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Chauncey Billups and Rodney Stuckey – not Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – finalists to start at shooting guard

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

After naming Chauncey Billups the starter at shooting guard for the opener Tuesday morning, Cheeks was asked whether Rodney Stuckey and Caldwell-Pope would get opportunities.

“Probably Rodney will, but I don’t know if Kentavious will or not. I’m not sure,” Cheeks said. “I just don’t think he will be starting at this point. I reserve the right to change my mind, but as of this point, no. It would do him a disservice for me to say, ‘No, he’s not going to start,’ because he’s played as well as anybody in training camp.

“I’m a veteran’s coach. Guys that have been around get first crack at most things, but then they have to do the job.”

This contradicts an earlier report that Rodney Stuckey and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – not Chauncey Billupswere the finalists to start at shooting guard. I tried to sort through the confusion at ProBasketballTalk.


  • Oct 9, 201311:06 pm
    by Otis


    Oh god. Oh sweet god.
    A self-declared veteran’s coach and considering starting Stuckey because of “seniority.” Stuckey shouldn’t even be on this roster anymore, let alone rounding out the worst-shooting starting lineup in the modern era.
    Does anyone outside of the front office have any faith in this coach? I never had any professional respect for him before, and I haven’t seen or read anything yet to change my mind.

    • Oct 9, 201311:13 pm
      by gmehl


      Yep i’m starting to get worried too

  • Oct 9, 201311:44 pm
    by The Guru


    Is it too early to say +1 for The Guru??.

    • Oct 10, 201310:40 am
      by Huddy


      I would say it is only a small victory to predict that the coach would make the wrong choice.

  • Oct 10, 20139:45 am
    by Brandon Knight


    @Otis @gmehl Idk why are you guys upset? Coach Cheeks knows better!

  • Oct 10, 201310:02 am
    by Some Dude


    No problem. Like Cheeks said, the vets get first crack at it because naturally they are more ready and have experience. KCP is always there if needed. If it’s not working out early on with Billups/Stuckey. KCP is there to take over. Nothing is etched in stone at this point.

    They’ve only played one preseason game, for crap sake chill out and quit putting a target on Cheeks back. Let him do his job, 7 preseason games left to figure out the lineup/rotation. He knows better, if KCP isn’t ready then he’s isn’t ready. No matter what, KCP has impressed already. 

    • Oct 10, 201310:32 am
      by tarsier


      There was a time when I believed in the idea of “the coach knows better”. After the past few seasons, I’m no longer convinced.

  • Oct 10, 20132:39 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    I just hope that Cheeks is smart enough to see who should be starting or at least be playing the majority of the minutes.

    We sat thru a whole year where everyone but the coach knew the Drummond should have been starting over Max.  I don’t want to sit thru another with Stuckey starting over anyone else.

  • Oct 10, 20134:28 pm
    by swish22


    Please no, say it isn’t happening again.  Stuckey and CV.  C’ mon man!!

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