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Maurice Cheeks remains Pistons coach after police investigate domestic dispute

Tammy Stables Battaglia of the Detroit Free Press:

“He’s our head coach, so nothing changes with his status,” Pistons spokesman Kevin Grigg said today. “We are not commenting on the situation.”

When asked this morning for information about a complaint involving Cheeks, Birmingham Police Chief Donald Studt said there is an ongoing investigation, but he would neither confirm nor deny that it involves Cheeks.

“Generally, when domestic violence is alleged, we have to investigate and present a case to the prosecutor’s office,” Studt said.

I don’t know of anyone who suspected the Pistons might fire Maurice Cheeks due to this incident, but in case you were unsure, here you go. The bigger question is how the Pistons handle this once more information comes to light, but that can’t be answered until more information actually comes to light. So far, that hasn’t  happened.


  • Sep 5, 201310:52 am
    by Keith


    I suspected this in the last post about it. No claims were made, especially without the necessary information. But, if Cheeks is charged with domestic abuse and a witness comes forward to corroborate, the Pistons have to fire him. It’s one thing to stick with guys through hard times, it’s another to be seen as a team supportive of domestic violence.

    • Sep 5, 20139:38 pm
      by Travis


      I disagree. One name: Jason Kidd

      • Sep 6, 20139:55 am
        by Keith


        There is a difference between it being a player and coach. Teams regularly overlook off-court incidents with players, and the public somewhat expects millionaire athletes to be idiots. New Jersey wasn’t a good enough team to get rid of Kidd at the time. The Pistons simply aren’t in position (as a bad team looking to start fresh and bring in fans) to take on the kind of scrutiny and bad press this would create.

        There are high level jobs (Dumars) riding on this year, and there are already serious questions about all the new players working together. Something like this from the coach could split the locker-room, sour confidence in the players, and ultimately cost Joe his job and Gores even more money. New Jersey execs would have lost their jobs giving up a star player and torpedoing the season. Detroit execs will lose their jobs if the DON’T get rid of a serious distraction in a make or break year. 

  • Sep 6, 20136:35 am
    by tim*


    Welp, might as well coin this phrase.  FIRE CHEEKS!

  • Sep 6, 20131:35 pm


    cheeks was cleared …

    • Sep 6, 20134:04 pm
      by Keith


      Sweet! The last thing this team needed was more questions, much less to try finding a new coach.

  • Sep 6, 20137:14 pm
    by tim*



  • Sep 8, 20134:11 am
    by gmehl


    And on a better more positive note Jerebko led Sweden to an upset win over Russia today. If he keeps doing well and brings it into the season then it could really up his trade value for a better fitting piece on our roster.


    • Sep 9, 201310:43 am
      by MIKEYDE248


      Good to here.  He was one of my favorite players on the team in his rookie season.  About the only thing worth watching that season.  He started playing like that player again at the end of last season, when he was finally getting some minutes.  He’ll have to really bring his “A” game to keep in the rotation this year…let’s hope he does.

  • Sep 9, 201312:17 am
    by bob serjack


    Fire Cheeks and hire Lionel Hollins or George Karl. You have an excuse to upgrade without wasting 2-3 seasons.

  • Sep 12, 20133:34 pm
    by cmuantoniodenebrija.es


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