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Pistons hired Maz Trakh as assistant coach?

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Cheeks assistant Maz Trakh, running the show for Summer League,

I hadn’t seen anywhere that the Pistons hired Trakh, but it appears that happened. Trakh was an assistant with Maurice Cheeks in Oklahoma City, where Trakh focused on player development and sat behind the Thunder’s bench.

It sounds like Trakh has quite an interesting backstory. David Lassen of The Press-Enterprise:

Before Brooks hired him in 2010, Maz spent five years coaching overseas — two in Jordan, where his Fastlink team won the 2005 Asian Club championship, plus stints in Lebanon, South Korea and the Philippines. He also coached in the CBA, coached the EA Sports traveling team that played exhibitions against NCAA teams in the early 2000s, was a head coach at Cabrillo Junior College in Aptos and had assistant’s stints at UC Irvine, Long Beach State and RCC.

Schermerhorn, now the basketball coach and athletic director at Holy Cross College in Indiana, said he’s going to write a book and a lot of it will be Maz stories.

“He’s a conniver,” Schermerhorn said, with fondness.

“He’d come to my house in Utah and say to my wife, ‘Can I do my laundry here?’ Linda would say, ‘Shoot, yes, you can do your laundry.’ So he’d leave, and then later on he’d call and say, ‘Mrs. Horn, can you put the laundry in the dryer?’ Then when it was time for her to do her laundry, Maz’s clothes would still be in there, so she’d fold ‘em for him.

“But you know what? He’s got one of the finest basketball minds I’ve ever been around. I’m talking Xs and Os with him all the time.”

the Thunder’s team policy is that assistant coaches are off-limits to the media.

“They probably started that rule because of Maz,” quipped RCC sports information director Robert Schmidt.

Which is too bad. The portrait others have painted is of a guy who takes the game seriously, but not himself.

“Maz is awesome,” said second-year Thunder center Cole Aldrich. “He’s funny in like a subtle way, kind of goofy. He’s a good dude.”


  • Jul 7, 20139:06 pm


    grading the game?

  • Jul 7, 20139:07 pm
    by Jack56


    We hired Bernard Smith and John Lower too…any thoughts on them?

    • Jul 7, 20139:18 pm
      by Tony J


      I liked Loyer ever since he joined with Frank and coached the summer league team last year. I don’t know what it is but I just like Loyer’s attitude and his approach to the game. I also think it was good to keep Loyer on the roster just so this team has a familiar face from the Frank staff to help with the players transitioning. I would have also loved to keep Roy Rogers. Rogers was very likeable as well and I loved hearing his thoughtful interviews.

      I honestly don’t know about Bernard Smith so I can’t really say much about him.

      Maz Trakh is an awesome guy according to players he has coached so I think that will go well with this team.   

  • Jul 7, 20139:12 pm
    by John V



    He did wonders for Aldrich.  

  • Jul 7, 20139:20 pm
    by AD1 for 3!!!


    Can you do grades for the game?

  • Jul 7, 201310:49 pm
    by ryan


    It’s good to hear that we’ve got a great technical basketball mind on the bench. We’re going to need that to try to space the floor properly.

  • Jul 8, 201312:28 am
    by mike


    I watched the game and saw Conan O’Brien coaching our team. When does this Trakh guy show up?

  • Jul 8, 201312:29 am
    by mike


    Oh and….


    When is Sheed coming? 

    • Jul 8, 201310:37 am
      by MoMoCheeks


      Sheed could be a great replacment for Roy Rodgers, his low post Offense & Defense was the best in the League, when his head was in the game.
      Rodgers was always going to follow Franks, as he gave him his start in the NBA. Shame, Rodgers was a great Bigs coach.

  • Jul 8, 201312:40 am
    by joe


    Duwee need to revisit that Rudy Gay deal and offer Toronto Stuckey, Charlie V, Singler and a couple 2nd rounds. Rudy Gay is that scoring punch the Pistons need.

  • Jul 8, 20139:07 am
    by Venice


    How about we try this trade?

    Boston receives: Monroe, Stuckey, CV, Singler, and 2016 2nd rnd pick.
    Detroit receives: Rondo, Green, Lee, and Bass

    This will make the Pistons move Smith to his natural position @ pf and have a starting PG and Sf in Rondo and Green. We will also have a bench of floor spacers with Knight, Lee, Middleton and Bass.

    All Joe Dumars needs to do is convince Boston to take the deal. This will make them suck so bad that they will have a LEGITIMATE chance to land Wiggins. They will also have a budding star in Greg Monroe. They will also have a cap space to land a superstar next offseason where Lebron, Melo, Wall and company will be participating .

    PG: Rondo
    SG: KCP
    SF: Green
    PF: Smith
    C: Drummond


  • Mar 12, 20144:01 am
    by Gerry Pasche


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