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Will Bynum revealed in #NBArank, but what’s his role?

Like teammates Andre Drummond, Will Bynum is kind of an Instagram-aholic. Both post daily on their accounts, but while Drummond may post mostly about his crush and singing, Bynum’s a  little more basketball-centric.

Pretty much ever photo or video this offseason was about his workouts, and probably 70 percent of those basketball-related ones include the tag, #underrated.

I’m probably reading too far into a 30-year-old player’s social media habits, but it feels like Bynum is aware of the fact that he’s entering a murky situation when it comes to playing time this season,

He debuted on #NBArank today at No. 216, higher than fellow guards Chauncey Billups, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Peyton Siva. But here’s the question — what is Bynum’s role this season?

With Brandon Jennings in the loop, you’ve got the starter at point guard. As I discussed yesterday, Billups and Caldwell-Pope are likely battling for minutes at shooting guard.

That leaves Bynum and Rodney Stuckeywhom Maurice Cheeks seems to be intrigued by — for the remaining minutes at point guard. I think it’s safe to say that Bynum, a Patrick Hayes’ favorite, is the better choice to back up Jennings, but it’s also possible that Billups and Stuckey will see time, too.

That leaves Bynum in an awkward spot; good enough to be the backup, but in a cluster of other guards.

One thing that should help Bynum’s chances is his chemistry with Drummond. Last season, the duo proved to be a nice pick-and-roll combo. Josh Smith has the same skill set as an athletic, roller to the basket, which also bodes well for Bynum’s style of play.

Whether that’s in Cheeks’ thinking is another story. But right now, the roles of all the Pistons’ bench players is kind of up in the air. We’ll know more once the team gets on the court in the preseason, but as of now, Bynum could be the up-tempo, change-of-pace backup or he could be riding the pine.

What do you think?



  • Sep 26, 20134:16 pm
    by Andy


    Bynum has consistently played harder than anyone on the team year after year. One could argue he should have been the start in point guard. Players like Will By um embody what Detroit Pistons basketball is suppose to be about.

  • Sep 26, 20135:26 pm
    by Gordbrown


    If by playing harder one means “hogged the ball until the offense completely broke down and then continued the same anyway” yes he worked harder. I would be interested if there were statistics that compared the percentage of decent oops to Drummond between Bynum and Stuckey playing the one as Stuckey hardly played at the point and also had some good oops to Drummond. Perhaps this “chemistry” between Bynum and Drummond is an illusion based on an eye test. But I could be wrong and I’d really like to know one way or t’other.

    • Sep 27, 20139:28 am
      by XstreamINsanity


      It’s not an illusion when Dre posts stuff like this on his Twitter when Bynum was resigned:

      So happy I got my running mate back In the D 74thrill !! detroitpistons http://instagram.com/p/bjHMJbyMQt/  

      @74Thrill is Bynum’s instagram account if you weren’t sure.  They have chemistry together.  Stats don’t convey chemistry. 

  • Sep 26, 20135:41 pm
    by Andy


    Well he had the best fg% out of guards last season and significantly more assists minute than anyone on the team

  • Sep 27, 201311:08 am
    by curriergroh


    I’d like to see what Bynum could do with his skill set and chemistry with Drummond AND the support of the coaching staff (defined role/regular minutes).

  • Sep 27, 201311:12 am
    by Duke


    I agree, just watching the Pistons practice you can see his work ethic and how it pushes everyone else. I can tell you he pushed BK7 when he was here and I doubt he would be anywhere near where he is currently ( you could say the same of Stuck’s help as well) Some people will not be a fan of Will no matter if he gets 20 assist or 20 points, so it’s hard to debate anything with them. I think this will be a break through year for Will, partly because of our new additions and the returning of our old leadership in Chauncey. I think they’ll figure out the rotation earlier than last year with Will backing up BJ, Chauncey beginning the season at the two and Pope backing him up there until he’s ready. Here’s where I’ll loose some people because I think Stuck backs up the three this year. If we push the ball this works, and we bring in our STR4 shooting with the second unit (yes this means we play Charlie more).  No one should be over 28 minutes a game until we  shorten the rotation for the playoffs. Understood their are supporters for JJ and Singler but someone’s always left out. I think if Pope plays well he takes all Singler’s minutes. In the end as a true fan it’s good to have these types of problems, just need to get the rotation set early and let players play their way in or out. We have a realistic chance at the 3 or 4 seed
     if Coach Cheeks figures things out early on. Let’s go Pistons!  


    • Sep 27, 201311:26 am
      by Some Dude


      Pope would really have to earn his minutes to take them away from Singler. But I don’t see that happening because Singler played well last year and has proven to be a solid rotation guy. He has the edge over Pope, unless Pope is just so amazing Cheeks has no choice but to play him. But lets no get ahead of ourselves. Also, don’t forget about Datome. They didn’t fly him in all the way from Italy to have him keep the bench warm. Singler and Datome will get good minutes as SF when Smith resting or playing PF. SG will be a combination of Billups, Stuckey, Pope. Billups will have his minutes limited, he needs to stay fresh for the playoff run. So I expect Stuckey and Pope to share the bulk of the minutes there, with Singler and Datome options if needed.

      • Sep 27, 201311:49 am
        by Duke


        True, I did forget Datome and I have a little more faith in Pope than most. I agree with you on Billups minutes which I see as 18-22 mpg. As far as Singler, if he can step up on defense than maybe he’s locked in, just not sure from what I saw last year. However these are all good problems to have.

      • Sep 27, 20131:50 pm
        by tarsier


        Ummm, there is a very good chance they flew Datome over from Italy and he will do nothing but keep the bench warm. They took a chance on an undrafted rookie. He has upside but he also probably has the lowest floor on the team.

  • Sep 27, 201311:29 am
    by Gordbrown


    I remember the 20 assist game and it was awesome. I just wonder why nothing better came out of that in subsequent games.

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