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Kyle Singler, lowest ranked 2013 All-Rookie player in #NBArank

One season in, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Kyle Singler is a solid, NBA player, no?

He’s not going to wow you, but that’s alright. Most nights, he does what he needs to do to be useful on the floor — which helped earn him All-Rookie Second Team honors last season.

But as Singler rolls in at No. 257 on ESPN’s #NBArank countdown today, there’s one name ahead of him on the list that caught my eye: Steve Novak.

Nothing against Novak — arguably the league’s best “if there’s no one within 15 feet of me at any point around the 3-point line, I’m making this” shooter — but, I mean, Singler’s a better overall basketball player than the cement-footed Novak, right?

I know, I know, these rankings are to project what a player will do this season. The fact is, Singler’s starting job is now occupied by a much better player in Josh Smith. Meanwhile, Novak is going from a situational player on a good Knicks team to a, well, situational player on a not-so-good team in the Raptors.

If Toronto could find playing time for Andrea Bargnanithe Italian Charlie Villanueva,  then they’ll probably find time for a Novak who is actually a great shooter, too.

Singler, on the other hand, is kind of in a weird spot. One of the Pistons’ better lineups, in theory, is probably Brandon Jennings and Chauncey Billups in the backcourt with a frontcourt of Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond and Smith.

No Singler, you see.

The bench situation, as Dan detailed earlier this month, is fluid. Singler will have chances to contribute because he can shoot a basketball and that tends to be an issue for some other guys on this team. But he’ll also be competing for playing time with Luigi Datome, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (until he earns that starting gig) and maybe Jonas Jerebko.

There’s not a clear spot in the rotation right now for Singler right now. Last season, Singler as a victim of his own situation. He’s not a guy who should have to guard starting-caliber wing players, nor should be be handling the ball much.

That shouldn’t be an issue this season. As long as he can focus on being a more consistent shooter — along with being able to come in and at least be serviceable on defense —  he’ll probably be just fine.


  • Sep 24, 20137:55 pm
    by moron


    he’s awful, 25, and had one of the worst seasons of anyone in the rookie class that played significant minutes. 

    • Sep 24, 20138:14 pm
      by Brady Fredericksen


      I think the rookie you’re talking about 19 year old Austin Rivers, who had arguably the worst season of all time. Singler wasn’t great by any means, but he scored at a reasonable clip and was the best non-PF/C rebounder in the class.

      • Sep 24, 20139:45 pm
        by Max


        Brady is winning this argument but then he’s arguing against someone who calls himself, “Moron”.

        • Sep 24, 201310:56 pm
          by Brady Fredericksen


          I appreciate the acknowledgement, haha.

  • Sep 25, 201312:06 pm
    by Huddy


    The whole ESPN rankings series is pretty absurd.  There is an argument to move pretty much everyone especially outside the top 50.

    • Sep 25, 20131:36 pm
      by Max


      I like rankings though.   Of course anyone can be argued about.   We can even debate LeBron vs Durantfor the top spot.   Just because rankings are subjective doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have them.  

      • Sep 25, 20133:29 pm
        by Huddy


        I don’t have an issue with being subjective its just a very drawn out uninteresting process.  Ranking rookies, players by position, or teams has a lot more substance than an enormous list that contains quite a few players who will probably never see the floor next year (The bottom 150-200 players have just about zero impact on the league).  placing 500 players in a first to last rank isn’t the same as debating whether Lebron or KD is the top player in the league.  
        All you need to know about that series to realize it is a waste of time is that someone at ESPN took the time to assess the skills and potential of Lamar Odom and decided that he has a better outlook next season than 38 other professional basketball players.

  • Sep 25, 20133:59 pm
    by Otis


    It’s a dumb, meaningless ratings system. That said, I don’t have a problem with Novak being ranked higher than Singler. He fills a niche and is quite good at it. Singler does a lot of things well, and he’s been an asset to the team far more often than not, but he’s spectacularly unspectacular. He blows you away once in a blue moon. Novak is one-dimensional but he can be downright elite at that dimension, and since that dimension is shooting threes, he’s pretty darn valuable.

  • Sep 25, 20137:46 pm
    by G


    These things are good for wasting time and starting conversations & not much else. Wake me up when the season starts.

  • Sep 25, 201310:11 pm
    by u moron


    Your love of all things pistons is commendable. Watching such drivel for what? 5 years now deserves praise. Unfortunately, your facts are fucking wrong. Harrison Barnes, Kidd-Gilchrist and Harkless all had better rebounding seasons and all played less minutes. some considerably. If you go by PER stats or Rebound per 48, he looks even worse. oh to be a 25 year old rookie and still flame out.

  • Sep 25, 201310:12 pm
    by u moron


    I hope Joe D gives him 4/40. That would be so Joe D. 

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