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Maurice Cheeks not charged after witness refuses to cooperate, leaves state

Detroit Free Press:

Detroit Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks will not be charged in a domestic incident that occurred Aug. 30 in Birmingham, Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper told the Free Press today.

Cheeks went to the Birmingham police station for questioning and was released after police were called to a Woodward Avenue address. He was not arrested. Birmingham police conducted an investigation and presented its findings to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office.

Cooper said the witness in the investigation was uncooperative with prosecutors and refused to press charges. “She left the state and refused to cooperate,” Cooper said.

When Maurice Cheekssituation initially came to light, this is the result I had desired: Cheeks not being charged. But I had hoped that was because evidence would show this was a big misunderstanding and Cheeks is the good guy we’d all believed him to be.

This isn’t that.

We’re still light on details, but for Cheeks to avoid charges this way, with the witness refusing to cooperate and leaving the state, does not return faith in his reputation the way a thorough investigation would have. Maybe Cheeks acted completely appropriately, but this outcome doesn’t exactly demonstrate that. Of course, it doesn’t demonstrate Cheeks acted inappropriately, either.

We’re left knowing practically nothing other than Cheeks did something that can be described as a “domestic incident,” police questioned him and didn’t arrest him, the witness was uncooperative and there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him.

There are a wide range of reasonable conclusions to draw from those set of facts, and everyone can make their own judgments. Personally, I’m still rooting for Cheeks to succeed with the Pistons – players’ crimes rarely turn hometown fans against them, and Cheeks was never charged with, let alone convicted of, a crime – and I’m certainly not rushing to any conclusions just because he was questioned by police, especially considering how black men are treated by this country’s law-enforcement system. But until Cheeks addresses the situation publically or more information emerges, I can’t help but wonder what happened Aug. 30, and accordingly, I can no longer blindly trust that Cheeks is an A+ human being.*

*I probably shouldn’t have such blind trust in someone I’ve never met, and even in people I know well, for that matter. But I did. That’s my fault, and it’s incidents like these that will prevent me from repeating that mistake.


  • Sep 16, 201312:06 am
    by piston moribund


    Mo turned a trick and cold slapped that ho
    everyone knew that bitch gotta go
    it goes to prove that you got to pay to play
    just to send that sullied slut on her way.
    thats that pistons coach y’all
    who got into trouble and had to call
    me lawyer, to make his getaway
    not like the days when he was shooting the J
    dishing and driving and taking it to the hole
    now hes stuck living in the ghetto

  • Sep 16, 201312:12 am
    by gmehl


    You hear that Maurice… you’ve been footnoted!

  • Sep 16, 201312:38 am
    by Charles D


    Nate McMillan signed on as a assistant with the Pacers in July, so I guess we’re stuck.

  • Sep 16, 20135:25 am
    by Zeiram


    On a personal note, I think it is quite sad Dan that you now think that believing people to be A+ human beings is a mistake. I suspect everybody is an a+ human until proven otherwise and I hope most people will.

  • Sep 16, 20137:20 am
    by Oracle


    Dan, you are free to assume the worst about Cheeks, and it would be fair.

    This is absolutely the worst way this could have ended, and I bet you that Cheeks and the Pistons will sweep this under the rug and hope everyone forgets… we won’t!

    What’s more, the players won’t! Cheeks reputation, once stellar, is now in the dumpster unless he comes clean and apologizes.

    Having said all of that, I’m still hoping that his coaching is better than his covering up skills! I really don’t care what happened at this point as it relates to moving forward with the team. Evidently the woman had enough limbs intact to limp out of town, or at least was carried, and was alive.

    In that case, I guess the worst that happened was that Cheeks, feeling invincible with his new gig, just opened an old fashioned can of whopa**, and called it a day!           

  • Sep 16, 20137:39 am
    by jinzzy


    time to call hollins or karl quick 

  • Sep 16, 201310:53 am
    by Mark


    I’m not trying to make light of the situation and I certainly don’t condone domestic violence but there are a lot of crazy people out there.  I’ve known two people falsely accused of domestic violence because their lady was crazy and vengeful.  I’m not going to look too much into the result of this because it could go either way.  A crazy person that files a false report is also crazy enough to become uncooperative and leave the state.  Mr. Feldman has one opinion and I respect that but my life experiences has me looking at it from a little different angle.

  • Sep 16, 201312:34 pm
    by sloppy joe


    OK so now we just move on and act like none of this ever happened.

    If he’s a good enough coach he will “Miguel Cabrera” this whole domestic abuse bullshit and pretty soon nobody will care. 

  • Sep 16, 20132:18 pm
    by Mel


    There’s no such thing as a A+ Human Being ! Maybe A- or B+ but not A+.

  • Sep 16, 20133:31 pm
    by Some Dude


    No chargers were made, so who cares? really? forget about it and focus on basketball. If something bad had happened, he’d a been arrested by now and we’d have the full story. But since nothing developed out of this. It not worth talking or thinkingabout anymore. Moving on…

  • Sep 17, 201311:32 am
    by MIKEYDE248


    If he is guilty of anything, I hope he get’s the proper punishment, but if he’s not, I do hope this is the last time we will ever here about this. 

  • Nov 29, 201310:54 pm
    by baja grill


    Your team sucks,   have you looked into the stands?    Nobody. After that loss tonight against the lakers,  i will not watch anymore.   I was giving the pistons a chance this year,  but after tonight’s loss,  im done.   

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