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Pistons discussing Brandon Jennings sign-and-trade?

Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Time:

Whispers increasing at Vegas Summer League that Bucks are talking to Pistons about Jennings’ sign and trade.

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

League source: #Pistons and Bucks haven’t had any conversations about a Brandon Jennings sign-and-trade

I certainly trust Goodwill’s source more than Woelfel’s whisper, but that’s still just a single source. With front offices containing many members, not even Joe Dumars or John Hammond can guarantee the Bucks and Pistons haven’t discussed a Brandon Jennings sign-and-trade. Of course, conversations also could have been funneled through Jennings or his agent, giving the teams plausible deniability about talking with each other. If Hammond speaks to Jennings’ agent, who speaks to Dumars, technically, Hammond and Dumars haven’t spoken to each other.

Veracity aside, a Jennings sign and trade could make sense. Jennings was better last season than any point guard the Pistons now have, and for a team in the thick of a crowded playoff hunt, even the smallest upgrade could make the difference between reaching the postseason or not.

Jennings has maintained relatively consistent production during his first four seasons in the league, but the level of his plateau doesn’t excite me much. He has performed like, give or take, an average NBA player, though I suspect he’ll likely get a contract offer that pays him more based on an assumed improvement. Jennings is just 23, so improvement is certainly possible, but I wouldn’t assume it.

Speaking of not assuming improvement for a young point guard, Brandon Knight could be involved in a sign-and-trade if one were to happen. Despite being slightly older than Knight, Jennings is more valuable than Knight due their on-court production. Of course, that analysis doesn’t consider contracts, because we don’t yet know what Jennings’ will be. Knight has two years left on his rookie-scale contract, a deal that will almost certainly pay less than Jennings’ next contract.

The Pistons should not be satisfied with their current point guards, and that is a position that could use upgrading. As with all sign-and-trades, terms of the contract and trade are paramount. Jennings would probably provide a slight on-court upgrade for the Pistons, but he’s not the type of player I’d break the bank or give up valuable assets to get.


  • Jul 18, 201312:57 am
    by FutureMogul


    lol I predicted the pursuit and eventual addition of B Jennings. I think him and/or R. Gay can work on this team if Cheeks is super stern and strategic but the Pistons havent had a Coach with a backbone against star/whiny players since L. Brown

    The Pistons can make anything work with the proper rotation and as long as their focus is on DEFENSE. Fuck 3ptrs and Spacing! All we need to do is play defense at 110%. We have so much more talent than a lot of these East teams and a vey deep bench. As long as everyone puts max effort with their playing time, and the coaches really put their minds to it, we can be 5th, 6th seed. 

  • Jul 27, 20131:17 pm
    by The Saint


    we dropped the ball by not signing Gary Neal. We had no business signing will bynum. CB was brought in to mentor? Okay it should be on an assistant coaches salary! Just like Sheed…We need to keep Siva here in Detroit. Our roster remaina a mess. We need to get some pure lights out shooters at SG/SF and we still do not have a reliable PG. Monroe is gonna command a ton next year we need to get the process started dumping Charlie V, Will B , Kravtsov, Stuckey, Jonas, and yes Knight. Deal for one good point guard and pure shooters. We have Big Men..we will be okay at the 2 in time ..but we need to have some serious threats from 3 pt land to have any chance at the playoffs!

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    much the same layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

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