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Josh Smith’s contract for $54 million or $56 million?

As I wrote earlier, Pistons’ contracts are often leaked as lesser amounts than they are actually worth.

The local beat writers each reported Josh Smith’s contract is worth $54 million. But Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports says it’s worth $56 million.

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News explains s:

The deal could rise to $56 million if Smith reaches performance incentives but for the moment, he’ll be making $13.5 million per season to play both forward spots for the Pistons, immediately turning them into a more athletic and dynamic team.

There is a difference between incentives that are likely to be achieved and unlikely to be achieved, and Larry Coon explains it well on his CBA FAQ. But, right now, the type of incentives in Smith’s contract don’t matter. Both will count against the cap. Coon:

In the first season of a contract the base salary, likely bonuses and unlikely bonuses must all fit within the salary cap or exception. The league determines a team’s available room under the cap or an exception by adding in the unlikely bonuses for all players who signed that season. This prevents a team from signing multiple players to lower salaries but with lots of unlikely bonuses that collectively exceed the cap room it has to offer.

So maybe Smith must meet certain benchmarks to earn more salary next season, but for the Pistons, it doesn’t matter right now. They have to leave cap room to pay those incentives, whether he ends up meeting them or not.


  • Jul 6, 20135:54 pm
    by Anthony


    Do I love this signing? No. Do I think he’s a perfect fit? As Dan said, No. But am I excited that he signed with us? HELL YEA! Especially with all the talks that he was possibly going to Houston, but he chose Detroit! I just hope that coach Cheeks can properly utilize him in our lineup. Because if used properly, it can definitely work!
    Also, it wouldn’t hurt if he cut out his long 2pt jumpers.  But this signing is great and I think we will definitely be in the playoffs! Can’t wait for this season!
    has anyone heard if it’ll be an outright signing? Or sign n trade? 

  • Jul 6, 20136:02 pm
    by Jack56


    What PG’s seem to be available now?

    I would like Teague from the guys who are left!

    PG Teague, Knight, Siva

    SG Pope, Knight

    SF Smith, Mitchell, Middleton

    PF Monroe, Smith, Mitchell

    C Drummond, Monroe, Kras


  • Jul 6, 20136:21 pm
    by Keith


    Here’s hoping for the best. I don’t love this signing the way it fits with our team, nor do I love the contract. But if we’ve got him, so be it. Hopefully it works out.

    • Jul 6, 20136:32 pm
      by gmehl


      Yeah man that’s the approach I am taking too. Now we need PG and anther shooter… Bynum??

      • Jul 6, 20137:17 pm
        by Keith


        Passing On Burke Is Looking Worse And Worse. I Really Don’t Want To See Knight Or Bynum Flailing Around At PG All Year.

  • Jul 6, 20136:33 pm
    by jamesjones_det


    I guess Dumars was worried that he had no other option… Oh wait… He didn’t and he still overpaid… 
    In other news the Cavs sign Jack so who knows whos going to run point.  Here’s hoping BK can do something at that spot…

  • Jul 6, 20136:53 pm
    by jay


    The pistons are not in position to low ball top tier free agents… they have to pay until they turn the franchise around… I don’t know why the so called pistons fans don’t understand that…we didn’t give him the Max so please people stop all the Damn complaints.  Also Last I checked free agency doesn’t last for just 2 weeks…. this is not the final roster that will be in training camp 

  • Jul 6, 20137:23 pm
    by Eric


    Joe Dumars did good on this deal.  He could of overpaid on the first day of free agency, but waited for the price to come down as other teams spent early.  Josh Smith did not have many options unless someone was going to do a sign and trade to obtain Smith.

    Pistons should sign a veteran PG to backup Knight and be a mentor to Knight.  Get Rasheed Wallace to be an advisor to mentor the big men.  Next year the Pistons have many options now that Smith is in the fold.  They can either try and sign Monroe to a long term deal with Stuckey and Villanueva coming off the books or could try to lure a Carmelo Anthony -who will not win a championship in New York, Loul Deng, Danny Granger, Paul George, or Rudy Gay.     

    • Jul 6, 20137:42 pm
      by jamesjones_det


      TBH this is why i’m currently still mad with at Joe, there have been some solid veteran PGs out there that Joe has ignored (or at least appears to have ignored).  I honestly could care less about Smith, wing players are easy to come by.  I’m glad we have a half way decent one now but we really need a back court of some sort and I just don’t see that materializing at the moment.

  • Jul 6, 20137:27 pm
    by s13v3


    With stuckey and charlie v coming off the books for 17 million we could potentially sign john wall or trade for rondo would be nice

  • Jul 6, 20137:56 pm
    by shockwave2k


    If the Pistons don’t make the playoffs THIS season, Dumars probably won’t be around to make anymore FA signings/moves.  I got a feeling without a new PG, they ain’t making the playoffs either.  It was fun while it lasted Joe.

  • Jul 6, 20139:39 pm
    by Corey


    I’m not in love with this signing, but realistically the pistons may now only be one good player (obviously a PG) from being a decent playoff team. That’s a lot better than they were. Do I know where they’ll get that PG? Heck no.  But they now have 3 high quality big men, and while I hope they can do it another way, a good PG should be available via trade almost any time. 

  • Jul 7, 201312:29 am
    by Keith


    I would be very surprised if Joe wasn’t working the phones with Atlanta right now. Teague is precisely the position we are missing right now, and is probably only worth about the 8 million we have left under the cap. That’s probably not enough to keep Atlanta from matching, but could be an easy opportunity to work out a sign and trade. We could send back Knight, who would benefit from the same development Teague had.

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