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Josh Harrellson No. 388 in #NBArank

We can now stop worrying about the rest of ESPN’s #NBArank because the greatest nickname in the NBA, Jorts, has been ranked with Josh Harrellson at No. 388.

Kidding, of course.

These rankings are based on what the ESPN Forecast panel predicts what a player’s impact and level of play will be in the upcoming season. Harrellson joins teammates Peyton Siva and Luigi Datome — post located here.

Here’s the thing about Harrellson — I don’t really know what the heck he is. He really only played one year at Kentucky, he’s had a couple of stints with the Knicks or Heat in the NBA, but overall he’s kind of just a big body who can shoot a little.

He hasn’t had the chance to really show himself in the pros, and similar to Peyton Siva, it’s probably a good sign for the Pistons’ success if he’s not a key guy. He’s insurance depth; he’s this year’s Slava Kravtsov.

Instead of tweeting #LetSlavaDunk you can tweet #LetJortsShoot — it’ll be great.

Honestly, best case is that Harrellson can be a situational Channing Frye, but he’s likely just depth behind a crowded front court.

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  • Sep 17, 20139:34 pm
    by Max


    Knicks’ fans like him and wondered why he wasn’t resigned after his season there.   Here in New York, I got to see him up close a decent amount and he could be useful.   He has a bit of nasty in him and seems to like to mix it up.   Beyond whether he plays though, I think he has an essential role in terms of lining up against Drummond during practices so he can get work in with Monroe.  

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