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Last of the 2004 title teamers, ex-Piston Tayshaun Prince revealed in #NBArank

We’ve hit on a pair of former glory-day Pistons in Richard Hamilton and Chauncey Billups, and now it’s Tayshaun Prince‘s turn to get his #NBArank dissection.

Prince arrives in the rankings at No. 192, and the current Memphis Grizzlies forward is finally in a winning environment again. The big thing about Prince was that he wasn’t helping the Pistons at all while he was here during the rebuild. He’s not a guy who makes a bad team better or worse, he’s just kind of there.

He’s no longer an all-NBA defender, nor is he the same type of sneaky-efficient offensive player he was during the Pistons’ run of success. Plus, he makes $7 million this and next season… so, you see where this is going.

Prince isn’t a bad player, but he’s no longer very good anymore, either. In Memphis, he has useful traits, but he’s also been something of an on-court detriment.

He’s not a great, nor willing, 3-point shooter (which is odd because it seemed as though he would have fit perfectly as a 3-and-D specialist who camped out in the corner), and on defense he’s not going to slow the likes of Kevin Durant or James Harden.

Maybe with a new coaching staff and an entire offseason and regular season with the team, Prince can find that role and find a comfort level in Memphis. There aren’t many ex-Pistons from these last four seasons that fans are rooting for, but Prince is probably the guy on top of that list now.

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