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Austin Daye’s shot with the Raptors and how fans view Charlie Villanueva

I spoke with Zarar Siddiqi of Raptors Republic about Austin Daye, who played for the Pistons as recently as the just-completed season. It seems like so long ago.

Anyway, Daye got a two-year contract from the Raptors, so Zarar and I discussed what Toronto can expect. We also veered off topic to share our thoughts on Charlie Villanueva.


  • Aug 1, 201312:08 pm
    by jamesjones_det


    Daye blows.  Add 30 lbs and get him to stop shooting and maybe he will be serviceable, otherwise his role will be equal to what he did with us and the Griz.

  • Aug 1, 201312:29 pm
    by Derek AKA Redeemed


    I was convinced Daye would be out of the league once his contract expired.  Wow!  The Raptors gave him a shot a bit of a waste but on a bargin basement contract.  Daye hasn’t proven he has the internal fortitude to be a competitive player.

    Seems well suited to go international route or D-League, the NBA game seems to be too big for him.  Maybe he’ll develop as a practice partner for Rudy Gay to workout with.

  • Aug 1, 201312:36 pm
    by Kamal


    I always thought Daye’s problems were strictly mental. Whenever he would start or get extended minutes, he’d do fine because he knew he wasn’t going to get pulled for missing a shot or making a mistake. In summer league he didn’t have to look over his shoulder so he played with more confidence.  Hell, he even made some clutch buckets when his number was called.

    If he’s a solid piece in the rotation, he’ll be fine. If he has to battle anybody for the spot, he’ll be in street clothes. It’s a shame that a son of an NBA player doesn’t thrive in competition. I wish him well. I always liked his skill set.

  • Aug 1, 20133:13 pm
    by Moonchild


    In my humble opinion, Pistons need to offer Stuckey and Charlie V for Jeff Green.  With Green making 8-9 Mil the next couple years that would also leave us some “Greg Monroe” money in the future.  Green in my opinion would also be a great fit for the direction the Pistons are going in considering his age and skill set.  I believe he would greatly assist us in landing a 4-5-6 seed in the East.  He showed a lot signs in regards to breaking out last season (especially in the games KG was hurt and he got some freedom), if hes not in a position where he has to be the top 1 or 2 score, he would be an excellent fit.

    • Aug 1, 20134:55 pm
      by tarsier


      The salaries pretty much match if they send out Stuckey or CV. I don’t know how you’d trade both. I guess it would probably be so the Celtics can also dump Courtney Lee’s contract.

      That trade would blow all the Pistons’ cap space for this coming summer, but I could get on board with it anyway. Another nothing special, could go either way trade that at least makes it look like Dumars really has a plan. 

  • Aug 1, 20134:25 pm
    by Holy Crow


    I’m not sure which is worse: Dan talking about Austin Daye and Chilly Nilla wafer for over 13 minutes, or or me listening to that whole meaningless conversation?

  • Aug 1, 20137:29 pm
    by Ray313


    I hope Daye finally finds his niche.. He is a great shooter, and pretty nice ball handler when his confidence is up…

  • Aug 1, 20139:52 pm
    by tiko


    how did he last 3.5 years on the Pistons?

    • Aug 1, 201310:25 pm
      by Vote for Dumbars


      tiko, easy answer… who else did we have? haha

  • Aug 2, 201312:51 am
    by Reaction


    Unrelated to this but Brandon Jennings announced on his twitter he will be wearing the number 7 next year. Ironically, the same number as Brandon Knight did.
    BRANDON JENNINGS ?@BrandonJennings21m
    I will be wearing #7 next year. Shout Kenny Anderson #Pistons 

  • Aug 2, 20136:21 am
    by Jack56


    So any words on who our new asst. coaches will be? What is this staff looking like?

  • Aug 4, 20135:52 pm
    by Lorenzo


    Not quick enough to play on the perimeter nor strong enough to play on the inside. He had one thing going for him which was his shooting….well it turns out  he is a streaky shooter at best. If I had to wager I can near guarantee that this will be his last NBA contract/year in the league. He might have a chance in Europe where the game is more team oriented and the physical demands are different but he doesn’t have what it takes to play in this league. Good luck to the kid but I don’t know why Toronto even bothered. 

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