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Maurice Cheeks questioned by police after dispute

The Detroit News:

Birmingham police were called to investigate a dispute involving Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks over the weekend.

Cheeks, who will turn 57 next week, wasn’t arrested or booked, nor were there any charges filed by Birmingham police, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Cheeks was questioned at the scene and let go.

This is an un-bylined report with no other real context given. There is no fair way to judge Cheeks at all until more information emerges, which will assuredly happen in time. Until then, it’s just as easy to assume he is the victim as he is the aggressor in the incident, and that’s why assuming anything at this point is misguided.

Update: WXYZ ABC 7:

Birmingham police are investigating a possible domestic incident involving Detroit Piston’s new head coach Maurice Cheeks.

Officers say they were called to an address along Wooodward Avenue late Friday night after  someone inside called police.

Cheeks was never arrested, but was brought into the police station for questioning and later released.

Police tell us they have sent the results of their investigation to the prosecutor for review.


  • Sep 3, 20139:19 pm
    by CityofKlompton


    Question: Has Mo been seen hanging around Tiger Woods recently?  Just curious…

  • Sep 4, 20132:18 pm
    by Keith


    I kind of wish we would know more sooner. Cheeks may be Dumars/Gores’ guy, but this team can’t afford a coach going through legal troubles. Especially something as much of a hot button as domestic abuse, we’d probably have to terminate his contract if he charged.

  • Sep 4, 20132:48 pm
    by Max


    Not that I wish anything bad on Cheeks but I wish he wasn’t the coach and if he was fired the Pistons could hire someone better.   The team is more attractive now then when Cheeks was hired so maybe they can attract some of the coaches they didn’t even bother to bring in for interviews.   George Karl, anyone?  

    • Sep 4, 20135:17 pm
      by Keith


      That is a good point, but I also don’t want to get back into the coaching discussion before anything happens.

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