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Andre Drummond’s got a crush

Ananth Pandian at Hardwood Paroxysm:

With Drummond being twenty, it makes sense that he would have a crush on teen sitcom star, Jennette McCurdy, from Nickelodeon’s teen sitcom, Sam & Cat. McCurdy was also in another Nickelodeon show, iCarly, which Drummond must have grown up watching and now with his new fame, he began to reach out to her.

If you’re interested in the s’cute Instagrams and Tweets between McCurdy and Andre Drummond, Ananth has it covered in that HP post.

But as for reaction: isn’t that just ‘presh? Over the course of the Twitter Era, very few Pistons have come off being as endearing off the court as Drummond. Heck, most Pistons (sans Charlie Villanueva) barely even utilize social media for the “socializing” aspect anyway, but Drummond has found a way to — for lack of a better term — be a pretty normal teen.

Fans like to see guys on their team show that they aren’t just basketball-playing robots — they’re humans. The thing about Drummond that people sometimes forget is that he’s a kid. He just turned 20 this month. He dunks basketballs off trampolines. The guy can’t even legally buy this McCurdy girl a drink, and he didn’t even have a driver’s license until he arrived in Detroit last year.

Maybe that’s what has also kind of made the rest of the NBA blogosphere kind of fall in love with him, too.  He’s fun, he’s young and he’s massively talented. There’s no reason not to root for Drummond; he’s like a 6-foot-10, 270 pound puppy.

He’s a kid, and that’s something that shouldn’t be forgotten this season if he doesn’t explode into the superstar that some think he will be in 2013. But hey, power to him now — go make Nov. 17 in L.A. your day.


  • Aug 12, 20137:58 pm
    by jprime18


    Good for Dre! He’s slowly passing Moose as my favorite current player

  • Aug 12, 201310:17 pm
    by tarsier


    I’m disappointed. I would have hoped Drummond would not be into things as lame as Nickelodeon. He seems cool. Oh well…

    • Aug 12, 201310:57 pm
      by Brady Fredericksen


      considering iCarly, the show this girl was originally in, was on from 2007-12, it’s not really anything. He was 14.

  • Aug 12, 201310:29 pm
    by Giles


    Really he is 19….it’s not like its the only thing he is into…..just because you watch how I met your mother everyweek…..let the kid be a kid

    • Aug 13, 20135:59 am
      by tarsier


      I don’t actually care what he’s into. I care very little about his personal life in general. Although amusing anecdotes from the lives of Pistons are always welcome. Having a crush on someone you’ve never met is kinda lame. But hey, whatever floats his boat.

      But TV shows for children are a really depressing concept to me. It’s probably just my bias from growing up without a TV, but I think it’s fantastic when parents don’t let kids sit around in front of one. Make them do something worthwhile with their time. Childhood is the one time of life you don’t really need much willpower because you aren’t really in charge of what you do.

      But try not to read too much into my criticism of a channel. I certainly don’t think it objectively wrong to enjoy Nickelodeon. I also don’t actually care if people have different tastes than me in music or food or sports teams they follow or whatever else. But surely it’s not terrible for me to express my opinion that some things are lame, right?

      • Aug 15, 20131:50 pm
        by Turns


        I respect your comment but I think you may be in the minority on this one.  Nothing wrong with having a crush on somebody you never met – just about everybody has at some point in their life.  When I grew up I watched an awful show called “Who’s the Boss?” for one reason and one reason only – Alyssa Milano.  If I was in a position to communicate with her I certainly would have.  Drummond appears to be an extremely nice young man so I’m glad to be hearing stories like this than stories of him getting in trouble.

  • Aug 13, 20131:56 am
    by Caligula


    So what I’m the same age as dre and I think jennette is cute to its nun wrong with him watching nick when he was 14 and having a crush sometimes people need to back up and get it togather basketball isnt the only thing this kid is interested in and it and it never will be but he will be a great player he has his on life to live and so do u and the same goes for johnny football to u guys are bored

  • Aug 13, 20137:02 am
    by Josh


    Could be worse. Dre could’ve had a crush on one of them Kardashians..

  • Aug 13, 20138:03 am
    by just a fan


    Who cares

  • Aug 13, 201310:05 am
    by RyanK


    I know there’s not much to report about the pistons in the middle of August…  Can’t you at least put some thought into something and post an article worth reading?  

    A debate about Piston History and the greatest players of all time…  
    If there are any players on the current roster who will eventually be thought of in the regard of best Pistons of all time…
    A review of all the moves good and bad Joe D has completed…
    Roles each player will likely fill this season

    There really are some basketball things you can do. 

    • Aug 15, 20131:54 pm
      by Turns


      Simply choose not to read it.  I don’t think Brady was trying to trick you into reading anything you didn’t want to.  I don’t mind reading these stories because it’s nice to get the human side of these guys

  • Aug 13, 20131:01 pm
    by sebastian


    Dre, get yourself a real woman, man!

  • Aug 13, 20132:21 pm
    by Nate


    This story is just too cute not to report.

    • Aug 13, 20134:03 pm
      by tarsier


      I like my sports devoid of “cute”.

      • Aug 13, 20134:21 pm
        by tarsier


        especially my enormous, bruising franchise centers

  • Aug 14, 20133:41 am
    by AYC


    Apparently he likes older women.  She’s 21 and he’s 20.

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