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Chauncey Billups takes Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond out to dinner in Vegas

Chauncey Billups is the athlete representative on the 2013-2016 USA Basketball Board of Directors, and Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond are participating in a Team USA minicamp. So, all three are in Las Vegas this week.

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Chauncey Billups also has been around Las Vegas this week, having been a part of the USA basketball pipeline in past years.

He took Monroe and Drummond to dinner Tuesday night, along with some team front-office members who are also in attendance.

“We got a chance to sit and talk to him, get to know him a little bit,” Monroe said.

Billups knows how to play point guard, and hopefully Brandon Knight will better learn the position as a result of Billups being on the team. But Billups also knows a whole lot about playing in the NBA and managing the lifestyle that comes with it, and those lessons apply to every player. Ideally, Billups imparts than knowledge on all the Pistons’ young players.


  • Jul 26, 20139:50 am
    by mixmasta


    Looks like Chauncey will do the mentoring that Tayshaun was tasked (but failed) to impart such knowledge to our young players.
    Hats off to Mr. Bigshot!

  • Jul 26, 201310:38 am
    by Keith


    It’s great to see some veterans really taking pride in their whole team, rather than just themselves. That seems to be the main problem we’ve seen the last few years. Rip, Stuckey, and Tay were worried only about their own game, about keeping the checks flowing. None were much invested in improving the team as a whole.
    I still think it’s going to be very difficult for Monroe or Drummond to make the team. Drummond suffers from a lot of the problems that diminished Howard’s impact on the team – can’t shoot, can’t hit free throws (something European teams will exploit the hell out of), and his athleticism will be mitigated by the lack of 3 second violations on defending centers. Monroe also suffers from lack of range. Given the extra value of spacing inside a shorter 3 point line, this is no small thing. Further, Monroe is a wreck defensively, which would be exacerbated in the more smallball oriented teams USA tends to sport.

    • Jul 26, 201310:57 am
      by Reaction


      Monroe was a beast on defense yesterday.

  • Jul 26, 20131:17 pm
    by Terrell


    Its so ironic that Billups was the same type of gaurd Knight is today! Both were force to play shooting gaurd. But I think it was Larry Brown that transform Chauncey. I believe joe brought Chauncey in to get us to the play offs but definitely tutor Knight. I think Joe was better off re-signing Brown to a liaison or something. I see playoffs but that scares me. Are we only building to make the playoffs or win a championship? Logic says you can’t keep all three big men. So better get this next trade right. His next trade with have a major impact on our championship dreams. My gut tells me Rondo when Wallace contract clears.But knowinh Joe he will suprise everyone and pry Eric Gordon and Austin Rivers from the pelicans. 

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