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Pistons reportedly not that interested in J.R. Smith

Marc Berman of the New York Post:

The under-the-cap Pistons have been mentioned as a potential big suitor for J.R. Smith, but a league source said Detroit’s interest isn’t strong.

I’m convinced the Pistons’ interest in J.R. Smith wouldn’t pick up until Josh Smith and Andre Iguodala are committed elsewhere. The question is, what happens then? Do the Pistons throw money at J.R. Smith, or do they sign players to one-year contracts and maintain flexibility into next summer?


  • Jul 2, 20133:54 pm
    by Gareth Masters


    Two answers to that question – one is what SHOULD happen, the other is WHAT will happen.

  • Jul 2, 20133:55 pm
    by Mike


    I’m starting to think all these 2 guards Detroit is supposedly interested in have had their agents out there pushing this stuff based on the idea before the draft that Detroit would take a PG and/or Stuckey would be waived. Evans is the only 2 they’ve actually met and have confirmed contact with as far as I can tell, and Evans is big enough to possibly be a target at the 3.

  • Jul 2, 20134:02 pm
    by Omar


    I think the freeagency stuff is a smoke screen. They should be able to avoid getting either of those because they dont fit well. They can wait for the Howard signing because some contender is going to be willing to trade away good players in order to clear some space …. 

  • Jul 2, 20134:11 pm
    by tarsier


    I wouldn’t touch him for over $5M/yr.

    • Jul 2, 20134:31 pm
      by Jeremy


      I’d probably touch him for about $6 – 7M/yr., but it all depends on who else is on this team. If they can re-sign Calderon or make a move for someone like Rondo, hell yeah I would bring Smith on if the deal was in the $6 – 7M/yr. range. The guy is a lights out shooter and all he would have to do is find a spot to catch and shoot when playing with a pass first PG like Rondo or Calderon.

      • Jul 2, 20134:46 pm
        by tarsier


        Last Season: 42/35/76
        Career: 42/37/74

        A decent shooter, sure. But not exactly lights out.

  • Jul 2, 20134:45 pm
    by Filo Putz


    I’ve seen you make this comment about signing guys to one year deals several times. I think that is totally unrealistic. I would like to see some examples of players signing one year deals in the past. It isn’t that teams wouldn’t like to do it but name players who would  take the risk playing on a one year deal hoping to improve their value. Also, their agents prefer more years because that means more money to them. If their guy signs one year and improves the agent is at risk his player bolts to another agent.  

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