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Pistons offer Rodney Stuckey and Charlie Villanueva to Raptors for Rudy Gay

Marc Stein of ESPN:

My man @WindhorstESPN reporting that Pistons have offered expiring deals of Rodney Stuckey and Charlie Villanueva to Toronto for Rudy Gay

You can read my thoughts at ProBasketballTalk, but there might be more outrage coming here, too.


  • Jul 3, 20139:03 am
    by D Nasty


    And I HATE FRANK is dead on.   Rudy gay would be ranked third after cp and Dwight this year.  Saying he would be behind iguadala or josh smith milsap al Jefferson???   Yeah right. 

    • Jul 3, 201311:11 am
      by tarsier


      If that were the case, Memphis could have received a lot more in return for Gay. And his value only sank after the trade when Toronto only improved slightly and Memphis improved slightly too.

      • Jul 3, 201312:58 pm
        by I HATE FRANK


        Luxury Tax forced memphis hand… and not alot of teams were in position to take on his contract…

        • Jul 3, 20131:13 pm
          by tarsier


          Wrong, they had already dealt Speights, Ellington, and Selby to the Cavs to get under the tax.

          Remember, the story line of that deal was pretty much “The Grizz gave up a first round pick so they won’t have to trade Gay in order to avoid the tax hit after all”.

        • Jul 3, 20132:06 pm
          by Crispus


          And Lionel Hollins was pissed.

  • Jul 3, 20139:11 am
    by Black_Magic


    we essentially wont have to pay him this yr because his salary would cancel out with Charlies and stuckeys. 19 mil the year after. But pay the guy for one year, why not? We’ll still have all our cap room for this season, we can sign 3-4 good role players

  • Jul 3, 20139:12 am
    by Pimp Zombie


    This trade would be cute if not for one thing: Max Cap room in Toronto is just about as useless as Max Cap room in DET….neither is a free agent destination…but then again, it does allow TOR to prey on cap-strapped teams in the same manner DET is trying to do now….

    • Jul 3, 201310:00 am
      by Jon


      and it makes them far worse which is what i want if i’m going after wiggins

  • Jul 3, 20139:14 am
    by bred30


    only if rondo could shoot but since he can’t shoot we dont want him we need someone to bring leadership to the team and we also need a SF i like rudy but it seems like when players come to detroit they fall of jus think of the season charlie v had in toronto before coming to detroit and remember the season ben gordon had before coming to detroit it seems like everytime detroit signs a player the fall off as soon as they get there

    • Jul 3, 201311:07 am
      by Worm


      Good lord dude, have you ever heard of sentence structure? Maybe throw a period or two in there from time to time.

    • Jul 3, 201311:13 am
      by tarsier


      Also, CV was in Milwaukee before Detroit. And it was the only good season of his career. And it was a contract year. I’m not going to put his regression on Detroit’s hands.

  • Jul 3, 20139:17 am
    by 1298ty


    Are you seriously suggesting that Joe Dumars travel back in time three days to clear valuable expiring contracts for a weak FA class?
    I swear Dan Feldman will complain about anything, from passing on Trey Burke to Andre Drummond’s sunglasses.

    • Jul 3, 201311:19 am
      by tarsier


      Expiring contracts ARE NOT VALUABLE!!

      They are not assets. One can get assets by swapping them for bad contracts. But that’s because one is taking a bad contract, not because one is giving away an expiring deal.

      You know what’s even better than trading a bad contract for an expiring one? Trading it for nothing at all. It saves even more money.

      Dumars didn’t make the BG trade because he wanted Maggette’s contract. he did it because he didn’t want Gordon’s. This is such a simple concept.

      If expiring contracts were so valuable, you’d see a lot more one year contracts because GMs would be willing to overpay FAs to convince them to sign. 

  • Jul 3, 20139:24 am
    by Kaneda


    a ton of bitching and moaning. the one player, imo, that really would fit at SF next year with the team we are building is Granger, but there is no way in hell Indiana would take back CV and Stuckey contracts after resigning West. Also Granger’s injury may hinder the remainder of his playing career, not allowing him to bounce back to the level he used to play at. So I’d say I’m all in for Gay.

  • Jul 3, 201310:26 am
    by Derek


    Athletic three capable of guarding multiple positions
    Can score
    Can handle the ball
    Can provide help side with Drummond D when Moose gets beat by his man   
    Definite upgrade over what we’ve had over the years
    Also puts us in a position of ridding ourselves of Stuckey and Charlie
    And we would still have $ to sign another player or 2
    Get it done Joe!

  • Jul 3, 201310:46 am
    by Matt


    Vince Carter had it and bounced back alright. Granger is a better issue for Arnie Kander, if he says Granger is fine I’d try it. It’s only a 1 year deal, I think, so if he isn’t very good we still have flexibility. I’d take either him or Gay. Granger more if he’s healthy, Rudy Gay I’d love to have if he isn’t. Thing is if we make ourselves good this offseason with Dragic, Iggy, and Granger (hypothetical insert whoever you want) we’ll already have 5 starters and KCP so what do we need 18 million for. We’re not getting that draft pick back we’re too good. Too many tanking teams for us to be 8th worse now and we’ll have almost 6 million with the MLE. Waiting another year is just another wasted year when we have a good opportunity now.

  • Jul 3, 201310:53 am
    by Corey


    I don’t want Gay. He’s horribly inefficient. Memphis just traded him away for our unwanted SF because he can’t play effectively with two close-to-the-basket big men.  If he can’t be useful next to Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph, what makes anyone think he can play next to Drummond and Monroe? Marc Gasol has much better shooting range than either Monroe or Drummond, and it still didn’t work.

    We do NOT need a low-efficiency SF who can’t shoot 3′s to take a lot of mid-range shots while crowding the paint even further. Suppose we got Gay AND Rondo – then our starting lineup would have 4 guys who can’t shoot a 3 to save their lives in the starting lineup.

    We need 3 POINT SHOOTERS to put on the floor with Monroe and Drummond.  Getting a bunch of people who can’t shoot 3′s to put on the floor means we HAVE to get rid of Monroe, or that we’re engaged in a very subtle tanking strategy.  If we’re gonna tank, we can do it without taking on multi-year salaries. We can just keep Stuckey and start him at SG for one more year, while KCP “learns” the position. 

    And it sounds like the league will have at least 8 teams tanking next year, so that’ll be fun to watch. Perhaps if we get a season where 1/3 of the teams are trying to lose, the resulting product on the court will be so broken that the NBA will then finally change the incentives to fail.

  • Jul 3, 201311:17 am
    by jacob


    Let’s get GAY. Haha I love this. Who wants to get GAY with me?

  • Jul 3, 201311:39 am
    by Hook shot


    The problem is there are not a lot of quality role players left. I think we should get gay and make a run to get Rondo. I’d also see how much Teague would want. He is a better defender than Calderon. 

  • Jul 3, 201312:17 pm
    by Worm


    Ryan Wolstat @WolstatSun

    As I speculated earlier, told Raptors immediately said good job, good effort to low-ball Gay offer from Det No plans to move him for nothing
    Looks like Toronto isn’t biting. Dumars better not offer any real assets to get Gay. Stuckey and CV fine, but no one with any real value.

  • Jul 3, 201312:18 pm
    by oats


    Detroit should get a first round pick out of this deal. This is basically the BG and Maggette deal in reverse. Toronto gets out of a terrible deal a year early, so Detroit should get paid for taking on that awful deal. I know some people will argue that Gay is better than BG. Gay is worth at most $10 million and will be making $19 million next year. Honestly, I’m only giving him up to $10 million in the hopes that he shoots the ball better now that he’s had surgery on his eyes. Ben Gordon is worth about $4 million and will be making $13 million next year. Plus Stuckey is way more useful as a basketball player than Maggette was. Heck, CV is more useful than Maggette. Detroit should get some compensation if they voluntarily take on that awful contract.

    • Jul 3, 20131:21 pm
      by zdh


      under no circumstances would toronto GIVE a first round pick to detroit for CV and Stuckey.

      • Jul 3, 20133:24 pm
        by oats


        Then don’t do the trade. Well, I might do it for a few 2nd round picks instead of a first. Detroit should get something for taking on the contract, and if Toronto won’t do it then walk away. I think Toronto won’t be interested in giving Detroit something, and if that is the case then this trade idea should just die.

  • Jul 3, 20131:42 pm
    by Clark


    I’d take Gay, buy would also be ok with Jarret Jack and Korver on 2-3 year deals. And let the young guys play and develop. 

  • Jul 3, 20133:25 pm
    by Lorenzo


    I swear some people would turn down LeBron if he was ever miraculously made available to us. Gay would be a great fit if Toronto bit on the offer….which all indications suggest they are not. I’m guessing they would need expiring contracts plus some piece they could use….since a 1st rounder is out of the conversation….my guess would be they would look for someone like Knight . Either ways I think it’s a positive that Joe is going after the right type of fit/talent here.

    • Jul 3, 20134:15 pm
      by tarsier


      I’m sure you’re right that some would turn down LeBron. Some irrationally hate the guy. But I don’t think anyone would turn down Durant.

    • Jul 3, 20138:55 pm
      by G


      LeBron drives me nuts but I would find it in my heart to forgive him, should he someday sign with the Pistons.

      I think it’s laughable that Rudy Gay is viewed as a “star” though. If you only look at PPG, I suppose he is. But as a basketball player? He should’ve never made an All Star game. I think it’s a shame Josh Smith (who I don’t like) has never made an All Star game & Rudy has.

      • Jul 3, 20139:40 pm
        by Lorenzo


        wellllll…..for me it’s irrelevant who deserves an all-star bid and who doesn’t….nor am I really fussed over monikers…deserved or not. My concern is talent and fit; Gay checks the box when it comes to both.

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