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Joe Dumars denies talking Brandon Knight-for-Rajon Rondo trade, Brandon Jennings sign-and-trade

The Pistons discussing trading Brandon Knight for Rajon Rondo? Joe Dumars, via Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

“Never happened, never even a conversation about Brandon,” Dumars said of the Boston Globe report over the weekend. “And today I saw something about Brandon Jennings.

The Pistons discussing a sign-and-trade for Brandon Jennings? Dumars, via Ellis:

“John Hammond and I were on the phone talking about our dogs.”

You can read my thoughts on Dumars’ denial at ProBasketballTalk.


  • Jul 16, 20139:20 pm
    by Byron


    Why do they even bother to publish this nonsense anymore? Dumars should just ask Ellis to go lie directly to Knight that he wasn’t trying to trade him. Or, shoot, lie straight to the man yourself!

  • Jul 16, 20139:43 pm
    by mike


    Each sentence in that quote contradicts the next.

    First he says he never discussed Knight or Jennings. Then he says he was on the phone with Hammond talking about Knight and Jennings (“our dogs”). LOL 

    • Jul 17, 201312:05 am
      by Otis


      Oh my God it would be awesome if you were right and he technically wasn’t lying haha

  • Jul 16, 20139:45 pm
    by Max


    You know they worked together?

  • Jul 16, 20139:59 pm


    I believe that Knight was mentioned around Rondo…but not Jenning

  • Jul 16, 201310:02 pm
    by domnick


    dogs? like stuckey?

  • Jul 16, 201310:09 pm
    by Chris N


    Before I make that leap in logic, I ask a simpler question: do Joe Dumars and John Hammond own dogs (canines?)  

  • Jul 16, 201310:15 pm
    by Chris N


    “And why wouldn’t he talk to Hammond about Jennings? There is no good reason, just as there’s no good reason to alienate Knight over a trade that probably won’t happen.”

    Wouldn’t Dumars need to talk to Jennings and his rep first before even talking to the Bucks?  Supposing the Pistons did and they found Jennings asking price too high, why would he then talk to Hammond about Jennings?

  • Jul 16, 201311:26 pm
    by gmehl


    Off topic but is it true that Chauncey’s resigning presser would’ve ranked 3rd in crowd figures to any game at the Palace in the past year. Sad sad sad.

    • Jul 17, 201312:42 am
      by Anthony


      Not sure, but I highly doubt it. They squeeze everyone into the atrium for the presser. If they managed to have the 3rd highest attendance of the year all squeezed into the atrium, I’d be very impressed. 
      Although, with the way attendance has been this past year, I can see some plausibility to that. Who knows.  

    • Jul 17, 20131:02 am
      by mike


      Probably not, but that was definitely the most passionate crowd I’ve heard at the Palace since Chauncey was traded lol

  • Jul 16, 201311:46 pm
    by danny


    once again, don’t trade Knight!!!  he’s still really young and we have a good core behind him in billups, bynum, and siva to back him up.  these slightly better than average, over paid FAs like Ellis, Jennings, and Mayo are not worth it!!!  Give these younger players some time to develope.  everyones in such a big rush for these players to be instantly successful.  Turn down the ADD!  baby steps are OK!

  • Jul 17, 201312:29 am
    by George


    Gosh, at this point, we should just hold out to see how the John Wall situation plays out.

  • Jul 17, 201312:33 am
    by Bryan


    I believe Joe… if by dogs, he means point guards.

  • Jul 17, 201312:46 am
    by gmehl


    Hey I was thinking maybe when Joe said dogs he was considering getting Knight a guide dog (seeing eye dog). I mean the way he runs the point with all his turnovers another set of eyes would be invaluable to him.

  • Jul 17, 20136:44 am
    by andre


    i think we should stick with brandon knight, hes got great work ethics and hes still really young. with chauncey mentoring him he can get close to an all star level. just need to elieve in our rookies

    • Jul 17, 20139:49 am
      by Keith


      There’s no evidence to suggest Knight has that potential. He is a shoot-first guard with terrible decision making and vision. Further, he is an inefficient shoot first guard who hurts the offense when he takes shots.

      Knight’s future is as a D and 3 player off the bench. He has great defensive potential, and is an adequate 3 point shooter with his feet set. After two years, that’s just how things shake out. He hasn’t shown potential for more. 

  • Jul 17, 20138:02 am
    by RyanK


    Dumars has made it a practice of answering questions honestly in my observation.  He’ll tell the truth, but not “the whole truth.”  He’ll answer, that he didn’t talk about Brandon Knight and I believe him…but he won’t volunteer other information…like the talk was about Greg Monroe for Rondo.  

    I remember Dumars denying a Stackhouse trade back in the day…he said “that trade in the news paper for Stackhouse, not true,  that trade is not going to happen.”  At the time I thought he meant he wasn’t trading Stackhouse…then a few days later, Stackhouse was gone and Rip was here.  I thought, wow Dumars lied.  Then I went back and read it again and realized he didn’t lie, he told the truth, but didn’t volunteer other information.  

    It’s the reporters who don’t know how to corner him with their questions.  But regardless, he’s always going to dance around answering questions that involve trades and personnel.  If you’re in that seat (GM), you have to balance team improvements and team morale.  If guys feel like they are on the block and don’t have a future with the team it will fracture the lockeroom.  

  • Jul 17, 20139:01 am
    by me


    So should I just start going to probasketballtalk and stop coming here? 

    • Jul 17, 201311:42 am
      by Steve K


      Was wondering the same thing.

      • Jul 17, 20132:50 pm
        by Dan Feldman


        If that’s what you think is best

        • Jul 17, 20134:29 pm
          by Steve K


          It’s a good thing you can write, Feldman, because you’re not gonna win anyone over with that personality.

          • Jul 17, 20136:06 pm
            by Dan Feldman

            Telling people they have the freedom to read the websites they like most, what a jerk I am.

          • Jul 17, 20138:48 pm
            by me

            I have never gone to probasketballtalk. I come here for Pistons news. But now I am being redirected to a different site so my question was if all of your thoughts are going to be there whats the point of coming here? 

          • Jul 18, 20134:32 am
            by Dan Feldman

            Well, there are still plenty of posts exclusive to PistonPowered. ProBasketballTalk is also a national site that doesn’t organize its posts by team. If you want national news, I highly recommend PBT. If you want Pistons coverage, PistonPowered provides it — both locally and by directing you to quality sources of it. 

  • Jul 17, 201310:03 am
    by Notanoob


    I hope that Joe is telling the truth, honestly. Rondo is terrible fit for us since he can’t shoot, and also because Mo Cheeks hato it shown that he can handle head cases on his team (Jailblazers anyone?). 

    Jennings is also a bad fit because he sucks. He’s a chucker, and an inefficient one at that, and he’s arrogant. Plus he wants too much money. 

    I don’t want either on my team.  

  • Jul 18, 20131:00 am
    by FutureMogul


    lol I predicted the pursuit and eventual addition of B Jennings. I think him and/or R. Gay can work on this team if Cheeks is super stern and strategic.

    As long as we retain key bench players, it can work. Letting Monroe go will be a huge mistake. Cheeks needs to produce an original philosophy that fits the team he has. Dumars is doing a nice job of acquiring talent, Cheeks job will be hard but not if he thinks outside the box

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