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Jason Collins not a strong candidate for Pistons to sign

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

But two sources with knowledge of the Pistons’ plans told The News that Collins is not being seriously considered.

The Pistons are looking at several potential bigs to back up Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond, and they prefer one younger than Collins, 34, who is near the end of his career.

You can read my thoughts at ProBasketballTalk.


  • Aug 11, 201310:42 pm
    by Max


    No offense to Collins or homosexuality but good.   If it was ten years ago and Collins was openly gay, I’d be all for it, but he’s been one of the least productive players in the league for a while now.   

  • Aug 11, 201311:41 pm
    by Vince


    So many bigs out there that could do a better job than he can at this point in his career, I’m too fussed by who will be the 15th man but I’d like at least some talent, I’m personally looking at guys like Cole Aldrich, Earl Barron, maybe Drew Gooden… Essentially someone who is fine with playing maybe 30 games and goes all out in the limited minutes they get.

  • Aug 11, 201311:58 pm
    by Ryan


    The other problem with Jason Collins, besides his age, is the fact that his main skill defending big, big guys isn’t as valuable as it used to be with fewer old school centers.

  • Aug 12, 20137:03 am
    by Tom Y.


    I wonder if they talked to him just to get some more buzz going about the Pistons. Which is fine. It can’t hurt Collins’ chances of finding a job next year that one team has already shown interest in him, and it won’t hurt the Pistons to be talked about some more.
    I just hope that the next step is to find a better backup center.

  • Aug 12, 20137:36 am
    by loyal2thegame


    so what bigs are stil out there 

  • Aug 12, 20137:57 am
    by Tony


    Please take a look at Hassan Whiteside

    7’0″, 260lb(update), 7’7″ wingspan, 24 years old, elite athlete n help-defender 

    perfect as a 3rd C. Cheap available young athletic play d N take fouls. We can stash a little and take the highest potential FA since we have drummond n Monroe ahead anyway. And we are offering min contract so nnot much risk involvEd anyway 

  • Aug 12, 20139:36 am
    by Giles


    Maaaan, I don’t want anything to do with Hassan whiteside he sucks balls, and so does Collins. earl Barron or drew gooden. That’s my choice…the arm chair gm has spoken

    • Aug 12, 201311:03 am
      by Mark


      You’re talking about the 15th player on the roster.  What do you expect?  The guy has a huge wingspan and can cover a lot of ground

  • Aug 12, 20139:37 am
    by danny


    I wouldn’t go as far as to call Whiteside athletic, he has the body to be dominate.  I think the reason he was cut from his previous teams was his inability to do the things we need him to do.

  • Aug 12, 20139:39 am
    by Windy


    I like whiteside, I was upset when Sacremento got both Cousins and Whiteside…Cousins is obviously a menace but there is still interest in Whiteside…I would prefer a more stable, consistent production type center…whiteside is a bit up and down, don’t quote know what your going to get…Lou Amendson is still not on a team, solid defender and energy guy…

  • Aug 12, 201310:20 am
    by sloppy joe



  • Aug 12, 201310:55 am
    by Anthony Jordan


    Like I said in the other article, I really like Tim Olbrecht. He’s an under-the-radar young d-eague player who aeraged a double double when givin starter minutes. Definetly worth spending the last roster spot on a decent d-league big who is young. I also wouldn’t mind reaching out to Vernon Macklin again. I really don’t know why Joe let him go. He had a very good d-league showing. Of course D-league isn’t everything but at least he had success there. Did we let Vernon go because of off-court issues? I’m not to sure what the deal was wih him.

  • Aug 12, 201311:57 am
    by Windy


    Hey if Dre or Moose go down having a capable big man to step in is very important…don’t think I trust whiteside as he has played in a total of 19 nba games  avg about 6 min…very raw…Lou Amundson or Johan Petro would give you at least some experience and can both play defense well…I like Whiteside but would prefermore vet help considering how young this team is already…

  • Aug 12, 201312:17 pm
    by Tony


    If u want a top D-League player, how can’t u forget MVP n Rollie of the year Henry Sims?

    • Aug 12, 20131:42 pm
      by Anthony Jordan


      Yea he’s also good too. A lot of D-league free agent big men are hungry for a shot at the NBA. Might as well test one of them out.

  • Aug 12, 20131:22 pm
    by Giles


    i wouldn’t trust whiteside to back up anyone, I want an already aged center that you don’t have to teach…
    la Wallace,  I’ve seen whiteside and his instincts are horrible..  

  • Aug 12, 20133:15 pm
    by BigJShaky


    According to Nick Borges on ESPN, the Pistons are hoping for someone younger for the 3rd string center minutes.  That rules out not only Collins, but also Big Ben.  I don’t know how much Cole Aldrich would cost, but it is surprising that he has not yet signed.  Otherwise, I think Johan Petro or Louis Amundson represent the youngest, least expensive options for a player that will likely only play limited minutes if Dre or Greg are in foul trouble or hurt. 

  • Aug 12, 20134:50 pm
    by sebastian


    What about Cheikh Samb? He’s currently playing in Saudi Arabia. He’d be glad to take $455,00 to sit at the end of the Pistons bench.
    This dude would be the perfect solution.

  • Aug 13, 20133:53 am
    by Tony


    We were interested in Kyrylo Fesenko in Nov 2011 
    Not someone special, but i think he can be a direct replacement of Slava Kravtsov. He is 7’1″ n 280lb, possibly a decent post defender protecting the rim n take fouls.
    as an European Big, he may not have the adaptation problem Kravtsov had, as he has played for Utah Jazz (4 years) n Indiana Pacers
    He is available and cheap, all can be a decent option as a 3rd string C since he is big, relatively young n expereinced, plays d n athletic. He signed with a Ukrainian Team called BC Donetsk in January, but ESPN have him as an FA in their website.
    hopefully he hasnt given up on the NBA yet

  • Aug 13, 20133:22 pm
    by Jamarco McNutt


    Anybody but this clown jason collins.  Never liked him as a player.  Slow footed unskilled player.  He can’t even walk straight let alone guard a pick and roll.

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