out expire eventually is hardly a ringing endorsement. 

  • Oct 14, 201310:40 pm
    by Jack


    How is making mistakes and fixing them not spinning your wheels?  If he didn’t make those obvious mistakes then he would be able to spend those resources on thing that could potentially make the team better.  Ben Gordon and Villanueva was not going to make the team better.  Two inefficient scorers who don’t play D.  True they are a small market team, but no other team was going to sign them to those contracts.  

    • Oct 14, 201310:54 pm
      by RyanK


      You’re not realistic.  Everyone makes mistakes…particularly in situations like talent evaluation where much of the job is predicting the future.  The problem people should have with Joe D is he sat on Gordon, CV, Tay, and Rip for too long when it wasn’t working.  You can’t wait until everyone in the league views your mistakes as a mistake.  Joe D has successfully pushed his mistakes off on others many times in the past…spinning straw into gold more than once.

      Joe said he couldn’t make moves to correct his mistakes…  He was an active trade before KAren Davidson and he’s been an active trader after she got out of the picture…  Believe what you want, but the facts indicate Joe D is telling the truth. 

      • Oct 15, 201310:33 am
        by tarsier


        Everyone makes mistakes. but there is a difference between smart moves that backfire (trading for Iverson) and stupid moves that would have been shocking if they panned out (signing BG and CV, extending Rip, not trading Prince, resigning Prince, giving away a pick to get rid of one year of a bad contract, not using the amnesty provision).

  • Oct 14, 201311:41 pm
    by sc8581


    If he doesn’t trade Monroe before the deadline he should be fired.

    • Oct 15, 20133:26 am
      by Some Dude


      What? Trading Monroe should get him fired. He’s one of the best young bigs in the league right now and still getting better. He’s a complement next to Drummond, and that should stay intact.

      • Oct 15, 20139:42 am
        by swish22


        All trades should always be considered right now except for Andre.  If someone offers you an insane deal for Monroe WHY NOT PULL THE TRIGGER. 
        Not advocaging a trade of Monroe but it’s wise to consider all offers.  

        • Oct 15, 20131:05 pm
          by tarsier


          Trading Drummond should be considered too. It would take a heck of an offer to be worth pulling the trigger, but offers should be fielded.

    • Oct 15, 201310:07 am
      by MIKEYDE248


      Trading Monroe for the sake of trading him should get him fired, but if you get an insane deal (like swish22 says), then it’s a no brainer.  It would be like Miami saying that they should trade Lebron, since his is becoming a free agent and don’t want to risk just losing him.  They should do everyting possible to keep him first.

      Monroe has been the best player on the team since he has gotten here and for all we know, he still may be.  Josh Smith hasn’t proven anything in Detroit yet and Drummond is still pretty raw, but with a very high ceiling.  I also see Monroe as more of the future of the team, where as Smith will probably be gone in 4 years.

  • Oct 15, 201312:59 pm
    by smithneedsanafrobandwagonfan


    Dumars biggest flaw was in bringing Darko over so early. He needed time overseas to prepare for American life. I love how Detroit is handed a potentially dominant big man in Drummond, yet people still go on with Chauncey trade. Imagine the Pistons not making the playoffs with the SAME record while Billups is on IR. Joe Dumars has righted the ship at this point. Knight could blow up in Milwaukee and then youd have something to complain about.

  • Oct 15, 20131:12 pm
    by smithneedsanafrobandwagonfan


    Also, Id flip Monroe/Stuckey/Villaneuva to Portland for Batum/Matthews/Leonard right now. Instantly dangerous from the perimeter and better suited with Josh Smith at the 4.

  • Oct 15, 20131:59 pm
    by Max


    If Dumars is fired the Pistons will deserve to be cursed with a decade of losing at least.  It would be a dumber decision than any move Dumars has made and Dumars would instantly go to the top of the list for any GM opening.  

    • Oct 15, 20132:02 pm
      by Max


      Also, in the scenario of a fired Dumars; he would still be responsible for whatever success the team has over the next five years or so because he has already built the core of the team’s future.   

  • Feb 17, 20141:02 pm
    by RR


    I’m thinking BJ Armstrong would be a perfect candidate for the Piston’s GM position.  Joe’s got to go!  I think he should announce his retirement and go.  BJ has championship experience as a player, as well as front office experience as an assistant GM with the Bulls, has been an agent for a top sports agency for the past 4-5 years and he’s from Detroit.  The Piston’s don’t need one of Joe’s old protege’s taking over, just to implement more of what has been done over the last 7 years.    

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