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ProBasketballTalk Pistons preview

I previewed the Pistons for ProBasketballTalk. An excerpt:

Prediction: 43-39. The Pistons should make they playoffs. Beyond the Heat, Pacers, Nets, Bulls and Knicks, the East is pretty open. Joe Dumars has sacrificed a little bit of long-term upside in order to maximize postseason odds for 2013-14, and in a season where tanking is even more incentivized than usual, he’s probably done enough. If everything comes together perfectly, the Pistons could win a playoff series, but more likely than not, this is a one-and-done team. Still, in Detroit, that’s major progress.


  • Sep 25, 20139:25 am
    by gmehl


    6th, 7th or 8th are more than likely the only seeds within our graps and I’d be happy with 7th or 8th and ecstatic with 6th. I don’t care if we lose in the 1st round I just think its important that Drummond and Monroe start tasting some success. Its important that the foundation of success is entwined into the youth of this team. I expect a big culture change in the Pistons this coming season which will be built on with the farewell of Stuckey and Villanueva at the end of it.

  • Sep 25, 201311:53 am
    by Learn To Edit


    The playoffs.  Not they playoffs.  The playoffs.

  • Sep 25, 20134:41 pm
    by Lev


    I’m a Pistons fan, but I think they may be on the outside looking in for the 2014 Playoffs.  I have Heat, Bulls, Pacers, Knicks, Nets, Cleveland, Atlanta, and either Detroit OR Washington in the 8th spot.  

    Detroit makes the 8th spot only if J Smooth can prove he can consistently hit the mid range jumpshot at the 3 position.  It also depends on whether Datome turns out to be the STUD on offense that I expect him to be, based on his Euroleague performance.  

    • Sep 25, 20139:49 pm
      by gmehl


      Cleveland are another Irving or Bynum injury away from tasting the lottery once again. Washington I don’t think will be as good as us but the team to lookout for that we will more than likely be batting with is Atlanta. Lucky for us we stole there best player. Time will tell but I think we are definitely at least an 8th seed. The question is if we can pinch 7th or 8th and avoid Miami in the 1st round.

      • Sep 27, 201312:26 pm
        by Max


        I think Washington is already done.  Okafur has herniated discs in his neck and his career could be over.   He was the biggest reason they were decent defensively last year and without him they will probably be one of the very worst teams at that end..   Further, they only have three big men left on the roster as they failed to land a fifth big during the off season and now they are far too dependent on Nene being able to play extended minutes and not miss any games.   

        Go Pistons!  

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