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Pistons release summer league roster

The Pistons released their summer league roster:

It’s an extreme longshot anyone besides the Pistons under contract (Drummond, English, Kravtsov, Middleton and Singler) or their draft picks (Caldwell-Pope, Mitchell and Siva) make the regular season roster, but I always liked JaJuan Johnson. He has good shot-blocking skills, and he can make a jumper. That’s an intriguing combination.


  • Jul 3, 20135:27 pm
    by Javell


    I cant wait to see kcp siva and drummond dominate! Espiciallyy drummond! Hes our best player he shouldnt even be in summer league.. But he is my favorite player behind derrick rose! Thats how exciting he is!

    • Jul 3, 20136:44 pm
      by Keith


      I’m glad Drummond is playing. Forget the extra time it gives coaches to work with him in game-like settings, it will just be great to see him play. I’ll be honest, I won’t be tuning in for games next season to see Brandon Knight flail around looking for a position. I won’t be tuning in for KCP’s rookie mistakes or the inexplicable starts of Rodney Stuckey. I won’t be tuning in to see if Kyle Singler manages to maintain is torrid rotation-player form.
      I like Monroe, and I love when he really puts his mark on games, but he’s also kind of boring to watch. He always looks like he’s jogging in mud, no spectacular blocks or dunks, and a very workmanlike 8-11 boards. That’s wonderful, but not exactly jump out of my seat excitement.
      Drummond is pure excitement. He’s the unadulterated version of what I wish I could be on a basketball court. He’s always jumping higher than everybody else, destroying rims, and seemingly coming from out of nowhere to do something incredible. Summer league may not be the best place for him to shine (too many guards trying to get theirs and show off their games), but I can be sure at least once a game he’s going to do something awesome that no one else in the gym can even touch.

      • Jul 3, 20136:50 pm
        by MoMoCheeks


        I’m personally confused as to why we are playing him in the Summer League. His talent level is way above these guys & it’s just not worth the risk of Injury, you’ve seen the reckless way he crashes the boards.
        Any work the coaches need to do with him, for me, should be done in the Gym. It’s not like our Title chances depend on how he’s going to play this season.
        Uneeded risk for me.  

        • Jul 3, 201310:19 pm
          by gmehl


          Did you ever stop to think that maybe Drummond wants to play in the summer league to better himself. Yes he is better than most guys out there but if he is not playing in the SL he will be scrimmaging against some other guys. We also need to remember that he is still only 19-20 years old and still has a lot to work on. Yeah the blocks and dunks are awesome but if he can show in SL that he now has a reliable baby hook to go to then just imagine how all us piston fans will be for the upcoming season. Remember he was supposedly supposed to be working out with Hakeem which I am not sure has happened yet but if he has who know what he has to show us all in SL. Guys like Drummond should never be out of action too long cause it will be harder to maintain his conditioning. Just some things there to think about.

          • Jul 3, 201310:22 pm
            by gmehl

            Ha ha did I just write supposedly supposed… my bad :-)

        • Jul 3, 201310:28 pm
          by Keith


          Understandable, but I can see why the coaches wouldn’t pass up a chance to work with him. Despite his incredible talent, we are still talking about a very raw player with notable areas needing work. For all we know, the coaches could put him out there just to draw fouls and shoot free throws in a game setting. I’m hoping they are working on that with him every day.
          There is a chance for injury even in practices, and it’s often when a player ISN’T trying his hardest that injuries occur (due to lack of preparation, lack of discipline, or just lazy movements). I’m not saying there isn’t a risk, there is. But I think it’s odd to think he wouldn’t be working just as hard in the gym if he wasn’t on the court.

        • Jul 7, 201311:04 pm
          by koz


          Hey momo maybe they’ll put some bubble-wrap around drummond next game if that’ll make you feel any better

  • Jul 3, 20135:34 pm
    by frankie d


    Jujuan johnson might be a very nice prospect.  A sleeper.

  • Jul 3, 20135:59 pm
    by MongoSlade86


    If we can’t pick up a free agent we might be using one of them. I think we have to make to the playoffs and win two games in a series to lure a good free agent.

  • Jul 3, 20136:04 pm
    by labatts


    Korie Lucious, huh?  

  • Jul 3, 20137:03 pm
    by Trent


    JaJuan is an upgrade from Max and Slava. Not unlike Brandon Wright. Would be a signing.

    what are people’s thoughts on BK going to the summer league? Give him a chance to work with Mo and run some time at pg? 

    Where are we at in regards to a backup PG btw? 


  • Jul 3, 20139:25 pm
    by Brodee G.


    Korie Lucious is a very intriguing combo guard even though we don’t really need more haha

  • Jul 4, 201311:36 am
    by MrShourite


    I for one am kind of surprised that Knight isn’t going to participate in the SL. If that’s the case then Singler, nor Drummobad should be participating. Singler, because you already know what you have for the most part. And Drummond is by far the superior talent that would be on the court. With that being said I’ll be tuning in to check out our young fellas. 

  • Jul 5, 20132:11 pm
    by MIke B


    You guys are dreaming about JJ (Jujuan), he’s soft as Charmine bath tissue. 
    Was the #1 pick in the developmental league by the Fort Wayne Fury and he was traded after 10-15 games after shooting lots of outside jumpers and having very little defensive presence. He’s a very good shot blocker coming over to help, not much man on man. 

  • Jul 5, 20138:40 pm
    by jeff m


    Whats the best place to watch the summer league games?. I was going to install the summer league app on my phone, but it will not install for some reason.

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