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Pistons signing Will Bynum rated as one of NBA’s worst offseason moves

Kevin Pelton of ESPN rated the offseason’s worst moves, and the Pistons signing Will Bynum made the list:

Will Bynum to Detroit Pistons (2 years, $5.8 million)

It’s hard to complain about a contract this small. The issue isn’t so much the money or Bynum, a useful reserve the past few seasons in Detroit, as it is the roster crunch it created. When the Pistons subsequently signed Chauncey Billups, it created a logjam in the backcourt and put Detroit’s roster at 16 players, including second-round pick Tony Mitchell.

The Pistons waived 2012 second-round pick Kim English Thursday before his contract became guaranteed. Detroit also will have to hope this year’s other second-round pick, Louisville guard Peyton Siva, agrees to play overseas in order to maintain his rights.

I believe Pelton has a point, but I also believe Bynum’s inclusion speaks to how well teams have collectively done this offseason. There just haven’t been as many overly burdensome contracts as usual.

Want to piddle about Bynum pushing out Peyton Siva? OK. There are points on both sides – Siva has more upside, and Bynum’s desire is hopefully infectious – but this speaks to the Pistons’ win-now approach.

Tom Gores wants a team that wins now, and he’s directed Dumars to build one. That’s no easy task, but Bynum probably advances the cause, and in that regard, it’s hard to call this a bad signing.


  • Jul 19, 20138:24 am
    by RL


    Also, Joe D probably sign Bynum as a backup plan if Billups decided not to sign back with the Pistons this season. If Joe D was unable to sign both, we would’ve probably been stuck with two inexperienced points guards (Knight and Siva). 

  • Jul 19, 20138:30 am
    by RyanK


    I don’t know that Bynum advances a win now strategy.   Bynum dominating the ball down the stretch of close games has hurt us a lot more than helped.  Every now and then he pulls it out, but overall he harms the chances of winning.  The coach needs to yank him if he’s not running plays and trying to get more effective scoring options involved.

    This isn’t a huge contract.  I didn’t hear the second year was a team option…two years guaranteed is a mistake.  It’s a deal that can be traded though, so hopefully Joe will turn it into something in the next 1.5 years.

    • Jul 19, 20138:47 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      When we signed Billups…I was confused…

      all I can asumme that makes sense is that Bynum is a insurance policy for Billups…he’s not a young, 36, he has played in the NBA for 16 years, injurt prone in the last 2 seasons…

      Its nothing against Bynum but I’d rather keep Siva,,,,for the long run…I could be wrong and its a long shot..but he just seems to have that “IT” factor…

      • Jul 19, 20139:54 am
        by Who Is Us


        I would guess that with Billups size and ability to play SG as well as PG, perhaps Joe D is planning to use Billups as the primary alternative to Pope at that position. As of right now the only other options as Singler (please no) or Middleton (who hasnt played there professionally) and both could be defensive liabilities there. Right now it makes the most sense to have Billups either start the season as the starting SG and let Pope work his way in, or be the first guard off the bench for Pope.
        It makes more sense to give Billups the bulk of the SG mins not played by Pope than to Knight. Billups is an inch or so taller, much stronger, and much more dificult to post up than knight; Billups is also the better shooter, and has more experience playing off the ball. This would also Maximize the amount of time Billups shared the floor with Knight. if Knight continues to struggle this would take some pressure off of him by allowing Billups to sometimes be the primary ball handler, allow them to take advantage of any mismatches on the floor, and put their two best proven NBA 3pt shooters on the floor at the same time.
        That would also reduce the number of mins Billups can play at PG thus leaving additional mins available behind Knight and Billups at PG for Bynum. Plus between the two of them Knight and Billups missed right around 80 games last season, so injuries are not an insignificant concern.

        • Jul 19, 20134:28 pm
          by Huddy


          I’m no Stuckey fan, but he is still on the team.  I doubt management sees Billups as the only option behind KCP.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Stuckey is still an option to start over KCP.  Personally I hope KCP does (and is ready to) start, but there is no way Dumars is completely pushing Stuckey out of the line up.

  • Jul 19, 20138:41 am
    by labatts


    I think Siva overseas might be the best thing for him right now anyway, if he would agree to it.  He would at least see the floor.

    • Jul 19, 20139:56 am
      by RyanK


      Either that or they will unload Stuckey and CV for a single player in return, creating a roster space for Siva.  He looked good in summer league…maybe Joe pulled a couple of first round talents out of the second round with Mitchell and Siva.  Time will tell.

  • Jul 19, 20139:30 am
    by David


    looking at all these sites, its like every move the Pistons made is a bad move. I bet if the Lakers made the same moves they’d be ready to crown them champs.

    • Jul 19, 201310:18 am
      by Samuel Small


      Oh my god David, thank you. I thought I was the only one. And these are Pistons fans. Next we are going to be blamed for the city filing for bankruptcy. They wanna trade Monroe for either Couins or Rando, both head cases. Yet, no one is thinking if Andre’s back goes out again or any other injury, we have no center. If you watch the games, Drummond was doing some of his best stuff with Bynum on the floor. And for a good stretch of games lat year, he led the bench that rallied us to some wins. 

  • Jul 19, 20139:44 am
    by Corey


    The theory is probably that Siva going overseas would mean much more opportunity to play and grow. Then they bring him back in 1-2 years and he’s genuinely ready to contribute.

  • Jul 19, 20139:49 am
    by Sergio Fried Chicken


     not a fan of hot dog willy he can play but i hate his game more than anybody on the team.  

  • Jul 19, 20139:54 am
    by deusXango


    If Peyton Siva is expected to go overseas, so that the Pistons can maintain his rights, as a reward for his efforts to make this team, that’s a big slap in the face. This is not the same as Singler being locked out, so that bias reasoning is tired, and shouldn’t be thrown in his face. If Joe D doesn’t make room for him, there will be NBA suitors, so this young man can get on with his career, and he won’t just ride the pine!

    In two years, when both Chauncey and Bynum are out of basketball, should Siva blowup as a PG, this will be another black mark on Joe D’s decision making as a GM.  

    • Jul 19, 201311:03 am
      by Who Is Us


      As much as I like Siva, and hope to see him in a Pistons uniform in the future, you are wrong. Siva going overseas and getting big mins (ala Singler) would be better than getting 10mins a game at most in Detroit. Like him or not Bynum is a proven NBA PG and Siva, although promising is still the 5th to last pick of the draft, hardly the draft range of future all stars, much less starters.
      Ultimately,if Siva is lost to anothe team and in 2-4 years he becomes a starter, nobody is going to think poorly of the Pistons for keeping two proven NBA vets and a 1st Rd pick at PG over the 56th pick of the draft. guys drafted that late are considered long shots at best to make the roster of an NBA team, much less considered to be future starter or stars. as the 56th o pick, basically every team passed on Siva twise in the draft, the Pistons at least drafted him. but to let him go, and see him succeed with another team would not be a black mark against the Pistons at all.
      Consider this; Only 2 teams will start non-first round picks at PG this season. the first is Jose Calderon who was undrafted and came over as a Euro All Star. The other is Jeremy Lin. Will Siva be the next Jeremy Lin? Odds are hugely against it.

      • Jul 20, 20135:17 pm
        by Quin


        Actually, that’s exactly what I expect of Siva: The next Jeremy Lin. He can drive inside well, can run the offense pretty well, and his shot is a work in progress. So yeah.

    • Jul 19, 201311:47 am
      by Who Is Us


      To further illustrate the point, (assuming Jennings resigns with the Bucks) 26 of the 30 teams in the NBA have AT LEAST one 1st Rd. pick as a primary back-up at PG. Of those 4 teams, 2 have 2nd Rd. picks taken in the first 12 picks of that round.  One is the Twolves who have Barrea & Schved, FAs who were Euro stars. And the other is the Bobcats, who are, well, the Bobcats!!

  • Jul 19, 201310:05 am
    by Who Is Us


    The biggest issue I have with the signing of Bynum and the fact that the cost of doing so either causing the Pistons to lose Siva or have him play overseas is defense. Like Calderon, Bynum is a poor defender, pluss he’s only about 5’10″ 5’11″ legitimately. Both Siva and Bynum have traditional PG skills in ball distribution and running the pick-and-roll, they also both lack consistent 3pt shooting. Bynum is the more explosive scorer is Bynum, and he is probably more equiped to help the Pistons more this season than Siva. But the 6’1″ Siva is by far a superior defender and will be less likely to forget that he is a pass first PG and dominate the ball late in games the way that Bynum does.
    Ultimately, a year of actually playing big mins overseas might be the best thing for Siva’s development (ala Singler) and the Pistons since Bynum is the more likely win now contributor. But viewing the long game, I see Siva being on the roster in the future much more than Bynum.

    • Jul 19, 20134:39 pm
      by Huddy


      I’m not sure how much better Siva really will be at defense.  He is 6’1″ in shoes and 5’11″ without…in other words the same as Trey Burke who was showered in criticism because of that height (even though Burke had a longer wingspan).  He is quicker, but if the only difference is quickness I can’t see him being way better than Bynum since he faces the same challenges against bigger guards anyway.  I also put less stock  in his steals because of the system he played in.  The NBA does not allow the kind of mugging that college does not to mention he won’t be running a trap for entire games in the NBA.  Watching Louisville play D I constantly think about how quickly NBA refs would whistle their reaching in as soon as ball handlers pass half court (especially if its a higher profile player that gets even more soft calls).  I think Siva will gets some strips jumping lanes, but probably not enough to make up for his struggles against bigger guards and complete lack of offense.

    • Jul 19, 20136:04 pm
      by Ray313


      Bynum has monster defense… People could barely get the ball across half court..

  • Jul 19, 201310:08 am
    by Einstein


    Kevin Pelton obviously doesn’t know much about basketball if he considers Will Bynum’s deal at 2 years and under 6 million one of the NBA’s worst off-season signings. He must not realize O.J. Mayo is getting 8 million a year, Zaza P is getting 5 million a year, and Al Jefferson is getting almost 14 million a year…

    Sergio – to counter you, I love his game. He’s fearless penetrating to the hoop and still has a quick enough first step to get by most defenders. His patented lob w/ Dre is a thing of beauty and should continue will Josh Smith and Tony Mitchell. Detroit could be the new lob city w/ Bynum on the court. 

    • Jul 20, 20131:36 am
      by Dan Feldman


      “He must not realize O.J. Mayo is getting 8 million a year, Zaza P is getting 5 million a year, and Al Jefferson is getting almost 14 million a year.”

      You must not realize two of those three signings are also included on his unordered list.

      • Jul 20, 201311:38 am
        by tarsier


        I haven’t read the list, but I gotta assume that Mayo is the one not on it. He has been talked about a lot at 8 figures annually.

        I would have been happy to roll the dice on Mayo for $8M/yr. 

        • Jul 21, 20131:39 pm
          by Max


          I can’t believe you think Mayo is worth 8 and that Monta Ellis isn’t worth 5.    

  • Jul 19, 201310:10 am
    by Einstein


    @ Who is us. Bynum is a much better defender than Calderon. “Poor” is a very inaccurate term, he’s a ball-hawk.

    • Jul 19, 201311:58 am
      by Who Is Us


      He also gambles a lot and gets burned allowing his man to score or wreck the defense and dish for an assist. He also gets abused in the post because of his height and lack of bulk. Now I know there ar traffic cones that play better D than Calderon and Bynum is not that bad, but it can be pretty easily argued that if all 4 PGs were on the roster that Bynum would be the worst defender, with Siva and Knight duking it out for the title of best defender.

  • Jul 19, 201310:13 am
    by Steve


    Siva doesn’t attack the basket as well as Siva does. I’m fine with this move – if we didn’t get Chauncey we’d have Knight and Stuckey again, so no problems here. Frankly, I think Stuckey will get traded.

  • Jul 19, 201310:26 am
    by stuckeyandwhoever


    Not in love with the signing just because the potential of Siva, he can run a offense and have a low turnover rate.  But until he gets time in the regular season that can be up for debate.  Pistons could of took a chance on someone else for less because I don’t know where his time will come as of now.

  • Jul 19, 201311:32 am
    by Nick


    Bynum, as far as defense, always seems to have key steals that ignite the offense and momentum of the game.

  • Jul 19, 20131:57 pm
    by Otis


    If Bynum was signed after Billups instead of before, I might agree (even though I’m a big Bynum fan). But no matter how you slice it, this isn’t a bad contract. Love him or hate him, Bynum has experience running the team. Chauncey is an old man coming back from a lower body injury, and nobody else on the roster has any sort of track record at PG. At least Bynum has led the team to victories, been the best player on the floor, racked up 20 assists, etc. As an insurance policy, you could do a hell of a lot worse than this.
    Also, Bynum is tough as nails and a hard worker. His attitude is always excellent. And literally the only two players on the roster who have EVER displayed any real chemistry together are Bynum and Drummond. Why break that up right now? If we had to match some significant contract (like 4 years $16 mil or something) I’d probably call it a bad move.

  • Jul 19, 20134:47 pm
    by MrCarter


    bulls–t!!! Its a great move because now it allows us to use skunkey/flunkey/suckey as trade bait with his expiring contract. Maybe package it with, say, Singler(since we just got Datome) to a team for an extra back up center like to Phoenix for Gortat or to Cleveland for Varejao. Bynum will be a great backup for Knight as Billups helps mentor him into a better point gaurd. Definitely a good move, with or without Billups.

  • Jul 19, 20135:52 pm
    by card family


    To Draft a young player and not give him the shot at making the team is a slapped in the face, as for the move Joe has done so far are poor Billups is old and injure prone and he want make it the hold season and then you have bynum and stucky you should trade one of them. and sing Siva.

    • Jul 19, 20136:06 pm
      by Huddy


      Do you follow the NBA?  Most late second rounders get “a slapped in the face” some how

  • Jul 19, 201310:53 pm
    by cpdkman


    Pistons are keeping Siva under the radar and will make further moves to keep him.  HIs upside is huge.  When Tony Parker was rookie, he couldn’t shoot and his defense was suspect.   Siva can shoot if he is given confidence from coach to be a scoring threat point guard, which is the best kind of point guard.  Siva can already defend, steal, pass (extremely well), handle, drive (but needs to work on his finish/foul draw).  With Pitino at Louisville, his role was not to shoot, and Pitino is strict about roles.  In high school, he shot the lights out, confidently, and just needs to regain that confidence from an NBA coach who helps him grow, like POP did for Parker.

  • Jul 20, 201310:03 am
    by Corey


    I think the Bynum signing is insurance. They want to trade Stuckey. They want to make the playoffs. This way they can trade Stuckey and still have 3 point guards (Billups Bynum Brandon) so that if thearris an injury or something they still have 2. And the roster is still not guard-heavy. The 3B’s plus Stuckey, KCP- that is only 5. If they had Bynum instead of Siva, they would only have THREE guards who had ever played in the nba, and one would be 37 years old and hasn’t finished a season in 2 years, one would be a head case they are trying to trade, and one a 3rd year guard who has proven he’s an nba player, but not that he’s a quality starter at either guard position. 

    So if not Bynum, they’d have been signing another journeyman veteran guard for insurance anyway. If it’s playoffs or bust this year, Bynum is worth having as guard insurance. 

  • Jul 21, 201312:28 pm
    by Ghost of Grant Hill


    I just hope this move means there’s a trade imminent. Too many pg’s, not enough competent shooters @ the 2 & 3.

  • Jul 21, 20133:32 pm
    by PistonHonda


    This is a great move if Bynum is used effectively. Id have liked Peyton Siva to have stuck around, but he could be brought back in the event of a trade- which could happen without notice. Bynum is here incase Chauncey GETS HURT- Dont kid yourselves. He hasnt finished a season injury free in at least 7-8 years. 
    Check out Luigi Datome- Walter Herrmann meets Kevin Durant lol 

  • Jan 24, 201411:23 pm
    by coupon code iherb


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