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Pistons still have interest in Rajon Rondo

Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe:

Just because the Pistons acquired Brandon Jennings in a sign-and-trade deal with the Bucks doesn’t mean they’ve lost interest in Rajon Rondo. In fact, they could eventually use Jennings as a trade chip and seek to acquire Rondo. There are going to be several interested parties in Rondo, and that number could increase when he shows he’s fully recovered from anterior cruciate ligament surgery

Of course, the Pistons still have interest in Rajon Rondo. The Pistons want Rondo, as do other teams, because he’s one of the NBA’s best point guards. The Pistons acquiring Brandon Jennings has absolutely no bearing on that.

Upgrading from Brandon Knight to Jennings was a helpful step, mostly, given the Pistons’ objectives, because Jennings can help immediately. If the Celtics aren’t yet ready to trade Rondo, who’s a much better player than Jennings, at least Jennings can help the Pistons win early in the season. In what figures to be a crowded race for the Eastern Conference’s final few playoff spots, every win matters. Even if the Pistons would be a better team with Rondo than Jennings, they’ll probably have a better record with Jennings for a full season than a chance at half a year of Rondo.

Perhaps, that could become half a season of Jennings and half a season of Rondo, though. Jennings likely will hold more value than Knight would have in a trade – though it’s unclear whether the rebuilding Celtics would want the higher-priced and better player.

Jennings can be used in a multi-player trade two months after the sign-and-trade became official, and it’s not yet clear when that is. He can be traded by himself immediately, and the Pistons and Celtics could potentially structure a larger trade as technically multiple smaller trades.

With Jennings in tow, the Pistons have more leverage in trade talks for Rondo. But Rondo is still really, really good. Some things have changed, but others have not, including the Pistons’ wanting one of the league’s top point guards.


  • Aug 5, 20137:08 am
    by MrShourite


    If we could flip Jennings and our expiring contracts for Rondo then Joe D should win executive of the year, hands down! 

  • Aug 5, 20137:25 am
    by leonelreo


    That would be the only sensible reason for Dumars to trade for Jennings.

  • Aug 5, 20137:42 am
    by @GPMasters


    The issue I have with any pursuit of Rondo is the fact that he only has 2 years on his contract. So it could essentially be a 1.5 year rental once he returns from injury, and likely even less than that, ie closer to a 1 year rental. Unless his friendship with Josh Smith is tight enough to make him extend in Detroit – I’m not convinced.

    • Aug 5, 201310:55 am
      by tarsier


      That’s only one year fewer than Jennings’ contract. There are lots of issues with Rondo, but his contract is not one of them.

  • Aug 5, 20137:45 am
    by MrShourite


    If we don’t get him, Jennings is still an upgrade over Knight. 

  • Aug 5, 20138:00 am
    by gmehl


    Here’s an idea… How about we give Jennings a chance to actually wear a Piston uniform before we think about packaging him in a trade. Maybe if we show the guy some love he just might panout for us. As good a player as Rondo is i think or him to flourish he needs guys on the court with him that can shoot (like Pierce/Allen) which we clearly don’t have. Don’t get me wrong as I love the way Rondo plays but his demeanour is a HUGE worry for me.

    • Aug 5, 20132:25 pm
      by jamesjones_det


      Agreed, we need to give Jennings a chance.  The guys seems like he wants to player here and that could really motivate him to elevate his game and be a team player.
      At this point I also think it would be foolish to run out and get Rondo before seeing him step on to the floor with that repaired knee and how he does without stars around him.

  • Aug 5, 20138:15 am
    by Eric Dates


    Dang can we give Jennings an actual chance first?!! Does anyone else see jennings as our PGOTF (point guard of the future) 

    • Aug 5, 20138:40 am
      by mike


      I don’t think we have a choice but to give him a chance because we can’t trade him yet, nor does Boston seem motivated to deal Rondo right now. Thats probably best  anyways. We get to evaluate both players for half a season, see if Jennings fits with us and see if Rondo is fully recovered. Then can better make a decision which way to go. Its possible Jennings has a breakout start to the season with all this talent. Then it either ups his value and betters our chances to get Rondo, or we just keep him because he fits so good.

      One other thing to consider is maybe Boston decides they just capspace, and we can keep Jennings and still get Rondo with our expiring contracts.

      Imagine that. A starting 5 of



      • Aug 5, 201310:57 am
        by tarsier


        Why would Boston trade Rondo just for expiring deals? Someone would offer way better than that. I have no idea whether they would have any interest in Jennings, but they would be asking for one of Monroe/Drummond. Which is one good reason to just say no to Rondo.

      • Aug 5, 20132:25 pm
        by CityofKlompton


        I think it’s too soon for conjecture about what will and will not be offered by the Pistons or any other team. For all we know, Rondo could come back and look terrible, get hurt again, get disgruntled and throw a temper tantrum, etc. A lot can happen between now and when Rondo is likely to be traded.

        However, if Rondo comes back looking anything like he did pre-injury, big three era, I doubt he can be had simply for expirings.  Danny Ainge appears to be more savvy than that. He’s shown he knows how to swing a great deal.

  • Aug 5, 20138:35 am
    by mike


    This is the beauty of the Jennings trade. Rondo probably wasn’t going to be available until midseason anyways, so it was smart of Dumars to pick up Jennings in the meantime to be our starting PG. But in addition if it also upgrades our trade assets to get Rondo then it was no question the right deal to make. Anytime you can upgrade the assets on your roster for the future, and add a position of need for the presen you do it.

  • Aug 5, 20139:29 am
    by Khalid


    Not a good idea… Rondo is a great PG, but not for the team we have. Adding another starter who cannot reliably hit a midrange jumper, 3 pointer or a freethrow to a team that struggles with spacing just does not make sense. We do not have Allen, Pierce and Garnett, but really strong inside players who can kick the ball out.  

    Somehow the Jennings signing reminds me a lot of when Billups came on board. I thought Billups was a chucker, way too frail and not a true point guard , but boy I was wrong. Jennings has the talent to be great, it’s all about the mindset he chooses to adopt.  

  • Aug 5, 201310:25 am
    by MIKEYDE248


    Never been a Rondo fan, and right now we don’t even know how well he will play after the injury and missing a year of play.  I would rather see how Jennings pans out.  Both him and Smith have to prove that they can play team ball for the Pistons to make some noise this season.

    To bad we didn’t have a coach like Larry Brown that could really pull the players into playing unselfishly and putting the team and winning first.  Hopefull Cheeks will prove us all wrong and become that kind of coach.

    When the season ended in the spring, the only thing I was really looking forward to this year was seeing how good Drummond would play getting some more minutes and hopefully some better coaching.  Now with all the changes Dummars has strung together, I’m really looking forward to seeing just how good this team can be.

  • Aug 5, 201310:37 am
    by Huddy


    Seems like this is one of those rumors that doesn’t need to be put out there.  There is no chance until December anyway and now one of the first news stories after signing a guy who might be our PG of the future is that he may be moved for another PG half way through the season…not something the team needs Jennings to have bouncing around his brain.  I know they are pros and are used to the rumor mill, but I think stuff like this is unnecessary.  Its like Dan said, of course the Pistons are interested in one of the top PGs, they are interested in Lebron and Melo too, but they just made a move to bring in Jennings so maybe we shouldn’t focus on who we might be trading him to already.

    • Aug 5, 20132:35 pm
      by CityofKlompton


      Whether the Pistons need this story or not is irrelevant. The story was broken, the rumor is out, and therefore it would be ignorant for us not to talk about it. The media’s job isn’t to boost the confidence of professional athletes. It’s to report on and inform us of information that seems relevant (or at least gets ratings,) which this rumor is.  Whether this destroys Brandon Jennings’ confidence is not a concern of whomever published the rumor.

      Either way, do you want a guy running your favorite team who can’t handle this kind of thing anyway? It’ll be good to see how “Branded” responds to such stories. 

      • Aug 6, 201310:30 am
        by Huddy


        I am aware of the media’s job, but something like this is far from a “breaking story”…it is a comment that could be linked to any number of teams because of the talent level of Rondo.  Thats what I mean when I say it could be Melo or Lebron in the headline and it would be just as loosely tied together.  A headline about Detroit targeting Lebron would get ratings, but would be based on about as much fact as this is…thats not the media’s job.  The quote isn’t about hearing a rumor it is just a writer remarking that they still COULD trade for him EVENTUALLY even though there is no source.
        I noted that these guys are pros and I don’t think it will really effect Jennings, I think it is just annoying to see a headline like that and then see it is baseless and drums up conversation about nothing.

        • Aug 6, 20134:57 pm
          by CityofKlompton


          The difference between saying “the Pistons have interest in Lebron” and “the Pistons have interest in Rondo” is that there is a very plausible possibility that the Pistons could trade for Rondo.  Of course the Pistons would have interest in Lebron, but there has never been any indication that it would ever become a possibility whereas the Pistons have apparently talked about Rondo on multiple occasions (2009, and more recently this offseason.)  Therefore, it carries a little more water than a baseless rumor about a guy who has never once been linked to the franchise in any rumor.

          Keep in mind that Dumars had interest in Allen Iverson years before he made the Billups trade.  He even has a trade agreed to and all the pieces in place until Matt Geiger decided not to restructure his trade kicker.

  • Aug 5, 201310:44 am
    by Ozzie-Moto


    While I am sure the Pistons and a lot of other teams are interested in Rondo and Labron and Durant, This is just a little bit of what is theoretically possible, wrapped in a whole lot of how can i come up with something that will catch readers eyes and some player hype. More a journalists lazy trick. First anyone that knows the trade rules could knows IT IS POSSIBLE. And that is all he says.  He sights no source either in Boston or Detroit “He says it doesn’t mean that…” I have seen so many stories hyping teams interest in FA players this year to try and fake interest and it is not as if a BOSTON writer not doing the same. At best until both Rondo and Jennings see how they fit nothing will happen.  And lastly Rondo better player: Yes but better fir ?  not sure his lack of shooting and locker room attitude not so great…. 

  • Aug 5, 201311:10 am
    by Slap Dog Hoops (SDH)


    IDK if the Celtics would even accept Jennings for Rondo because that’s like downgrading first class to coach and I would think that the Celts would prefer to give him up for an expiring contract or high draft picks instead, because it’s more than certain that the Celtics would certainly want more than just Brandon Jennings for one of the top five point guards in the game today.

  • Aug 5, 201311:11 am
    by gon


    I think Jennings is more fit with Pistons than Rondo.
    1. In terms of our frontcourt spacing issue, Jennings provide long range and 3′s. Rondo is not reliable in that.
    2. In terms of salary issue, Jennings have 4 years steal contract and he still 27 at end of it. Rondo have 2 years huge contract and will become bigger for extent it and he will turn around 30 at end of it.
    3. In terms of long terms investment, Jennings still have a room to improve. Rondo is you get what you see.
    4. In terms of fact, Rondo was highly valued by his passing and defense. In term of defense, no doubt. He will give us a massive upgrade defensively at back.
    But at pass, this is not a team that have Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen playing together at 1 team. I am wander how big the impact of Rondo passing ability for the team that doesn’t have so much reliable sharpshooter.

  • Aug 5, 201312:05 pm
    by hoophabit


    I think Jennings has a chance to be the PGOTF.   If he decides he wants to show that he is a PG, and does a nice job setting up his teammates while getting his in the flow of the offense he could stick around and maybe be part of something special.  If not, well, he has trade value.  A lot of people discount the appeal of playing with the Piston’s young core, but I’m not sure this should be discounted.  This is a lineup that could work very well to neutralize the shortcomings in Jennings’ game (size and its affect on defense).  He has demonstrated that he can run the P&R very effectively.  If he does this he’ll get better shots and probably shoot a better percentage.  It’s all on the table in front of him now.  Is he smart enough to see his opportunity?   

    • Aug 5, 20132:13 pm
      by tarsier


      he could be the PG for the foreseeable future. But on a contending team (assuming they don’t have LeBron), there will need to be at least three better players on the roster.

      • Aug 5, 20138:37 pm
        by oats


        Thankfully there are 3 guys that are probably better. Monroe is better, Smith is better, and Drummond should be.

        • Aug 6, 20137:01 am
          by tarsier


          True, but my point is that Jennings is the sort of guy who you can be ok with having as your PG if no better options are available. But he’s not the kind of guy who you get and you say “alright, we have PG all taken care of, time to move on to another position”.

          Jennings is of similar caliber to George Hill, he can work, but he will be a weak link on a really good team. So I won’t be dubbing him PG of the future any time soon. He’s more Pg who is good enough that it wouldn’t be worth significantly overpaying for an upgrade at the position. 

          • Aug 6, 201310:38 am
            by Huddy

            I see where you are coming from, but it is hard to compare what Jennings can be with Hill because all of Hill’s play has been with the Spurs and Pacers so he has always had talent around him.  If he was asked to be in a tie for best player with Monta Ellis on the team it would probably be a different story.  Its hard to imagine Jennings being such a chucker for the Pacers or Spurs (especially Spurs) with so many other options and I think that is the hope with Detroit.  He might even be a revelation once he feels what its like to get open shots consistently and not command so much defensive pressure.

  • Aug 5, 201312:17 pm
    by Tom Y.


    Rondo would be a terrible offensive fit on a team desperate for 3-pt. shooting. On top of that he’s coming back from serious injury and will probably bolt. I’d much rather roll with Jennings.

  • Aug 5, 201312:23 pm
    by Toozman


    Can’t wait to see Jennings with all those bigs, spacing the floor and running the pick and roll…….. Give me Jennings at $8 million over Rondo coming off of surgery at $12 million…….

    • Aug 5, 20132:10 pm
      by tarsier


      I don’t like Rondo for this team. But with the right guys around him, Rondo is easily worth $4M more (and quite a bit more yet) than Jennings.

  • Aug 5, 20131:07 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    This reminds me of all the news coming out about the Lakers being interested in Labron, when he becomes a free agent, a couple weeks ago.  Dah, how many teams aren’t?  Did they even need to annonce that?

  • Aug 5, 20133:19 pm
    by David


    let’s see how Jennings develops/meshes with the rest of the team. And how Rondo recovers. There’s a real chance that by the end of the season Jennings > Rondo (and on a cheaper contract).

    If Rondo was a significantly better shooter than Jennings I’d be more interested in this. And I’m not saying that there’s ever been a time when Jennings has been anywhere near as good as Rondo. But it’s really hard to imagine Rondo being better than Jennings AND Monroe. And keep in mind we’d have him for  this season and the next.

    If there’s a way to do a Jennings and non Drummond/Monroe players for Rondo I’d be more interested (assuming Rajon returns 100%).

    And no matter what, the Celtics are going to want some serious cap space back in any Rondo trade. So throw either Stuckey or CV into the trade and expect Gerald Wallace to come back. 

    So something like Jennings + CV (or Stuckey) + Bynum for Rondo and Wallace would be a very attractive deal as a Pistons fan, but I don’t know if the Celtics would do that. Jennings would have to play great to start the season. But if he does then maybe we should stick with Jennings ANYWAY. Sort of a catch-22 there.


  • Aug 5, 20134:36 pm
    by Zach


    Why are we so quick to try to get Rondo? HE IS HURT and now that he is hurt he is more prone to being hurt. So what is the point in giving away Jennings when he is still young and has a lot of great years ahead of him. I mean look at the lineup, Jennings, Billups, Smith, Drummond, Monroe. With Stuckey on the bench and KCP eager to show his stuff (who in my mind should start right away). Jennings is going to put up a solid 18 or more a night and Monroe averaged around 16 last year. Them together alone putting up 40 on a regular bases is going to help tremendously. Add smith into the picture and there’s another 15-20 a night. Keep Jennings for around for awhile please!  

    • Aug 5, 20135:02 pm
      by tarsier


      If Jennings is getting 18/game, someone else will probably see his scoring drop. Unless he gets a lot more efficient, you don’t want Jennings scoring that much anyway. There are lots of better options on the team. Let him get 12-15 efficiently and the other shots can go to guys who put it in the hole at least half of the time.

  • Aug 5, 20135:24 pm
    by Justin


    Pistons would look better with Rondo then Jennings.
    Boston most likely would not trade him without getting Monroe or Drummond.
    That means goodbye to Monroe and make Boston Pay for the new contract that he deserves.
    Boston Receiving: Monroe, Jennings, CV, Stuck
    Pistons Receive: Rondo, Bradley, KO
    PG: Rondo, Billups, Siva
    SG: Bradley, KCP
    SF: Barnes, Luigi
    PF: Smith, Mitchell
    C: Drummond, KO
    Not in love with this trade because of Smith playin the 3
    Trade JJ  Singler and a 2nd rounder for Harrison barnes then this lineup could be deadly.         


    • Aug 5, 20138:44 pm
      by oats


      Way too much going out for that paltry of a return. Monroe is the most valuable player in that trade, and Jennings is worth more than Bradley and Olynyk. Yeah, I’m not interested in that.
      As for the second trade, I think there is no chance of Golden State moving Barnes for JJ, Singler, and a 2nd rounder. They seem to have a way higher value on him than that.

    • Aug 5, 201310:30 pm
      by Vote for Dumbars


      if im trading both Jennings, Monroe, and my expiring… id expect Rondo and Jeff Green straight up. would never happen, but its a nice thought.

      • Aug 6, 20137:07 am
        by tarsier


        It’s true that that should never happen, but because Detroit should turn it down, not Boston.

        Boston is rebuilding, Green is overpaid, and he is only a decent player. There’s no star potential there. Throwing him into a trade should be no big deal for the Cs. Jennings is on a comparable deal but is already a better player and is younger with more room to grow. So he has more value. And Monroe should have comparable value to Rondo.

        That would be a fair trade, so if Rondo looked like he would fit well, ti would be worth pulling the trigger on such a thing. But he doesn’t. Not even close. 

  • Aug 5, 20136:51 pm
    by Hook Shot


    This trade for Rondo only makes sense if the Pistons are conference finals material and they clearly are not close. Better to grow the team with Jennings at the helm. My 2 cents. 

  • Aug 5, 20137:45 pm


    I like rondo, but be real …Celtic were the perfect team for a pass-first non shooting PG …. Garnett,and Bass were both Bigs that could stretch the floor…. then they had Ray Allen and Paul Pierce ….

    Pistons need a PG that can shoot

  • Aug 5, 20139:30 pm
    by dacata


    I won’t trade for Rondo until I see him play at full speed post knee.  Jenning could surprise a few people this year if he manages to tone down his shot selection and really focuses on picking his spot instead of forcing things.  Billups and Cheeks could help him in that area.

    IF you’re going to trade jennings for Rondo, make sure you don’t give up Monroe/Dre.  I think Aigne would take Jennings for Rondo, if Jennings can improve this year.  

    • Aug 6, 20137:12 am
      by tarsier


      “ I think Aigne would take Jennings for Rondo, if Jennings can improve this year.”

      Why would you expect Jennings to improve this year? he has basically been the same player since he entered the league. He probably is what he is, which is decent, but nowhere close to enough for Rondo.

      Look, Rondo would be a terrible fit on these Pistons. So if Dumars has a clue, he shouldn’t be willing to offer nearly so much for Rondo as many other teams will. In other words, if Rondo is a Piston any time soon, it will mean somebody has made a really stupid mistake. 

  • Aug 6, 20131:21 am
    by Max


    I’m with everyone who says to give Jennings a chance and not to trade Moose or Drummond in any Rondo trade.   I’ve always looked at Rondo and thought he was the perfect picture of a Piston but the injury is scary and the front line needs guards who can shoot the three.   I’m excited about this team as currently constructed and think Drummond is going to be a superstar.   

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