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Brandon Jennings reportedly gets hit in the mouth by rapper The Game

That is according to the site Hip Hollywood, (hat tip: Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk):

Jennings was at (LA club) Lure hosting his birthday party with friends, which didn’t sit well with the Compton rapper who frequents the club. “Game feels like Toxic is his, and he didn’t like that Jennings was hogging the microphone. He felt like he was being disrespected,” one person who witnessed the altercation tells us. “Game tried to have words with him, and it just escalated quickly and Game hit Brandon in the mouth,” another source says.

Decide the veracity of this report for yourself. I don’t have much experience with Hip Hollywood.

But I can tell you I don’t judge Brandon Jennings on how he spends his leisure time. If he wants to go to clubs and fight The Game, that’s his business as long as he’s ready for the season. A little beef between Compton natives can definitely end as a minor dustup.

But a word of advice to Jennings: If you keep associating yourself with Drake, The Game is going to keep thinking you’re soft and punching you in the mouth.


  • Sep 26, 20133:38 pm
    by Ryank


    Gang signs?  

    I get less and less excited about this guy the more I learn. 

  • Sep 26, 20135:06 pm
    by ryan


    This never would’ve happened with Brandon Knight. I’m still sick about that trade for all sorts of reasons.

    • Sep 27, 201312:24 am
      by robertbayer


      same here Ryan … Lets see who has the better season … and career .. Still say deer-in-the-headlights-career-PR-guy Frank Lawrence was the problem at PG .. Jose Calderon didnt exactly run the team’s offense into victories either .. Having said that .. I will root for Brandon Jennings to succeed ..

      • Sep 27, 20135:30 pm
        by CityofKlompton


        Jose Calderon hasn’t exactly run any team’s offense into victories.  I would be wary of using him as an example.

      • Sep 27, 20139:59 pm
        by ryan


        I will also root for Brandon Jennings to succeed but to do that he’s going to have to grow the fukc up. He’s got a big mouth (Remember when he went after Ricky Rubio for no reason?) but he’s not able to back up his words either with dominant play or in a fight. If you’re going to be a big mouthed professional basketball player you’d better be able to back up your words in at least one of those two ways.

        So what I’m rooting for Brandon Jennings to do is 1) stop going out to night clubs, you’re 24 man grow up and 2) don’t start nothing all season just quietly play your ass off and finally 3) get up in Josh Smith’s grill if he’s taking those god damned long twos. That last one is actually a time that the point guard should get in someone’s face.

        Here’s hoping.

        • Sep 28, 20137:32 pm
          by Max


          So the only appropriate age to go to night clubs, and on your friggin birthday to boot, is between the ages of 21 and 24?  I don’t envy any girl who is with a guy who thinks like you.   You must take a dim view of having any fun.   

          And Jennings was attacked for basically no reason and is the victim here.   I don’t see that he’s even one percent responsible for this event from the evidence we have been given.    

    • Sep 27, 201312:17 pm
      by Max


      Brandon Knight would have to make a huge improvement to play at anywhere near Jennings’ level.  

  • Sep 26, 20136:06 pm
    by gmehl


    I think for very off court incident Jennings has he should owe us 2 wins. seriously though this sh1t will get old very quickly if it keeps happening. Pull your head in Brandon.

  • Sep 26, 20139:37 pm
    by am


    To be fair though game did come out today and say he didn’t hit him…but its confirm that he was punched. 

  • Sep 26, 201311:15 pm
    by sloppy joe


    This dude looking more and more like a shit talkin pussy that can’t back it up.  Are we going to keep getting these bimonthly stories about him gettin smacked?  I do not like this kid one bit, he better be damn good to win back my respect.

  • Sep 27, 20134:18 am
    by Some Dude



    A Piston (regardless of who) had an altercation while celebrating his birthday party in a club. Whatever the story may be, Pistons fans should be supporting him. But no, since the trade was made, since day one! the guy can’t get an ounce of love from a lot of you people, smh.

    This board is honestly just a hate-fest in almost every article that gets posted. All I see is hate on Dumars, hate on Smith, hate on Jennings, hate on Stuckey, hate on CV. It’s like god effin damn, how can you people call yourselves fans? there is barely any support. How do you not support your players, especially the ones that haven’t suited up in a Piston uniform yet? 

    You guys don’t like the additions, and don’t even give realist alternatives. All the suggestions I see are just day dreams, which wouldn’t help this team any more than the guys Dumars brought in this summer. They get a top FA this year in Smith, a stud, a guy many consider a borderline star/all-star to come to Detroit, where there was nothing close to a star player for years. Yet I see people saying they should have gotten Afflolo, Batum, Brewer, Wilson Chandler, Teague, Rondo..ect. Come on! you think those guys are better than Smith? really?

    I can see how they fit better than Smith, but half of them are back-up caliber or just roll players (excluding Rondo, Teague). Jennings and Smith are legit starters, they’re young, have all the potential and room to improve as those other guys, while already being better and damn near almost made the all-star team last year.

    Getting Smith and Jennings were the best attainable options this summer for this team to move forward at a faster pace. In a season were it’s all about winning now, Dumars couldn’t have done better (and he actually did by getting Billups, Datome). Any of the other suggested players would only be minor improvements and don’t improve the team as dramatically. I’ll take the somewhat bad fits, but HUGE TALENT UPGRADE, over the better fits. Because whatever fit problems there are can also be ironed and smoothed out. 

    And lets not forgot, your dreaded Stuckey and CV are still valuable trade pieces this year. I’m sure you’ll all be happy when that happens. I will be too, tbh, but I don’t go around hating on them. But we might as well take what we got now, be 100% behind it and give as much support as possible. This is a playoff lock, they’re gonna be way more exciting than previous years. What more can you ask for after the past 5 years? So you all might as well zip it and just enjoy the upcoming season.

    • Sep 27, 20139:57 am
      by jayp


      finally someone that sees what I see, they show barely any faitv or support and complain about everything

    • Sep 27, 201312:16 pm
      by Max


      Amen, Some Dude.  I don’t get the other reactions to this story at all.   

    • Sep 27, 201310:09 pm
      by ryan


      You couldn’t be more wrong dude.

      First of all why should being a fan of this team require us to support one of our players out doing something stupid and making a fool of himself? By that logic we should’ve stood up for Ben Wallace when he got a DUI. Of course not even Ben Wallace stood up for himself he knew he was in the wrong and said as much. If Brandon Jennings came out and said something similar about his actions a whole lot more of us would support him because we’d see maturity in the face of a bad situation.

      Then you go on about CV and Rodney Stuckey and how we should support them. Why? I mean I’d like them to do well and even kind of like them aside from their mediocre to horrible play but the reality is those two have been varying degrees of disappointing and it frequently seems that their lack of success is connected to a lack of effort and being pig-headed. There’s no reason to support that. Now a limited guy like Don Reid who busted his ass but still wasn’t very good I loved/love because I really respect his effort and competitive fire.

      I could go on but I think I’ve made my point being a fan doesn’t mean blindly supporting stupidity or childishness or being happy about signing guys like Josh Smith who’ve made careers out of having incredible athletic gifts and using them so inefficiently that during your big free agent year your former team is ELATED to let you walk and you’ve got basically one team interested in you as a free agent.

      • Sep 28, 20137:37 pm
        by Max


        What exactly did Jennings do wrong here?   Why don’t you take some of your vitriol and direct it at the sole responsible party for this unfortunate occurrence  as in The Game.  

      • Sep 29, 20132:29 am
        by Some Dude



        I’m not saying we should support bad behavior. But to be taking a piss out of him constantly is too much. I mean, it’s very rare that I see any kind of praise for him by certain users here. Obviously he has to prove himself on the court. But the season hasn’t started yet, and there is just way too much negativity. This club incident is such a minor thing, Jennings did nothing wrong (according to the story) and got hit in the face. Yet, people still bash him and say he’s soft and all that bullshiz. Why? just because they didn’t like how he played in Milwaukee? I find that odd. In this situation the fans should be hating on that rapper. It just seems like certain fans are hating just to hate, for no logical reason.

        I didn’t stay we should support Stuckey and CV, read my post again. I’m not saying we have to praise them either. I’m just saying there are so many users hear that are constantly bashing these guys too much. I do want both of them out of Detroit, because I feel their time is up here. But I still continue to support them and hope they have good seasons, and stay optimistic about the season as a whole. I still think they are decent players, and have a role on this team. As long as they are Pistons I will wish them the best, but will be glad once they are gone as well. 

        The thing is, I’m ready for the season. I’m happy the Pistons got high profile talent. It’s a big step up from the previous 5 years. There are pieces I want gone, but until there are gone, I’m just gonna support the team and players as much as I can. I like how the teams looks right now, and I see Jennings and Smith helping big time.

        I come here to read articles about Pistons because I’m excited. I’m hyped, and I’m trying to get more hype be reading the articles about the team and players. But then seeing all the negative comments all the time is such a turn off. It’s such a buzz kill. It’s like I don’t feel like I’m in the same fanbase supporting the same team. An outsider would probably think this is a Bulls/Pacers board with all the Piston hating.

  • Sep 27, 201310:02 am
    by flintown7


    Well said somedude winning cures all im sure fans are just venting there frustrations in the wrong direction and be back once the Pistons make the playoffs this year.

  • Sep 27, 201310:33 am
    by JGoplay


    I’m actually glad that our new pistons get involved in these kinda situations. As long as it’s not affecting how they play in the game, or they’re not doing anything illegal…I’m all for it. We finally have personality with the players on our team! They can be exciting finally. 

  • Sep 27, 201312:19 pm
    by Max


    All I got from this story is that The Game is a childish asshole who should be locked up.    

  • Sep 27, 20131:27 pm
    by yahnik


    Based on some of the comments, one would think that Brandon is the cause of the TWO incidents that we have read about.  In the incident at the Drew, the makes a good move and makes immature gestures at Jennings, who didn’t say one word back. But instead stood there until the idiot slapped Jennings in the face for no reason. 

    In the second ALLEGED incident, Jennings chose to celebrate his birthday at a club.  Is there an NBA rule against that?  No, it’s not.  He wanted to speak on the microphone.  After all it was his birthday party.  Allegedly The Game wanted to do the same and just like the first incident, punched him for no reason.

    Now somebody please explain to me where any of this is indicative of Jenning’s character.  Before this, I have never heard of any situations in which he was in trouble.  So all this fake outrage needs to stop.

    • Sep 27, 20132:25 pm
      by Max


      Everything he said is 100 percent correct.  

      • Sep 27, 20135:34 pm
        by CityofKlompton


        Agreed. From what I can tell, this is a typical case of judging a book by its cover.

        • Sep 27, 201310:19 pm
          by ryan


          No it’s not. Brandon Jennings shouldn’t even have been in that club. One he’s 24 and that’s at least two years to old to be going out to the club and getting drunk on your birthday and two if you haven’t grown up enough to stop clubbing at least grow up enough to do it the right way with folks looking out for you and a safe setting.

          As for his in game talking there are two questions. Can you finish a fight your mouth started? Can you back your mouth up with dominant play? If you the answer isn’t yes to at least one then STFU.

          I for one love Brandon Knight’s game and the way he conducts himself. I believe in that young man because he does things the right way. I greatly enjoyed having him on my team and cheering for him. I also loved his defense and saw his offense coming around no thanks to Lawrence Welk. To trade him for Brandon Jennings is disgusting.

          • Sep 28, 20133:21 am
            by CityofKlompton

            Dang. I was completely unaware that there is only a one year window in life in which it is OK to go clubbing. #MissedOpportunities 

            Also, Brandon Knight ranked dead last or near the very bottom in several important statistical categories for point guards.  To trade him for Brandon Jennings is not disgusting – it’s smart basketball team building.  Unless you are literally murdering people, I don’t care what you do with your time off the court as long as you are balling harder than the other guys while you’re on it.

          • Sep 28, 20137:47 pm
            by Max

            Thank you, CityofKlompton.  Ryan, you are a stick in the mud.  What a scrooge.  By your logic, no one should go to a bar without bodyguards.   Who are you, the head of the committee to reinstate prohibition or the fun police?  And where in the story, from the evidence we’ve been given, does it even say that Jennings was drunk—not that there is anything wrong with it if he was.  

          • Sep 29, 20132:05 am
            by Some Dude

            @ ryan

            Dude, the legal age to enter a club is 21, and there is not age limit of when you have to stop clubbing. It’s an adult activity, to say Jennings is 2 years too old to be in the club…WHAT? that’s ridiculous.  He’s an adult and to club all he wants. And according to this story Jennings didn’t do anything wrong, and that rapper was being an asshole because he thought he owns the place.

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