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Kim English playing in summer league with contract on the line

After drafting Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Joe Dumars said:

“When you look at our board, there is not a name up there where we say ‘two guard,’ ” Dumars said, talking about his team’s depth chart. “We have Khris Middleton and Kyle Singler (at small forward); we have (Rodney) Stuckey and Brandon (Knight), who are more combo guards.

Kim English is inconspicuously missing from that list, which I find rather meaningful because he’s definitely a two guard. But perhaps he’s no longer on the Pistons’ board.

English was one of the Pistons’ most disappointing players last season, which isn’t really fair to a second-round pick. But because he’s so darn likable, I really hoped for more.

Unfortunately, his defense was abysmal, and he shot 28 percent on 3-pointers. For someone who I hoped could become a good 3-and-D player, he wasn’t close on either end.

The Pistons have 11 players under contract plus Caldwell-Pope, Tony Mitchell and Peyton Siva plus $8 million in cap space. The roster limit is 15, and English’s contract is fully unguaranteed until July 13.

Detroit would clear $298,692 in cap room by waiving English on or before July 12, but roster space is the bigger issue.

Needless to say, summer league seems to be crucial for English’s hopes of remaining on the team.


  • Jul 7, 20138:32 pm
    by Vince


    As much as I love Kim English, I think he’ll need to put on a show at Summer League to stay on the team. He played solid today, but he needs to play a lot better than that if he wants to stay with the Pistons.

  • Jul 7, 20138:41 pm
    by Ryan Kelly


    Looked better than kcp.   Sheesh.  Kcp looked out of his league.   Lets hope it was jitters.   Didn’t looked very good at all. 

    • Jul 7, 20138:52 pm
      by Vince


      All the rooks were pretty shaky today, I assume they just had a bad case of nerves. KCP wasn’t bad at all. His defense was better than I expected, he got beat a few times but overall a good defender. English hit a couple of 3s, hustled and played some D, but Pope is the better prospect by miles, he just needs to calm down, boost his confidence and keep taking those shots, we all know he can make them.

      • Jul 7, 20139:22 pm
        by Ryan Kelly


        Wow.  Not bad at all eh??????    So 1-10 with 4 turnovers.   0-8 from 3pt land isn’t bad at all?   Lemme guess your favorite player is Rodney stuckey.  Hahahahaha  it’s bad.  It’s real bad.  Like I said I hope it’s jitters. 

  • Jul 7, 201310:51 pm
    by ryan


    Good luck to Kim English. I’d like to see him stick.

  • Jul 7, 201311:27 pm
    by Some Dude


    Just a bad first day for KCP, not like Burke did any better for the Jazz going 1-12 himself, lol. Some rooks did better than others, not a big deal if somebody has a bad debut game.

    • Jul 8, 20132:22 am
      by Ryan Kelly


      True.  You can basically throw out that game.    Improvement is needed.  Everyone knows that. 

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