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Pistons to hire Rasheed Wallace as assistant coach

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

It hasn’t been announced, but former Piston Rasheed Wallace will join the Pistons’ coaching staff this season.

Wallace strolled into the Amway Center wearing a polo shirt with the Pistons’ team logo on Monday

You can read my thoughts at ProBasketballTalk.


  • Jul 8, 20134:03 pm
    by Tiko


    Nice! Now it’s time to bring Chauncey back 

  • Jul 8, 20134:06 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    Who read this?

    Brandon Knight: I’m best man for Pistons’ point guard job


    I agree with him! What do you guys think?

  • Jul 8, 20134:19 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    Who read this?

    Brandon Knight: I’m best man for Pistons’ point guard job

    I agree with him! What do you guys think? 

    • Jul 8, 20135:28 pm
      by oats


      Of course he thinks that. I think he’s wrong though. I’d say the team should at least get someone who can compete with him for the starting job. Let him earn it. If he doesn’t beat out someone like Mo Williams or Beno Udrih then he clearly shouldn’t be starting anyways.

  • Jul 8, 20134:22 pm
    by EMan



    That’s worth a couple of tickets to the Palace for me right there. 

  • Jul 8, 20134:26 pm
    by MoMoCheeks


    Nice addition. Not a bad coaching staff at least. Now let’s see what Mo does with it.

  • Jul 8, 20134:35 pm
    by Kobina


    Excellent Addition.  Andre and Greg will work with Hakeem over the summer but having Rasheed there every day will be the real difference maker.  People underestimate what a great mind he has for the game and helping Andre get a go-to post move will be right in his wheelhouse.  Love it.

    BALL DON’T LIE!!! 

  • Jul 8, 20135:03 pm
    by CityofKlompton


    All I have to say is the NBA better let him wear sweat pants on the bench…

  • Jul 8, 20135:30 pm
    by tarsier


    I have no idea how he’ll do as a coach. but he was one of my favorite players. I am excited to see him back in Detroit.

  • Jul 8, 20135:54 pm
    by mike


    The best young frontcourt in the league just got the best young big man coach in the league. 

    If I could’ve chosen 1 person to coach this frontcourt it would be Sheed. What a perfect fit. He’s going to make all 3, Dre, Moose, and Smith all better players.

  • Jul 8, 20135:58 pm
    by frankie d


    great move.
    sheed was always one of the smartest players in the league.
    his knowledge of how to play offensively as a big is about as good as any players’.
    my guess is that he’ll be able to teach others some of what he knows, which will be great for monroe and drummond and smith.
    he’ll also play an effective “bad cop” to mo cheeks’ “good cop” personality.  i’m sure he won’t hesitate to say anything to any player at any time.  
    every coaching staff needs a guy like that. 

  • Jul 8, 20136:24 pm
    by Jason


    Now we need to get Big Ben back as our athletic trainer, could you imagine our bigs learning from the Wallaces we all know and love? I mean I can’t imagine Big Ben would want to play for sheed, though it makes for a funny thought. 

  • Jul 8, 20138:50 pm
    by RLGivens


    I still can’t believe he didn’t get out on Horry on that inbound play.

  • Jul 8, 201310:32 pm
    by danny


    Ahhhhhh NBA just got so much better.  He will be the voice that lights a fire under the team and on occasions, get a tech here and there.  Welcome back!  One of my favorite players with a vast knowledge of playing with any style.  He can play in thehalf court or on the break and his style of play is how the nba has evolved into it’s current style. 

  • Jul 10, 20131:57 am
    by FutureMogul


    PG: W. Bynum 22mins/ B. Knight 13mins/ Billups 13mins 
    SG: Rudy Gay 23mins/ KCP 12mins/ B.Knight 10mins/ Luigi Datome 3mins 
    SF: J.Smith 25mins/ Rudy Gay 8mins/ Luigi Datome 12mins/ KCP 3mins 
    PF: G.Monroe 25mins/ J.Smith 10mins/ J.Maxiel 13mins 
    C: Drummond 28mins/ G.Monroe 12mins/ Jerebko 8mins 
    Pistons still have even more qualified bench contributors that didnt even make this list: 
    LAST SEASON K.Singler avg 28mins, K.Middleton avg 17mins, C. Maggette avg 14min. Roster competion is at an all-time high for Pistons as Maxiel avg 25mins, Jerbko avg 18min Last Year
    Expect Drummond, Datome and KCP minutes to increase as season goes on.
    Main/ 3pt TriggerMen: Billups, Datome, Knight
    Pistons stills wont be good 3pt team, but will have many Free Throws & Dunks & Rebounds
    In 2-3 years pistons will either be East Title contending or a team with a lot of Young Assets & Cap Space

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