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Chauncey Billups: I expect to start at point guard

Ryan Slocum of ABC 12:

Talked to Chauncey 1 on1.. He told e he EXPECTS to start at point guard for the @detroitpistons

You can read my thoughts at ProBasketballTalk.


  • Jul 16, 20135:05 pm
    by jacob


    Go billups!

  • Jul 16, 20135:06 pm
    by Thiago


    I expect that too.

  • Jul 16, 20135:14 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    That being said I doubt the Pistons will make any moves regarding the PG position.
    This is how it’s going to look
    PG BillupsSG KnightSF SmithPF MonroeC  Drummond 
    For the second unit I have no Idea how its going to look.
    We have Stuckey, Bynum, and KCP.
    Stuckey PG/SGBynum PGKCP SG
    and also I don’t think Knight will stay at the SG he is going to run the PG also.

  • Jul 16, 20135:30 pm
    by frankie d


    i think he will be the starting point guard.
    he is the best point guard on the roster.
    the team is obviously making a playoff push this season.
    cheeks is definitely a coach who prefers to have his players essentially run things from the floor, so he needs a point guard who is capable of doing so.
    everything is in place for him to come in and start.
    why not? 

  • Jul 16, 20135:36 pm
    by RyanK


    I expect him to be injured for opening night.  He’ll be a starter at some point, but he’s probably not going to be healthy as much as the Billups we remember.

    • Jul 16, 20138:18 pm
      by frankie d


      Btw,  what evidence do you have that backs up your statement?

  • Jul 16, 20135:38 pm
    by Chewy


    Billups, which has been flat out amazing in the past is not his younger healthy self anymore.  He is mainly on the team for leadership role. In the fourth quarter though I could see him running more of the team.  If I were the Pistons I would sit on Brandon Knight a little longer and let him learn and operate under Mo Cheeks because look at what cheeks did for Russell Westbrook and his game.

  • Jul 16, 20135:40 pm
    by deusXango


    If there is any justice in the basketball world, Billups will start at PG alongside KCP at SG! This is a rebuild, not an experimental exercise like we’ve become used to. It’s time for Knight to be played exclusively at PG, Billups is the better tone setter and should start. KCP was drafted to score points, and who better to play off of and to set him up than Chauncey? Chauncey starts, but Knight plays the majority of the minutes.

    I’ll go to my grave believing that Middleton, Datome, and Mitchell would be the best players on the 2nd unit with BK7….they can do things on the floor that no one else on the roster can; like Joe said, “this isn’t a popularity contest.” This unit compliments the starting 3 big men we’ve banked on. 

    • Jul 16, 20136:25 pm
      by Quin


      I kind of agree with this, but mostly because I think Chauncey can continually say to KCP, “Rip used to do it like this,” which should speed his development.

      • Jul 16, 20137:02 pm
        by frankie d


        chauncey and KCP would undoubtedly be the best starting backcourt.  with singler and monroe and smith.
        let stuckey and knight run with mitchell and drummond and a wing to be named later on the second unit. you’d have two solid units and two very different styles.
        the first unit would be much more structured, running set plays.  the second unit would just get out and defend and run.  knight’s lack of pg skill would not be as deadly with that second unit.

      • Jul 16, 20137:39 pm
        by Corey


        KCP is not Rip and won’t play like him. Rip had a very unusual style getting most of his points on jump shots – mid-range jump shots – off screens. KCP will be a better slasher than Rip was, and a better 3 pt shooter. At least if he pans out, those are more likely to be offensive strengths than Rip’s midrange game.

        • Jul 16, 20138:13 pm
          by frankie d


          Imho, he plays eerily like rip.  Yes, his range extends further but that doesnt change the fact that he gets his points in a fashion that cannot help but bring rip to mind.  I am sure that has not escaped joe d and i am certain we will see many of the exact same sets that chauncey and rip ran, but with KCP stepping into rip’s role.
          Count on it.
          While he might be a bit more versatile offensively at this stage, he also has the same problem that rip had: his efficiency goes way down the second he puts the ball on the floor.  Hopefully that changes over a period of time but right now his handle and his dribble drive is a weakness.

          • Jul 16, 20139:28 pm
            by Max

            On point, Frankie D.  

          • Jul 17, 201310:16 am
            by MIKEYDE248

            Rip always thought of his game as an inside shooter and never really worked on his 3 point game until after 2004.  The next near he shot 45% from 3 and did it again 2 years later.  He never took a ton of them, but became a pretty good 3 point shooter later in his career.

  • Jul 16, 20135:43 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    I am fine with that. Knight can learn from him for 2 years and then I think he will be ready to go. Knight has a lot of potential (athletic, quick and smart), he just needs someone like Mr. Big shot to guide him and slow his game down. If Billups will start the PG, it will then raise the question on who should Pistons start at the SG.
    We have Stuckey, KCP and Knight

    We need someone to space the floor well with the Big Boys

    I think Knight is the best of the three. 


  • Jul 16, 20136:02 pm
    by angry little man


    Why should he expect to start ? Last time I checked you had to compete for a starting position in the NBA.

    Now if he wins the job during training camp and preseason then the best man won, but for him to say right out “im going to start ” that’s disrespectful to the team and BK. 

    Same ole Chauncy I see    

    • Jul 16, 20136:13 pm
      by RLGivens


      I’m sure Knight would/does also say that he expects to start. Sensitivity doesen’t have much of a place in the NBA.

  • Jul 16, 20136:04 pm
    by Alan


    Appreciate the attitude.  See him coming off the bench.  If he stays healthy, he could be on the floor to finish games.  Especially if Pistons have the lead.  Such a great FT shooter.

  • Jul 16, 20136:28 pm
    by mike


    Like I’ve been saying, Chauncey didn’t come back to come off the bench for an 8th seed, when he could’ve went and started on a contender. Of course he was going to start. After watching Knight last year, did anyone really think the Pistons were going to give him the keys again, in a must win season?

    He’s still young and has time to pan out, but he can do it learning behind Chauncey for a couple years until he’s ready. Gifting him the job again if he doesn’t deserve it would be bad for all involved. It would be bad for Drummond, Monroe, and Smith to have to suffer through losing all so Knight can get more practice time. It would be bad for Billups to have to come off the bench his last years on a losing team, knowing he’s better than the guy starting and could be helping us win. And it would be bad for Knight to be gifted something he didn’t earn or deserve.

    • Jul 17, 20131:10 am
      by haydzzz


      completely agree! I think knight has all the potential he just has to learn the point guard position. I dont think he shouldve of ever been expected to start but then again it took a while for joe d to bring in a mentor for knight. Anyways now that he has BK will definitely benefit from it

  • Jul 16, 20136:38 pm
    by timetodienow1234567


    Sounds like he’s expecting to start because Joe said the starting PG spot is his.

  • Jul 16, 20136:59 pm
    by uncle zeke


    Obviously he should start.  All Knight has shown so far in his career is that he shouldn’t be playing PG let alone starting…

    Chauncey coming off ACL surgery started all 20 games he played for the Clippers and played 20 minutes.  Two years ago he started and played over 30 minutes….  He will be healthier this year and playing closer to 25-30 minutes. 

    Is there some reason he could start for a top team in the West the last 2 years and for the Pistons he can only play spot minutes off the bench??

    Yes Chauncey is old but is game hasn’t been predicated on athleticism for a number of years….  Looks at J Kidd as a good comparator.  Kidd won a title at 38 playing over 30 minutes a game….  I have no concerns that Chauncey won’t be able to play decent minutes as a starter….

  • Jul 16, 20137:00 pm
    by mike


    I think the only reason they didn’t come out and say specifically that he was the starting PG at the press conference was to not undermine Cheeks authority as coach. As ultimately it will be his decision come training camp, but I’m sure is Cheeks is already on board with Chauncey as the lead guy.


    • Jul 16, 20137:12 pm
      by Ryan Kelly


      Yup I think so to.   Chauncey at the 1.   But who is the 2?    Brandon or kcp?    Hearing Chauncey say during his press conference that he thinks a lot of Rodney stuckey and he can be a great player makes me ill.  He’s not a heckuva ball player plain and simple.   He still makes bonehead mistakes all the time and can’t shoot at all.   Not a guy I wanna see in the rotation.  Why is there always that one or two guys that no one wants to see play yet they are jammed down our throat ala Michael curry, cv, stuck, Lindsey hunter(old man), maxiell ect ect. 

      • Jul 16, 20139:34 pm
        by Max


        Lindsey Hunter is one of my favorite players of all time, he wasn’t always an old man and when he was, he was a good old man.   Rodney Stuckey is also a flat out better player than Knight has proven to be so far.   Don’t tell me about Stuckey making so many mistakes when he doesn’t turn the ball over and gets assists at a higher rate than Knight.  

  • Jul 16, 20137:10 pm
    by sloppy joe


    I am struggling to figure out where my nigga Bynum fits into this equation.  If Billups has the idea he will be starting at PG and Cheeks was brought in to develop BK7 as a PG, then why sign Will to such a contract?  If he is playing 3rd pointgaurd i dont see why you would give him 3 mil a year.  I have to think the moves are not yet finished.

  • Jul 16, 20137:13 pm
    by Ryan Kelly


    Signing Bynum was foolish nothing else. 

    • Jul 16, 20139:38 pm
      by Max


      Yeah, who needs a good third point guard who has better chemistry with your likely best player than anyone on your team when you are planning to start a 36 year old who played 21 games a year the last 2 years?

      • Jul 16, 201310:54 pm
        by tarsier


        I think the concern is that he is the 4th PG.

  • Jul 16, 20137:13 pm
    by Wall-E


    I am looking forward to seeing this play out.  I think the signing of Billups only makes sense if you are looking to develop Knight.  For that reason, i believe the Jennings rumor to be garbage.  BK is a good dude, who works hard and says the right things. Is it too far of a stretch to think that he may embrace the opportunity to learn under Billups?

    • Jul 16, 201310:55 pm
      by tarsier


      What if you are looking to develop Jennings?

  • Jul 16, 20137:25 pm
    by gmehl


    Things are not looking good for Peyton Silva. I really hope he stays with us and agrees to go to Europe for a season.

  • Jul 16, 20139:59 pm
    by domnick


    starting billups is a problem.. what happens to BK then?

    • Jul 16, 201311:49 pm
      by jacob


      Start both, let them share pg duties and let Chauncey guard sg’s while knight guards pg’s. It’s really that simple.

  • Jul 16, 201311:30 pm
    by Jay wiz


    2 spots for 5 guards. This is good for KCP and Knight. Nothing should be handed to them. Start the top 5 guys on our team that deserve it. Let the competition begin!

  • Jul 17, 20139:37 am
    by Jeremy


    Of course he expects to start and so does Knight, Bynum, Stuckey, Siva….me….frankie d….tarsier…Feldman….
    His expectations and reality are two different things. A soon to be 37 year old that has played a combined half season of basketball over the past 2 years does not project well to be a starter. I will give CBills some credit in that he has started every game he has played in for the past 11 seasons – he may not have played every game but he started the ones he did play.
    My prediction for the starting line up as of today is: Bynum, Knight, Smith, Monroe, and Drummond. Pick and roll action with Bynum and Smith/Drummond, allow Monroe to post up and create his own shot, and BK7 is your money ball guy – it’d be incredible if they would run the double-back screens like they used to with Rip for BK7 to get him a 15 foot jumper. It seems like he has the stamina to run around in a half court offense. My reserve unit is Billups, KCP, Singler, CV31, and Slava/Mitchell. You’ve got pick and roll options with Slava or Mitchell, Pick and pop (a la Sheed and Billups style) with CV31, Singler is a legit reserve wing, and KCP can work to get open without the ball in his hands. I give Datome the nod to dress out of the fact that I want to see the guy ball – and that makes 12. Siva gets shipped to the d-league for the year. Stuckey, Jonas, and Middleton are shipped out of town – to where and for whom? I don’t know but I’m not going into training camp with them. I’ll take 50 cents on the dollar for them. I don’t want any ambiguity or confusion on who is playing where.

    • Jul 17, 201310:03 am
      by uncle zeke


      If he can start for the Clippers last year after just having returned from ACL surgery then there could be a chance that he can start for a team that wasn’t a top 3 seed in the West?

      I can already see the articles of how shocked people are that Chauncey is starting, playing 25+ minutes/ game and at a high-level….  This will happen.

      There is no chance if Chauncey is on the active roster that he isn’t starting at PG on opening day. 

      Brandon Knight is going to start at PG over Chauncey??!  Hah! have you watched a Pistons basketball game in the last 2 years?  Are you also still holding out hope for Darko?- move on, stop kidding yourself….

      • Jul 17, 20132:39 pm
        by frankie d


        this whole thing is pretty simple to me.
        if he is healthy, he is the team’s best point guard.
        is knight a better point guard?
        stuckey better?
        bynum a better point guard?
        of course not.
        if winning, and not player development is the priority – and that seems to be the team’s priority and direction – then it will be an easy decision: chauncey will be the starter. 
        and if they want to push the ball, the answer is easy.  develop a second  unit with knight and stuckey and drummond and mitchell and a wing player and just let those guys loose to run and gun.  it would be a very effective change of pace for the slow pace that chauncey and monroe and josh smith will play at.
        Chauncey in the starting unit sets up a great 10 man rotation with two very distinct and hopefully effective units.
        hope they are smart enough to figure that out. 

  • Jul 17, 201311:12 am
    by Wall-e


    What evidence have you seen that Jennings will develop further, or even wants to.  BK may not be perfect, but all the stories we hear speak of his work ethic and positive attitude.  I haven’t read those same stories about Jennings.

  • Jul 17, 201311:36 am
    by GEORGIO


    The problem with Billups starting is that our team as currently constructed will benefit greatly by pushing the ball. In summer league the coach was preaching push the ball hard every time, I assume he was doing that because that’s the way Cheeks will be coaching the regular season. Billups is not a push the ball point guard, he wouldn’t do it years ago and he certainly won’t do it now. With the athletes we have now we need to run at every opportunity, not walk the ball up the court and call CB’s favorite play, 2 chest down. Knight and Stuckey both will push the ball and if Cheeks offense is to look to run first then Billups is not our guy.   

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