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Brandon Jennings slapped in the face at Drew League game

The action begins at about the 46-second mark.

Any NBA player in a pro-am league, like the Drew League in Brandon Jennings’ native California, is a target. Everyone else is trying to prove themselves against the best players in the world.

That’s how Jennings found himself slapped in the face by Charles Mike Taylor, who spent some time in the NBA himself. Taylor was ejected, and, at least in the video, Jennings didn’t really respond.

I’m sure there will be some Bad Boy-loving Detroit fans who question Jennings’ restraint, but he doesn’t need to be proving his toughness in Drew League games. Jennings will have ample opportunities to display his fortitude this winter.


  • Aug 23, 201311:45 am
    by Crispus


    But Jennings had Taylor’s whole family killed later that night, right?

    • Aug 23, 201312:28 pm
      by RyanK


      That’s my understanding.  He definitely deserved it after a swipe like that across the face…  Jenning could have been poked in the eye or something.

  • Aug 23, 201312:43 pm
    by Derek AKA Redeemed


    I think dude’s name was Mike not Charles.  The little mini slap was a punk move.  He waited for distance and people between them then he reached over to push him across the cheek with his fingers instead of open hand slapping him.

    Not impressed with Mike Taylor the player.  Not impressed with Mike Taylor the fake thug.

    I’m glad to see Brandon Jennings not get himself in trouble over this foolishness.

  • Aug 23, 20131:30 pm
    by butterscotch


    This is really no big deal.

  • Aug 23, 20135:13 pm
    by gmehl


    Is it just me that finds a slap worse than a punch. What a cat Taylor is for pulling some girly sh!t like that.

  • Aug 23, 201311:23 pm
    by drew


    i am interested to know how Jennings played that gam.e  If he is going to fix his game up, I want to know if he is taking less bad shots.  even though it is the Drew League, i want to know if he is showing that he can step his game up. 

    • Aug 24, 20131:59 pm
      by Some Dude


      Don’t think about it too much, the Drew League isn’t serious. It’s like a pick-up game, or streetball, it’s all about being flashy, ect. Jennings was most likely his usual self there, but in a Detroit uniform I’m confident he improves his game.

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