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Pistons will be relevant soon (hopefully, this season) after talent upgrades

Devin Kharpertian of The Brooklyn Game previewed the Pistons, and I provided a little insight. An excerpt:

The Pistons are way, way more talented than they were last season. They should be better, too, though perhaps not quite as much as the talent upgrade alone would suggest. Josh Smith, Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond create a frontcourt with great size, but poor shooting. Brandon Jennings is intriguing, but erratic. The Pistons are on track toward relevance, and if they don’t get there this season, the team is young enough to get there next season.


  • Sep 9, 20138:31 am
    by labatts


    Those Drummond highlights were fun to watch.

    • Sep 11, 20137:40 pm
      by Steve


      I could watch the 2 steals on Wade all day.

  • Sep 9, 20131:04 pm
    by Otis


    I like this assessment of the team. It’s probably the best I’ve seen so far. They’ve added some pretty tremendous talent, but a lot of people are justifiably very skeptical about the formula working. I’ve said it before, but I don’t think adding a HOT-SHOOTING small forward would be enough to spread the floor for our two young centers to be effective together, so the fact that they added yet another guy who mostly scores at the rim and are now relying on a (hopefully) sharp-shooting bench (“hopefully” because the only proven NBA shooter in the bunch is pushing 40) to make it work.
    I just hope, as always, that the organization is quick to adapt if this doesn’t look like a particularly good formula. Now is not the time to be stubborn and hoard players Joe likes based on his own unrealistic hopes and projections.

  • Sep 9, 20132:03 pm
    by XstreamINsanity


    “Drummond in particular is a marvel — if you ignore his historically awful free throw shooting, he’s an athletic freak that averaged 14-13-3 blocks per 36 on 60% shooting as a 19-year-old rookie. Here’s a list of teenage rookies that have done that: Andre Drummond. End of list.”

    Awesome sauce! 

  • Sep 12, 201311:06 am
    by Russ


    Even though Drummond was not good at free throws last year I know he will improve and be way better this year he has the mechanics and has a good shot.

  • Sep 12, 20132:32 pm
    by JOB


    cannot wait to see the player to player matchups against memphis and then indy in the first week of reg season. It’s a big eval year for Monroe, he can’t just put up stats on a ‘bad team’ anymore, he needs to show which bigs he can beat in +/- on these better teams now that he’s got some teammates that can hold their positions. Gasol Zbo, then West Hib will be very good matches (any lessons) for Drum and Monroe but Monroe needs to start showing he can really handle those guys to get a big boy contract. Smith against Tay and George should be fine. Other than Monroe though i (and i think all Stons fans) are hoping to see BJ build his efficiency up and playing agianst conley and neal will be great tests in ‘efficiency’ battles for sure.

  • Sep 15, 20138:28 am
    by jason mc


    Brandon Jennings’ addition to the pistons takes all scoring pressure off the frontcourt. My concern is not the fit of the starting lineup its the reserves that concern me. There is no strong defensive player role of the bench just scorers and shooters. Greg Monroe’s contract will also be an issue moving forward.

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