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Rip Hamilton ranked highest of current/former Pistons in #NBArank, so far

Unlike the not-so-beloved Pistons player in the last post, former Piston Richard Hamilton is still floating around the NBA. He comes in at No. 306 in ESPN’s #NBArank. That’s seven spots higher than Charlie Villanueva, and 119 spots lower than last season.

Coming off a pair of forgettable seasons in Chicago, Rip’s kind of at a crossroads in his career — is there anything left for him in the NBA?

It’s impossible to forget how good he was during his time here, but from 2010 to now, he’s really fallen off sharply. That may just be a matter of not fit right with what Chicago was trying to do. But it’s tough to see where Hamilton lands this season, if he lands anywhere at all.

Rip’s a prideful guy, he’s made that obvious many times over his career. Could he be a situational bench player on a title team? Of course. Would he lower himself to being a guy who, quite frankly, wouldn’t be relied on for much at all? I don’t know, but I lean towards no.

Right now, he’s without a contract and coming off his worst season since he was a rookie 12 years ago. I’ll always love reminiscing about Rip as he ran around screens literally all night — piling up what felt like three miles of running a night — before letting those midrange jumpers fly.

Poetic, really.

Oh, and no, the Pistons shouldn’t think about signing him. Just had to throw that one out there, too.


  • Sep 21, 20134:13 pm
    by jerrific


    I know this article isn’t suggesting that Pistons are actually considering signing rip, but if they did I would be one of the first to jump on the “alright it’s about time we fired Dumars” bandwagon. No offense to the player he was, but he clearly has very little to offer these days, and was a problem in the locker room the last time he was a Piston.

    • Sep 21, 201310:38 pm
      by Max


      RIP clearly can’t handle losing but it would be pretty over the top to fire Dumars if he signed him because it could only be for a short inexpensive contract and it would probably only happen if he was seen as a mentor and future assistant coach ala Rasheed.  That said, the Pistons have 15 players under contract.  

      • Sep 25, 20138:00 pm
        by Jerrific


        I speaking in hyperbole, but even on a short/low contract signing Rip would be completely fruitless for this, or just about any, team at this point. 

  • Sep 22, 201311:00 am
    by danny


    Think he would be good on the pacers for about 15 mins.  Give them a better scoring option off the bench that would is able to make the defense move side to side.

    • Sep 23, 201312:56 pm
      by tarsier


      A better scoring option than whom? I don’t think there is a single team in the league right now employing 10 worse scoring options than what is left of Rip.

  • Sep 22, 201311:57 pm
    by Ryan


    I like that idea Danny. I hope he does sign with Indiana or perhaps San Antonio. I’d love to see him redeem himself by playing a role well for a winning team to end his career.

  • Sep 23, 20137:15 am
    by kelly


    is it RIP Hamilton  or R.I.P Hamilton…  for the sake of argument,  what happens if RIP some hows get pick up by the pistons.  Would it be that bad ?  It was mention earlier ^ that it would be very inexpensive too do so  plus   12 yrs of exp  and a few championship rings  …. and you would have Rasheed ….RIP…. and Billups  back together… as a very operational unit for success   remember those who cant no longer do…  shall teach….this has been this teams unsaid moto for rebuilding again, with the hiring of Mr cheeks and Rasheed and billups i would switch out charlie for rip anyday….open up the cap space… and express that opening with more dynamic player in the next seasons to come …. to prepare and soundly compliment the arrival of Greg Monroe and Drummond coming out party as the teams and the leagues premier  star player  ”heavy hitter”  you will need these type of player  (like rip & billups  and rasheed ) too install the understanding of what it take to get to the next level   just a thought     

    • Sep 23, 20132:53 pm
      by CityofKlompton


      Even though the Pistons are already at their roster max and a Rip signing will not happen barring a series of unlikely events, if we were going to bring Rip back as a player for the sake of everything you stated (experience, championship ring, mentoring the younger players), I think it’d be much more advantageous to bring him back in some type of coaching role instead of as a player.  We already have an aging player with question marks about how much he can still contribute (Chauncey Billups), so why waste another roster spot on that?  At this point, the only way we should allow Hamilton returning to this team is if he is wearing a suit and tie – not a jersey.

  • Dec 9, 20133:48 pm
    by Dwoud


    Rip need to come back to the Pistons. He would be a great mentor to KCP. Similar game, quick, good range long and mid-range. Dumars build a very talented team. Rip would be sprinkles on the ice cream cone. 

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