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Brandon Jennings: I won’t play like I did with Bucks, Detroit could be Lob City

Me at ProBasketballTalk:

As he sat down for his new conference to introduce Brandon Jennings, Joe Dumars muttered, “Oh my god.”

I don’t know what Dumars was referring to at that moment, but I cant think of a better way to describe the experiment he’s conducting with the Pistons.

Jennings at point guard with Josh Smith, Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond in a supersized front court.

Oh my god.

“We could bring the Lob City to Detroit this year,” Jennings said.

Or they could be a mish-mash of talent, too undeveloped and/or too stubborn to fit together. Or anything between.

Read the whole post here.


  • Aug 6, 20133:32 pm
    by Huddy


    I definitely liked that Jennings acknowledged his shortcomings and need for change.  When questioned about it he responded right away that he needs to take fewer bad shots and really change his game.  He could easily have downplayed it or made it seem like he only needed slight tweaks, but he seemed to take the criticism and understand the need for change.  It remains to be seen if he will change, but its good to hear him say he understands he has an issue with shot selection and that being with such a talent front court means he needs to spread those shots amongst his talented team mates.
    I don’t remember, but I don’t think anyone asked Smith about shot selection concerns or his shooting ability…would have been nice to hear his response to the specific criticism as well.

    • Aug 6, 20136:34 pm
      by frankie d


      for once i agree with you.
      it was refreshing to hear him acknowledge legitimate concerns.
      he seems like a pretty bright guy so maybe he’ll be able to take the next step and resolve those issues.
      if he does, i will eat my words about the signing being a bad deal.  if he stops throwing up bad shots and plays a little defense, detroit could have quite a PG.

      • Aug 6, 20139:29 pm
        by Huddy


        His issue is mental so admitting is the first step.

        I think him touching on the Pistons having vets in the locker room was important too.  When you look at the bucks there is a real lack of player leadership.  It may not be a coincidence that Jennings game is so much like Ellis’.  Chauncey and Sheed alone make a huge difference in that regard.

        • Aug 7, 20131:24 am
          by Anthony Jordan


          Exactly! Dalembert is a pretty good vet but besides him there really weren’t any guys who would pull Jennings aside and tell him exactly what he NEEDS to hear and learn.

          Drew Gooden…. Really? Not the best vet to run with imho… 

  • Aug 6, 20134:13 pm
    by Gordbrown


    My overwhelming impression was that he was happy to be in Detroit and very frustrated with his experiences in Milwaukee. Of course, part of this is that he is too young to remember when Milwaukee was good (with Kareem). I’d be interested to see how many of his bad shots were with the shot clock running down and no other option. Someone suggested that that was part of Smith’s problem in Atlanta and it has been documented on this site that Stuckey has suffered from that in the past as well. Whether it is true or not, that seemed to be what Jennings was saying today.

  • Aug 6, 20134:39 pm
    by RyanK


    When you have scorers on the team like Monroe and Smith…along with good shooters like Singler, Luigi, Pope, and Billups, it’s going to be hard to justify taking crazy low percentage shots.  So much so, that Jennings will likely find himself on the bench with Billups, Siva, and Bynum playing on the ball while he watches.  There’s no way he’s going to last if he jacks up bad shots while Monroe is calling for the ball in the post.

    I’m glad to hear him talking about changing his game, because he has players to get the ball to.   He’s a very good pick and roll guy, so if Drummond doesn’t have a post move, at least he can get some high percentage buckets that way.  

  • Aug 6, 20135:04 pm
    by jamesjones_det


    I think we truly need to give this guy a shot.  He really sounds like he wants to be here and give it his all.  It could all be smoke and mirrors but it sounds like he wants to do whatever is needed to win.  A lot of people on this board underestimate Jennings passing abilities, if he can control his shots and play within the office he could be an 8+ assist guy with a sub 2 A/T (I would like sup 1.3 but I’m trying to be realistic).

    • Aug 6, 20135:09 pm
      by jamesjones_det


      err… miss spoke, meant to say with a 2+ A/T with sub 2 TOs a game.

      • Aug 6, 20135:18 pm
        by jamesjones_det


        sub 3, I give up… Please add an edit button :)

        • Aug 7, 20131:28 am
          by Anthony Jordan


          Lol I feel your pain man. I don’t think 8 assist and about 2 T.O. per game is unrealistic at all for Jennings. It may just be blind faith but I agree with you man.

  • Aug 6, 20135:51 pm
    by Holy Crow


    I just don’t believe a word Joe Dumars says anymore and I don’t see why reporters ask those kinds of questions about, you know, when and how did this come about? “Well I was just walking along minding my own when John Hammond, out of the blue calls me up… And I’m definitely done dealing, unless I’m not.” I would have to think that it’d be pretty damned funny to read that shit the next day.

  • Aug 6, 20136:01 pm
    by Otis


    Nobody ever accused me of being an optimist, but my prevailing thoughts are: (1) It will be interesting, and (2) we’ll have options if this doesn’t work. I haven’t been able to say those things about the Pistons in years.
    I still think the most important thing to fall into place is what this team ends up doing with Greg Monroe. I have serious doubts about his ability to play power forward (defense, floor spacing) and now he’s maybe, I dunno, the fourth best passer on the team, at best. I was never the least bit interested in watching him operate out of the high post even when that was somehow one of our better options for initiating the offense, so I’ll be happy to see that experiment end as soon as humanly possible. I don’t see how this team can pay him max money to play out of position along with Smith having to slide out of position, but I basically had the same problem before Smith even got here, so only good can come of this, right? I’d like to think so. Finding a nice landing spot for him should be our top priority unless this team looks pretty damn unstoppable.

  • Aug 6, 20138:10 pm
    by Mike


    Dan, that entire conference was odd.

    • Aug 7, 20131:30 am
      by Anthony Jordan


      Ditto to that. Very odd.

      • Aug 7, 201311:45 pm
        by Dan Feldman


        What did you find odd? I thought that was the most standard — and, not for that exact reason, best — news conference they’ve had this offseason.

  • Aug 7, 20131:34 am
    by Anthony Jordan


    I like the fact , like everybody else stated, that Jennings didn’t get offensive about his weaknesses but actually agreed and told us that he can now work on changing his bad shot selections.

    I also liked how Joe explained that Detroit has almost always made rash decisions and made decisions that were high risk-high reward. That formula has helped us so far. Might as well ride it out till it’s broken. This team actually has potential to be a contender in terms of talent but it could also be a bust because of broken pieces but again, this team has succeded so far in making “crazy” and rash decisions that are always being critiqued. 

    • Aug 7, 20131:09 pm
      by Otis


      Um, they did ride it out till it was broken. Have you been in a coma the last five years? Because the Pistons sure have! The craziest, rashest things he’s ever done were to dump Chauncey and to blow $100 million on two one-dimensional bench players. There was nothing crazy or rash about the way the 04 Championship team was built. And there’s nothing crazy or rash about upgrading your talent without having to give up anything of any real value. I think some people just love patting Joe on the back for some reason. I’m going to go throw up now.

  • Aug 7, 20132:36 am
    by food4thought


    I’m still concerned that this team as constructed will have problems spacing the floor.  We need at least one of the three forward/center positions to be able to stretch out and score reliably from the perimeter… I just don’t see that in Smith/Monroe/Drummond.

    This team will undoubtedly be better, but it still has it’s flaws.  

  • Aug 7, 20132:33 pm
    by hoophabit


    These Pistons aren’t perfect, but what team is?  I agree, it would help if our front line shot just a little better away from the basket.  However, this team should be about getting point blank opportunities for the bigs.  Hopefully, some outside shooting has been added through drafting KCP and signing Datome.  A PG was desperately needed, and Jennings is talented.  He has now talked the talk, pretty quick we’ll know the rest.

    Dumars again had cap flexibility and the approval by ownership to deal.  That wasn’t the case for a while.  Gores expects results, so JD is out there this year.  He make some mistakes, but the death of Bill Davidson has also played a role in why the team has been mired in mediocrity.

    Dumars has been a great Piston, and at the moment wishing him well is the same as wishing the team well.  So, I say go Joe D!     

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