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Brandon Jennings, reportedly punched in the mouth by The Game, has impacted wisdom tooth and fracture. Related?

Ever since Brandon Jenningsimpacted wisdom tooth and fracture at the base of the tooth came to light, many have speculated the injury is related to The Game punching Jennings in the mouth.

So, I reached out to Benjamin Wedro, who pens the excellent DocTalk Blog.

Assuming the Pistons’ explanation of Jennings’ mouth issues is accurate, Wedro’s assessment is clear. Wedro (emphasis mine):

When a molar becomes impacted and inflamed, the underlying mandible bone (jawbone) is at risk for fracture when the tooth is extracted, especially if significant force is required to remove the tooth. It is one  of the expected complications of a dental extraction. It is also a reason get an oral surgeon involved in difficult cases to minimize that risk.

A punch would not cause an impacted wisdom tooth. A punch can fracture the jaw and it is common to see the fracture to extend into a tooth socket. That said, most mandible fracture come in pairs. It’s hard to break a circle in one place, so a mandible angle fracture usually is associated with a TM joint injury on the opposite sides.

The Game punching Jennings and causing an injury that keeps the point guard from games is a great story for Jennings’ detractors. Heck, I like Jennings, and I find that amusing.

Unfortunately, it’s not true.

The narrative says Jennings is immature and selfish, and he might be. But you’ll have to find better evidence than this.


  • Oct 16, 20139:32 am
    by MrBlockedShot


    The onky positive thing about this is that we will get a deeper look on Siva and Bynum running the team, and probably more playing time for KCP. Dam it, I wanted to see what Jennings can do during the preseason….

  • Oct 16, 20139:50 am
    by jg22


    I’m not sure I understand how this injury would be a great story for Jennings’ detractors if it were caused by the rapper?

  • Oct 16, 201310:00 am
    by cr29


    I don’t really care one way or the other, but why did he need the molar extracted in the first place? That’s where the conspiracy would come in. 

  • Oct 16, 201311:26 am
    by Oracle


    Ok, just because the Game failed to fully clock Jennings, it’s not like somebody else won’t :)

    I want Jennings to be successful, heck, he’s a Piston now, but he’s got to stop getting hit in the face or he’s going to get punchy!  

    The Central division is one tough division now, and it’s loaded with guards that are bigger and stronger than Jennings , and some almost as fast! We need him to get the chemistry up and bring his “A” Game, and please visit the dentist before stuff gets really bad! 

  • Oct 16, 20132:42 pm
    by Desolation Row


    On a more positive note… top story on Grantland’s home page today: 

    • Oct 17, 20139:57 am
      by swish22


      Great link brother, enjoyed it very much.  Thanks

  • Oct 17, 20135:11 am
    by Some Dude


    I’m all for Bynum and Siva getting playing time until Jennings is back. But (after watching the Bulls game) I really hope they know when taking it to the basket isn’t working. They got blocked so many times, no foul calls, yet they kept running into the valley of giants. It just ends up being a turnover, or worse, they can get hurt. I hope they work on their floaters.

  • Oct 17, 20137:21 pm
    by GVLaker09


    I was really hoping this would be the jumping-off point for the next great rap war. The Game and his West Coast cronies vs. Midwest – Eminem, maybe Common and Kanye, Big Sean. Who knows how far this could have gone.

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