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Rasheed Wallace, potential future assistant coach, visiting Pistons

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Rasheed Wallace is in town visiting with the Pistons players, especially the young guys. Nothing official yet

Unofficial Coach Sheed? Love it. Official Coach Sheed? That would be a bit more complicated.


  • Jul 2, 20135:06 pm
    by CNA5


    Too bad Brian Shaw beat him to being the first coach to yell “Ball Don’t Lie” from the bench.  I’m 100% behind seeing that a few times a year.

  • Jul 2, 20135:16 pm
    by Al


    Nice!! Fingers crossed! lol

  • Jul 2, 20135:36 pm
    by RyanK


    Oh boy.  How many technical fouls can we absorb per game and still have a non-playing Sheed worth it?  When Sheed was making allstar teams and one of the top defenders at his position it was still extremely aggravating to have him around.  Now as a coach do you think he’s going to sit there quietly when he sees a call he doesn’t like?  

    Sheed usually went off when calls went against him directly, so perhaps he would be able to keep it under control when it happens to someone else.  

    • Jul 2, 20137:30 pm
      by tarsier


      If he causes problems, they could always not let him attend the games. But I love the idea of Sheed coaching.

      • Jul 3, 20137:34 am
        by RyanK


        Yeah, ban Sheed from the games…that will go over well.

  • Jul 2, 20135:41 pm
    by Joey


    They should do it. Can help moose I prove his jump shot

  • Jul 2, 20137:49 pm
    by Susie


    Hurry up Sheed, can’t wait until its official!!!

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