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Chauncey Billups will start at shooting guard in preseason opener

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Cheeks said Tuesday morning that Chauncey Billups would start alongside Brandon Jennings in the backcourt and that Greg Monroe, who dropped out of Monday’s practice late with a minor hamstring irritation, would be in the starting lineup with Andre Drummond and Josh Smith up front.

It doesn’t really matter who starts in the preseason, and I’d guess Chauncey Billups is starting for two reasons:

1. It’s a show of respect to the veteran.

2. Maurice Cheeks does not want to tip his hand in the Rodney Stuckey-Kentavious Caldwell-Pope competition. I predict Stuckey will start the next game with Caldwell-Pope to follow, and Cheeks says he’s just rotating them in order of seniority as he experiments with his options.


  • Oct 8, 20135:25 pm
    by deusXango


    Stuckey should be starting, if KCP isn’t, and Pope starts the next game at SG; if a “show of respect to the veteran” was to be given, Billups should be starting at PG alongside Stuckey at SG. I hope this is not a crack forming in Cheeks command of handling team decisions.

    • Oct 8, 20137:14 pm
      by gmehl


      Um why should Stuckey be starting at SG? I thought you had to be able to shoot to be deemed a SG which he clearly cannot. IMO on this team Stuckey will be best served leading the second unit with the ball in his hands along side guys that can shoot at SF, PF and C. This way they can open up the floor for him so he can get to hoop which he is best at. We don’t have many shooters in our starting 5 so i cannot see how Stuckey will prosper along side them. I assume he was smart enough to realize this last year which is why he asked to come off the bench.

  • Oct 8, 20135:29 pm
    by deusXango


    Jennings and KCP should be paired together from the get go; our PG and SG of the foreseeable future should be played together, without interruption, as much as possible. Just MHO. 

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