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Pistons sign second-round pick Peyton Siva

Peyton Siva reports that Peyton Siva has signed a contract with the Detroit Pistons, via his Instagram account. Jeff Goodman of ESPN confirmed the report with Siva’s college coach, Rick Pitino.

Siva’s status wasn’t clearly known prior to the Pistons exchanging three players for Brandon Jennings last week. Before that trade, the team didn’t have a roster spot for him and there were rumors that the Pistons may have been hoping to have Siva play overseas for a year while maintaining his rights, similar to what Kyle Singler did during the lockout shortened 2011-12 season.

Terms of the deal are unknown. Despite Siva’s notable skills that helped him excel at the college level — an ability to run an offense and play great defense — he’s unlikely to play much this season based on the current construction of the roster. Along with Jennings, the Pistons re-signed Will Bynum, brought back Chauncey Billups and still have Rodney Stuckey hanging around. All four players can play minutes at PG. But Siva is still an intriguing prospect as a backup and the backcourt is surely not a finished product — Bynum is aging, Billups is really aging and Stuckey doesn’t seem to have much a of a long-term future in Detroit, plus his expiring contract makes him a potential trade candidate. If Siva can improve his jumper while practicing with the team this season, he’ll become an even more attractive long-term prospect.


  • Aug 5, 20131:08 pm
    by Ryan P


    If Peyton can develop a consistent 3 ball I can see him having a D Fish type career.   He has that steady factor.  I think he will be around the NBA for 10+ years.

    • Aug 5, 20131:29 pm
      by Huddy


      Developing a 3 ball is a tall order for a kid that shot under 30% from college 3pt range.  Not impossible, but it means really turning around his biggest weakness.

    • Aug 5, 20132:20 pm
      by tarsier


      And if Drummond can develop a consistent 3 ball…

      Siva played 4 years of college ball. He pretty much is what he is at this point, which is maybe a 3rd PG caliber player. 

      • Aug 5, 20132:35 pm
        by Huddy


        IDK where the faith in Siva comes from.  I’m pretty sure no one on the boards would be talking about him in even a back up role if he were drafted somewhere else and it is mostly just people being pumped about their team’s draft picks. 
        Don’t get me wrong I want all Pistons to do well, but Sivas going to need to show some actual evidence in NBA games before hes in the conversation for a big role on a team.

        • Aug 5, 20133:04 pm
          by tarsier


          Exactly, were any of these people excitedly talking about how maybe the Pistons would be able to land Siva in the lead up to the draft? No. In fact, he was generally expected to be undrafted. There are probably 100 guys Dumars could have taken with that pick that would have the same set of fans excited.

          Sive just isn’t a good prospect. He could shock the world and end up being a decent back up. But that would be a huge overachievement for him. I’d rather root for Monroe or even Jennings to hugely overachieve.

          • Aug 6, 20136:45 am
            by Derek AKA Redeemed

            The excitement was largely placed on Trey Burke.  Siva probably didn’t get much love because his team beat Michigan in the most important game in Trey Burke’s amateur career.  When we drafted Siva, folks started to pay attention to his draft combine measurements where Siva proved to be surprisingly athletic (vertical over 40″ to go with his quickness and strength).

            Siva started to garner a following after he guided the Pistons summer league team with a steady hand.  His assist to turnover numbers in that frenic environment was remarkable.  Fans started to consider Siva’s potential as a steal (late late late seconder).  Siva could potentially develop into a valued backup.

            I am really excited about what he could mean for the team.  I hope he gets an opportunity to develop in the D-League as opposed to languishing on the bench.  My best case scenario is extended D-League play with the opportunity to practice with the Pistons.

            So far from successful college career running a high octane offense and an encouraging peek into his potential with his steady summer league play…Siva is an outstanding prospect as a late second rounder who could blossom into a rotation player.  Right now he’s a better prospect than Trey Burke.

          • Aug 6, 20139:45 am
            by tarsier

            “Right now he’s a better prospect than Trey Burke.”

            So you’re saying that if you’re Dumars and Utah calls to offer Burke for Siva, you say no? Really? 

          • Aug 6, 201310:19 am
            by Huddy

            Pretty level headed until the better prospect than Burke remark.
            Leading through summer league is nice, but doesn’t really tell anything.  Summer league success is really a crap shoot when it comes to translating in the NBA..essentially useless.  Either way if the hope is he develops int he D league a couple of years then sure that makes sense…I think thats a little lower expectation than a lot of fans are posting about though.

          • Aug 6, 201311:44 am
            by Derek AKA Redeemed

            “So you’re saying that if you’re Dumars and Utah calls to offer Burke for Siva, you say no? Really?” 


            So far what have we seen?  Burke excels as a scoring point.  When he is not scoring he contributes very little.  I hope Burke is a better player at some point during the season, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t.  Siva influences the game in a different way than Burke.  Siva tested as being the stronger and more athletic prospect between the two players and he was the steadier hand during the summer league play. 

            Siva has also proven to a be capable on the ball defender with the ability to turn the ballhandler and force turnovers.  We haven’t seen that with Burke, though that’s not to say he won’t be able to do it at some point.  He just hasn’t proven he can against players trying to make the league.

            So far Siva looks like a steal as a late second rounder and Burke is a bit of a disappointment as a lottery pick (to date).  I’m not making the trade. 

          • Aug 6, 20131:28 pm
            by Huddy

            You vastly overestimate the importance of summer league.  The article the site just posted after this one will show you that if you just go by asst/to ratio in summer league that Siva apparently is better than Burke/Oladipo/MCW/McCollum…but hes not.  You honestly think that a handful of summer league games changes the value of a lottery pick to being worse than a late first rounder?  You must not follow basketball, anyone who does would know a “bit of a disappointment” lottery pick isn’t worth less than a “steal late second rounder” because of summer league.
            “Siva has proven to be a capable on the ball defender with the ability to turn the ballhandelr and force turnovers.  We haven’t seen that from Burke…”
            Burke averaged 1.7 steals (as a sophomore) Siva averaged 2.3 (as a senior) and 1.7 (as a junior)…barely a difference in TOs caused and steals are often the result of gambling in passing lanes…not solid on ball defense.  If you meant just in summer league then just see previous paragraph.  
            How can you hope Siva plays in the D league a couple of years, but value him as lottery talent?  If he was a lottery talent PG then you would have to believe he is easily better than Bynum (which he isn’t).  He also played 4 years of college meaning he has less room to grow.

          • Aug 6, 20133:20 pm
            by Derek AKA Redeemed


            Good questions.  The point I’m attempting to raise is Siva delivered on the proving ground given to him: Summer league.  Against other hopefuls he shined whereas the highly exalted lottery talent Burke did not deliver. 

            I hope Siva gets D-League burn because that’s better than sitting the bench without an opportunity to play.  Minutes will largely go to Jennings and company.  The team can afford to bring Siva along slowly in the future.

            Burke has been billed the next Chris Paul and will likely be thrown into the fire early.  That may not bode well for his development.  Based on the sample set we’ve seen there are some question marks surrounding his ability to contribute when he isn’t scoring and his ability to guard his position.

            As for college stats the one that matters most is Siva’s ability to lead his team to a championship vs Burke’s ability to lead his team to the champion game.  That’s probably an unfair comparison for an overhyped player (Burke), but think the Michigan fans have largely overhyped a good (not great) player who is probably closer to Jameer Nelson than Chris Paul.

            As I say that I wish Burke the greatest level of success in the future, I just don’t believe he warrants the hype he has received.

          • Aug 7, 20135:07 am
            by tarsier

            “Michigan fans have largely overhyped a good (not great) player who is probably closer to Jameer Nelson than Chris Paul”

            First, let me just put out there that myself and many others who really like Burke are not Michigan fans. So stop trying to use that non-fact to discredit our opinions.

            Second, it is quite possible that Burke ends up closer to Nelson than Paul. You know what else? If he ends up being a Jameer Nelson, that wouldn’t be too shabby. A slight disappointment, but it would make him a whole lot more valuable than Siva.

            Also, Siva has not looked better in the only data we have on them because the majority of the info we have is from college (where you know, Burke was considered the absolute best player overall) not from Summer League. 

        • Aug 5, 20133:07 pm
          by mike


          idk about that. I really liked him at Louisville and thought he was going to be a good pro no matter where he went. To me he was a late 1st early 2nd round prospect. If Jennings becomes the longterm answer at PG, I think Siva could make a great longterm backup and be great value compared to what other teams pay for solid backup PGs. I can see him playing Lindsey Hunter role off our bench one day, with his menacing defense and winning PG play. He knows how to win. I like him.

          • Aug 5, 20133:52 pm
            by Huddy

            Its cool if you liked him in college, but that doesn’t mean he shows great NBA potential.  Not a scorer or play maker and the Defense he excelled at was nothing like Hunter’s one on one NBA match ups…Siva excelled at traps and gambling to get steals, which just doesn’t transfer to the NBA well.  He is undersized like Burke, but without any abilities like shooting or passing that let a player get away with being undersized.
            To me he is just like Mateen Cleaves.  He was the heart of a great college team and he has all these qualities like “knows how to win” that sound nice and inspiring, but the vast majority of the time having charisma and being loved by coaches and team mates doesn’t make up for lack of skill.  He won a championship and played a good championship game, but even that wasn’t really typical.  The previous game in the tournament for him was terrible and he was up and down all season.
            All that aside you may very well have liked him all that time, but its hard to imagine with how many people call for him to be a back up (I have even read quite a few about him battling to start prior to Jennings) I doubt the fan base all have this sense about Siva that NBA experts clearly did not (evident by his draft selection).

          • Aug 6, 20137:14 pm
            by Derek


            I like Siva too.  He goes hard and seems to be able to play with speed and under control.  

  • Aug 5, 20131:12 pm
    by sebastian


    Great! Now that Siva has been signed, how about trading him to the Celtics for Rondo.
    Seriously, why are the Pistons signing another 6′ or shorter PG: Jennings, Will B., and Siva are 1/5 of the roster and Jennings is the only one that really should be on the roster!

    • Aug 5, 20131:29 pm
      by Jack56


      Simple…Billups has major injury concerns and Siva will likely play in the DLEAGUE…

    • Aug 5, 20133:12 pm
      by mike


      2 of the best PGs in the league are 6-1 or shorter. Paul and Rondo. When you have size up front like we have it doesn’t matter how nig your guards are, imo

      • Aug 6, 201311:51 am
        by MIKEYDE248


        Tony Parker is another one of the better one’s and is only 6’2″.

  • Aug 5, 20132:00 pm
    by RyanK



    I’d point out that you can clearly see Dumars’ trade board behind Siva.  Those are all the players in the league with their salaries listed.  I can make out T Duncan and T Spittler next to his left ear.  Interesting stuff.   

    • Aug 6, 20139:34 am
      by RP


      It’s not a trade board, every GM in any sport has every team’s roster on their wall. 

  • Aug 5, 20132:23 pm
    by hoophabit


    Siva will get a look with the big boys.  There are minutes to be had for someone who can run the team.  So far, he’s done a pretty good job.  Low turnovers with decent assist numbers.  Like Jennings, the Piston’s imposing defensive presence on the front line can help cover defensive weakness.  Sure, good perimeter shooting is always a plus, but the Pistons have been so abysmal at running an offense the last few years that there has to be opportunity.

    • Aug 5, 20135:17 pm
      by Jon


      actually there’s really not any minutes available at the point with all the players we have there. with siva that makes 5 players on the roster that have played the point before with 4 of them being pretty much only point guards

  • Aug 5, 20132:50 pm
    by Lake Side Live


    “Stuckey doesn’t seem to have much a of a long-term future in Detroit, plus his expiring contract makes him a potential trade candidate.”

    Get ready for a super unpopular trade idea!


    That’s right Shane Battier and Joel Anthony for Stuckey.

    Gives Miami more money coming off for next year.  The Pistons get a back up good pick n roll defending Center and a floor spacer with an expiring contract.   (I know it doesn’t equal Stuckey’s expiring contract but if Jerebko gets pissed about his playing time and doesn’t take his player option, his and Battier’s expiring contracts would equal Stuckey’s)   

    It’s not great, but hey it’s out there now.   

    • Aug 5, 20132:59 pm
      by sebastian


      Joe would never sign-on to this trade.

    • Aug 5, 20133:08 pm
      by tarsier


      That’s an awful trade suggestion. it’s a lose-lose. The Heat really need Battier with Miller gone. Stuckey basically duplicates what Wade does, but way, way, way worse. The Pistons lose cap space for next summer and it is spent on a useless player at their position of least need.

      • Aug 6, 201312:37 pm
        by Lake Side Live



        The Heat are trying to get under the luxury tax now that they have Greg Oden.  James Jones does the same things Battier and Miller does shoots the 3, plus he’s 2 million dollars cheaper. Now that they have James Ennis, and after Battier was essentially held out of the ECF and the Playoffs, why wouldn’t they want to get anything for him.  With Anthony’s two year contract gone, that’s incentive.

        why Miami would like Stuckey— Wade insurance and a nice big expiring contract. Wade goes down (which he will), and Miami has a similar player to plug in to their rotations and nobody would really need to change anything.

        Why Detroit would like it we get a spacer in Battier, A backup Center (we don’t have one right now, unless Monroe will play 48 minutes a game) and I’ll amend the original Idea we get rights to Philly’s non-lottery first round pick.  So we get back into the best draft in awhile.

        • Aug 6, 20131:38 pm
          by Huddy


          How was Battier “essentially held out of the ECF and the Playoffs”?  He was their most crucial role player by far.  James Jones doesn’t just do what he does…there is a reason he doesn’t play.  The Heat are much more concerned with winning a championship than saving a couple million dollars.
          Detroit could easily sign another Center as good as or comparable to anthony and not give up cap space.  If James Jones does what Battier does then so do Singler, KCP and Datome so the Pistons don’t need that either.

          • Aug 6, 20134:58 pm
            by Lake Side Live

            “He was their most crucial role player by far.”

            In the finals and ECF try no.  Averaged 15 minutes in both and both averages were brought up by one high minute game.  Finals 7.2 (average brought up by garbage time in game 6) 2.3 in ECF.

            The Heat are straddling the luxury tax with the Oden signing which is why the amnestied Mike Miller.  They need cap room they would like someone to take Anthony’s 2 year guaranteed deal  to continue toward this goal.  

            Taking Battier’s contract helps Miami with this as well.  Since KCP and Datome have not played in the NBA there is no way to know for sure if their 3 point shooting is ready and equal to Battier’s he provides some insurance for 1 year.

            Stuckey gives us what  a guy with no place on the team.  Miami is looking for a backup guard to help rest D Wade during the season that is why they are looking at Sebastian Telfair.  Stuckey’s 1 year contract is tempting as well, isn’t that what he is for us at this point?

            Your center options this year are Cole Aldrich and Johan Petro, next year Emeka Okafor Andreins Bierdens, Andrew Bogut, Jermaine O Neal, Nazr Mohammed, Andre Blatche Josh Mcroberts Kwame brown. 

            With Stuckey have about 16 million about 12 to get back into this upcoming draft its not a bad option to take a four million loss.    

          • Aug 7, 201311:12 am
            by Huddy

            Well minutes don’t really determine how crucial a role player is…try 18 pts on 75% 3pt shooting in game 7 of the NBA finals. 
            If KCP and Datome don’t work out what does Battier do?  Those two just signed contracts and haven’t played a game yet what would Battier insure?  that if within the first few games they don’t work out Battier can play for a year then leave?  Its not like he keeps the team in contention for the finals or something he would just take minutes from guys that need PT. 
            Not sure what you mean with the center options…most of those guys aren’t free agents and if they were would be good or better options than Joel Anthony.
            Even if you are right about Miami sweating the luxury tax that bad and not valuing Battier…the Pistons give up cap space for Battier to play or get bought out on a 1 year deal and a below average center…that is an awful deal. 

          • Aug 7, 201312:24 pm
            by Lake Side Live

            Sorry that don’t seem to understand it man I simply want the Pistons to pick up an expiring contract fill a position of need, get rid of a guy who doesn’t have a place on this team and get back into the 2014 draft.  The Rockets take on contracts all the time to get eventual space for better players either through the draft of FA.

            And I can’t seem to understand your logic Battier is perfect for the Heat but not for the Pistons?  The dude had one good game out of the 14 tween finals and ECF for the Heat, so he’s super valuable to them.  But you wouldn’t want him on the pistons, providing some veteran leadership and guaranteed three point shooting?  

            Like I said before all those centers I listed are currently Free agents this year or next.  I wouldn’t want to blow 16 million in cap space on any of those guys.  The draft pick is more valuable then ANY 2014 FA we have a shot at.  

          • Aug 7, 20134:43 pm
            by tarsier

            If the Pistons were getting a pick out of it (not the original trade you proposed), I’d be all for it. But that would be all the more reason for the Heat to turn it down. I think the Heat would rather back up Wade with someone like Jones than Stuckey. LeBron was a beast when surrounded by shooters. They don’t play Wade with James for fit reasons but for sheer volume of talent.

        • Aug 7, 20134:39 pm
          by tarsier


          “A backup Center (we don’t have one right now, unless Monroe will play 48 minutes a game)”

          Ummm, if Monroe, Drummond, and Smith each play about 36 mpg (that seems about right), that occupies all the PF/C minutes plus 12 mpg of Smith at SF. So no, the Pistons do not need Monroe to play 48 mpg, even if only he and Drummond ever man the spot. But I would much rather have Smith or Mitchell as my third C than Anthony.

          • Aug 7, 20135:58 pm
            by Lake Side Live

            Ok that’s fair, on the center minute point and the person behind Lebron.

  • Aug 5, 20134:32 pm
    by BigJShaky


    I think ultimately the Pistons drafted Siva because he is the antithesis of what Detroit had become.  He is a leader and a winner.  That mere presence had to appeal to Joe D.  He will barely play this year, but as Chauncey ages and Will’s deal run’s out in the next two years, he has a shot to be the second PG on the depth chart.  As someone off the bench, he will obviously have weaknesses, which are headlined by his shooting.  He is super fast, however, and will be able to create offense in other ways.  He is the 14th player on the team … no need to have a tremendous opinion either way on this one. 

  • Aug 5, 20134:39 pm
    by frankie d


    good move.  while siva may never be more than a backup, a guy with his skills is always valuable on a good team.  wouldnt expect that he would improve his shooting, but it would be a pleasant surprise, and added benefit,  if he did.
    i’d be happy with solid, on-ball defense, his ability to run a decent half court offense and taking care of the ball.
    and if joe is smart, he will make sure siva plays enough so that he can hopefully determine that will bynum is no longer needed.
    if that happens, a nice trade for picks would allow him to open up a roster spot and keep the same type of player for a third of the price that bynum commands. 

  • Aug 5, 20134:48 pm
    by mongoslade86


    Finally a point guard that can play defense besides Chauncey who lets face it might be playing a little shooting guard now, since we have Jennings.

  • Aug 5, 20135:22 pm
    by Holy Crow


    There must be another deal coming. I like our chances to land Rondo.

  • Aug 5, 20135:44 pm
    by Corey


    The pistons would be insane to trade more than a pair of old socks (or Stuckey and CV) for Rondo until he comes back from injury and proves his health. And taking back Wallace’s contract would kill their cap situation.

    • Aug 6, 20138:19 am
      by hoophabit


      Well said sir!  Why rush into any move for Rondo when you don’t even know how Jennings will mesh with the team?  ACLs are funny, some come back quickly and some never do.

  • Aug 5, 20136:20 pm
    by Grizz


    This is good news .. Probably the fact that Siva looked so good in summer league, is ONE reason the team decided that if the Pistons have a PG of the future to develop, it should be Siva, not BK7. Wanted Knight on the team over Jennings but really, Siva DOES look very promising as a PG .. and applaud Joe D for keeping Siva on the team .. he is a winner AND understands how to play PG and can see the whole floor ALREADY to a significant NBA level … No, I dont want him to start but he sure deserves a shot to work his way into the rotation .. Go Pistons!

  • Aug 5, 20138:02 pm
    by MongoSlade86


    I know this off topic and I might be alittle early go ask this but doesn’t seem strange we haven’t heard a thing from any other Piston about BJ/BK7 trade? I would have thought someone would say sorry to see Knight leave and we are glad to get a player with Jennings talents.

    • Aug 5, 201310:46 pm
      by Ozzie-Moto


      Official Intros tomorrow 

  • Aug 5, 20139:11 pm
    by boogie


    what about kravstov for the last roster spot?

    • Aug 6, 20138:33 am
      by Vic


      Id like that

    • Aug 6, 201310:15 am
      by Huddy


      Can’t sign him for a year because of CBA

  • Aug 6, 20131:50 am
    by Some Dude


    Good signing. Solid young backup PG, for a low cost. Billups, Stuckey, Bynum are all short term Pistons as of now. Siva will have to sit a year or two but he’s got a good chance to become what Bynum is right now. He has to be patient, but he’ll be a solid role player down the line.

  • Aug 6, 20131:51 am
    by Adam


    I can almost guarantee Bynum or Billups will be injured for an extended period, and we will get to witness Siva’s potential and growth! This season just needs to start already.

  • Aug 6, 20138:13 pm
    by Loy


    Y’all need to do your homework.  When he went to LA before the draft, he shot 30 for 30 (bam!) from the 3-pt line and broke records. You’ll see…if i could post the video, i would, so y’all can shut up.

    • Aug 7, 201311:14 am
      by Huddy


      well he went 38-132 in his actual college games last year…maybe thats a more useful stat.

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