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Joe Dumars apologized to Chauncey Billups before signing

Chauncey Billups on Joe Dumars, via Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

“I just needed to hear him apologize for how it went down, to kind of stand on it, and he did that,” Billups said. “As a man, I can’t do anything but respect that.

“Because I had to know it was nothing personal, it was what he thought was a good business move. But we had a personal relationship. I forgave Joe for all of that and we moved forward. I’m great.”

You can read my thoughts at ProBasketballTalk.


  • Jul 17, 20135:35 pm
    by Chris N


    “…but Dumars’ approach also leaves fans feeling disconnected. A little forthrightness with the public could go a long way in repairing the Pistons’ reputation in an area where people have limited disposable income and other options how to spend it, just as it helped repair Dumars’ relationship with Billups.”

    How does a GM (not just Joe Dumars, but any GM) display forthrightness with the public?  What does that look like?

  • Jul 17, 20135:56 pm
    by RyanK


    I’m still pissed at Billups…  Year after year you could see those guys give up in the playoffs.  It’s one thing to get beat, it’s another thing to lay down.  

    From what Webber said, Joe D saw it the same way I saw it.  He apparently went into the lockeroom at half time and after games and threatened to trade all of them for their loafing.   

    • Jul 17, 20136:12 pm
      by Chris N


      Is Billups the only member of those teams that you’re “still pissed at” RyanK?

      • Jul 17, 20136:43 pm
        by RyanK


        He was the king loafer of the group.  When I saw Jason Williams wipe the floor with him I nearly vomited.  It was pitiful.  Sheed’s not a leader, he just follow Billups.  Rip, the same.  Tay more of the same.  

        Dyce gave his all, so I was never pissed at him.  

        • Jul 18, 20131:11 pm
          by D from the D


          I have to agree with RyanK on his comments. Plus, I forgot about McDyess, he wouldn’t gave his firstborn up to win a ‘ship. I didn’t think Chauncey was one of the problems, but as a whole, they just couldn’t do it. I also can’t ever leave out the fact that ‘Sheed was hated by the refs during a time that it is known but never discussed they were working for the mob. IJS

          • Jul 18, 20131:12 pm
            by D from the D

            McDyess WOULD’VE GIVEN…

    • Jul 19, 20138:59 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      I’m a big defender of Dumars…. but the problem wasnt Billups, Rip or Sheed…. it was in the mirror.

      In the draft he never draft talent that would push those guys, he didnt bring in any fresh faces that would push them.

      We as a Pistons fans thought it was cool that we had a team that could turn it on and off when they wanted, until Lebron Destroyed us….

      but thats the danger of keeping veteran teams together for too long, and not infusing younger pieces.

  • Jul 17, 20136:06 pm
    by frankie d


    at the presser for chauncey’s signing, dumars actually admitted that the trade was a mistake.
    he was very explicit that it was a mistake and a move he wish he could take back.
    as a fan, that was good to hear and it was one of the few times dumars has ever said that something he’s done has not worked, or that he’s made a mistake.
    there have been plenty of ‘”sources” who have hinted at such things over the  years, but that was the very first time i’ve seen dumars step up in public and own one of his dumb moves.
    it was good to hear.  
    stepping up and candidly discussing the errors of the past 5, 6 years would only help reclaim the fan base.

    • Jul 17, 20136:40 pm
      by RyanK


      The mistake wasn’t trading Billups, it was signing Gordon and CV with the cap room.  Joe D said it was a mistake, but I think he knows where he screwed up.  

      • Jul 17, 20138:33 pm
        by gmehl


        Trading Chauncey was a mistake plain and simple. Joe should’ve traded Rip instead as it would of solved a lot of problems. For one IF Joe was to still go a head and sign Gordon that move wouldn’t of looked nearly as bad as it did. Especially due to the fact that Joe then done the silly move of extending Rip right after. Actually I to tell you the truth I would feel a lot better if Joe came out and apologized for the last 6-7 years of shitty moves. I guess you’d could say that the Chauncey trade was the first domino to fall that led to all Joe’s crappy moves from then till now.

        Chauncey traded for Iverson
        Afflalo traded for future 2nd rounder
        Signed Gordon and CV
        Drafted Daye
        Resigned Rip
        Resigned Prince (over paid)
        Resigned Jerebko (over paid)
        Resigned Maxiell

        • Jul 17, 20139:03 pm
          by Jeremy


          If Billups wasn’t traded, I doubt Joe extends Rip when he did. Afflalo was developing nicely and would have been a nice replacement at the 2 when Rip’s deal either would have expired originally or Joe could have flipped him in the last year of his deal. Billups and Afflalo would have made for a nice back court and Stuckey could have had more time to develop as a PG and as a player overall. 


          • Jul 17, 201311:01 pm
            by jeff m

            I think your abso-fuc*king correct about this. Dumars just doesn’t have the vision to see what players have the potential to be good, if not great that he drafts, then winds up trading the good ones too early. I think this is all do to the fact that he seems to see free agency as the cure all to the teams problems. I don’t think he understands that the concept that Detroit is not a desirable place for free agents to come “when the team isn’t a winning product already. Granted Josh smith broke the mold of free agent shunning, but i hope for his case that his domino chain of bad decision making is coming to an end, with either him making better decisions now, or him not getting another contract do to having a loosing season this year.
            This is the difference from what teams like San Antonio do compared to what Dumars has done. San Antonio has kept the integral pieces to the championship puzzle, and just keeps adding quality players to the puzzle from the draft, and free agency, that are not mega dollar free agents, but ones that fit the championship mold.

          • Jul 18, 201312:45 am
            by tarsier

            Free Agents almost always go to where the money is best.

            How did Smith change anything. BG and CV were considered among the best FAs of their class. And they came to Detroit. The problem is getting FAs at a good price, not getting them to come to Detroit. And that’s a problem everyone has because as they say, it only takes one idiot.

  • Jul 17, 20139:06 pm


    Finally the CURSE IS BROKEN!!!!!!!!

  • Jul 17, 201310:07 pm
    by me


    You can read my comment at probasketballtalk.

  • Jul 18, 20134:22 am
    by CityofKlompton


    So it only took Joe five years to apologize to somebody he had a personal relationship with? He is one stone cold [expletive].

  • Jul 19, 20139:17 am


    I’ll defend CV and Gordon…

    Name the other TOP Free-Agents that Summer?  I blame dumars for choosing the summer of 2009 more than anything else.

  • Oct 22, 20138:10 pm
    by Click Here


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