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Chauncey Billups further crowds Pistons’ roster, cap space still available

The salaries page is updated with Chauncey Billupstwo-year contract worth more than $5 million. The second year is a team option, according to Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press.

I counted both Billups and Luigi Datome against the cap, though one could be signed with the room mid-level exception if the Pistons delay making it official. Signing Billups with the room exception would be more appealing, because he has a higher salary, which would leave the Pistons more flexibility.

Again, the bigger issue is still roster space. The Pistons have 14 players who’ve agreed to contracts plus their three draft picks. They have options to reach the limit of 15, but Billups’ signing doesn’t bode well for Kim English, whose 2013-14 salary won’t become guaranteed until Saturday, or Peyton Siva, who was picked in a part of the draft where few players reach the NBA.


  • Jul 11, 20131:26 pm
    by Maurice


    still needa trade stuckey and villanueva, their useless now.

    • Jul 11, 20131:34 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      That was my first thougt too.  I would much rather keep English or Middleton that either of those two.  Peyton Siva hasn’t looked to bad in the summer league either, so it would be nice to see if he developed into something.

      • Jul 11, 20132:18 pm
        by tarsier


        If you can get something for Stuckey, great. Otherwise, he is much better than English or Middleton.

        • Jul 11, 20132:38 pm
          by Huddy


          Also it is not like the organization is choosing between keeping young cheap players like English/Siva OVER Stuckey and CV…other teams need to want those guys, which is probably the bigger issue.

  • Jul 11, 20131:48 pm
    by Big G


    I doubt they will be traded. They offer too much cap room relief for us next summer/are too good of trade assets mid season. I would like to see us use the money to sign granger. (Also wouldve loved to offer the same deal 32 mil for 4 years to teague… but that didn’t happen)

    Don’t care much for english, ehhh on middleton. I really like Siva–would even rather have him over jonas.

    • Jul 11, 20132:45 pm
      by Huddy


      Really hard to already value Siva over Jonas with only college and Summer League to go on.  Obviously there is a reason he was drafted so late, the team has 3 PGs not including Stuckey now and odds are Siva would be lucky to make a roster let alone have value over anyone already on the roster.

  • Jul 11, 20131:54 pm
    by Mike


    Yep… English is 0 for everything in the Summer League.  He is history.  In fact, at half time today… the only starter to make a basket is Drummond 7/16, the rest of the starters were 0/18… hope the Pope has a super bad cold or something that has affected his shooting, as he only had one decent game and the rest of his summer league appearances were ATTROCIOUS – that is an understatement based on all the air balls – NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE RIM…  Jeez Joe did you mess up again???

  • Jul 11, 20131:55 pm
    by ryan


    What I find interesting is why the NBA keeps the rosters space so limited. Why not let a team have 18 guys? With all the young guys who need to be developed over time it seems silly to stick to only 15.

    Rules being what they are I hope that Joe Dumars can find a way to move Rodney Stuckey and Charlie Villanueva for sure. Neither of those guys fits in our plans.

    • Jul 11, 20132:29 pm
      by tarsier


      Why have a whole 15 when you can only dress 12 and rarely play more than 10? Any number would be pretty arbitrary.

    • Jul 11, 20132:49 pm
      by Huddy


      That is what the D league, Europe and staying in college are for.  Why add 5 young developing players and waste more of the coaching staffs time trying to make something out of guys who aren’t already something and maybe hit the lotto 1 out of 20 times.

    • Jul 11, 20135:43 pm
      by Who Is Us


      Its the owners! The CBA only allows 15 because the owners dont want to pay the extra money!! The Player’s Association would love the extra 90 clients, but it would costs the owners an extra $44.1million minimum. That assumes that every one of those spots is taken by a rookie with no experience. if every one of those players has at least 1 year of experience the bill goes up to just under $71million and you know they have no intention of letting that happen.

      • Jul 11, 20136:17 pm
        by Dan Feldman



      • Jul 11, 20137:14 pm
        by Huddy


        What added value would that really have though?  It would get to the point where all teams basically have a full youth squad and with that many they might as well put more emphasis on the D league and make it more of an actual farm system like baseball, hockey or youth squads in soccer.  it would be better to expand how many players teams keep rights to and send down to a better development league than have them just be on the team.

  • Jul 11, 20132:09 pm
    by frankie d


    hope they keep siva.
    he looks like he’s going to be a decent nba PG, maybe a solid backup.
    it would be a shame if they cant find a way to keep him on the roster somehow.
    one thing to consider is that both chauncey and bynum are guys who can play the SG spot, so their versatility may help siva stick.
    right now, imho, the team has 2 PGs on the roster: chauncey and siva.  everyone else is either a SG or a SG masquerading as a PG.

  • Jul 11, 20132:09 pm
    by Mel


    Keep Siva he’s got major potential just need to work on shot and put on some weight.He has the potential to become a better bynum. We can get rid of Vanillawaffer, Stuckey, Jonas, especially Engish. and since they signed Bynum to a good deal, they can now trade him in a package with these other guys if they need to.

  • Jul 11, 20132:23 pm
    by Seniorbearcat


    Ballpark minutes IMHO…

    PG – Brandon Knight 25, Bynum 15, Billups 8
    SG – Kentavios Caldwell-Pope 25, Billups 13, Knight 5, Middleton 5
    SF – Josh Smith 20, Datome 16, Singler 12
    PF – Greg Monroe 22, Josh Smith 16, Jerebko 10
    C – Andre Drummond 30, Greg Monroe 13, Kravtsov 5

    My wildcard player is Khris Middleton…IF he can transition into a quality SG, this team is much better…6 seed or better type playoff team IMHO…Middleton would then split minutes with KCP. 

    Watching Middleton in the first game of summer league (granted it was SUMMER LEAGUE) made me think of Danny Green. I went and checked the month of April to see how their numbers compared. 

    April 2013 

     Danny Green – 26.3 Mins 8.3 PPG 2.4 RPG 2.1 APG 1.0 SPG .415 FG%, .308 3P%, .900 FT%
     Khris Middleton – 24.3 Min 8.1 PPG 3.0 RPG 1.8 APG 1.0 SPG .529 FG%, .400 3P%, 1.00 FT%

    I went back to draft express and checked Middleton’s (AGE 21) combine measurements and testing…comparable results were Danny Green (AGE 26…the combine numbers were almost exact), Klay Thompson (AGE 23) and Paul George (AGE 23). All of these players projected as SG/SFs coming out of college…as sophomores in college…Thompson had the best numbers, followed closely by George and Middleton, and Green was not a major rotation player yet at NC, but even Green’s senior year his numbers were not close to Middleton as a sophomore. The injury Middleton’s junior year pushed him to the second round…it would be HUGE for the Pistons if Middleton started showing he was fully recovered from his injury less than 2 years ago.

  • Jul 11, 20132:40 pm
    by ryan


    You know what’s funny? All of these moves make sense except for the biggest one. I’d be super excited about our summer if we hadn’t just given Josh Smith way too much money and a roster spot.

    • Jul 11, 20133:29 pm
      by danny


      HAHAHA way too much money and how much would you pay someone of his talent?  14 a year is really good price. 

    • Jul 11, 20133:44 pm
      by Huddy


      Who should we have at SF?  How is it positive for the team to go into next year starting Singler or an unproven European guy so they can under preform again.  The fit is questionable, but Smith is talented.  He isn’t over the hill and his contract is reasonable for his production so even if things go south he is tradeable.  The team sits around the 7-9 picks…no real chance at Wiggins and questionable shot of keeping the pick next year anyway so who wants to be a losing squad again?  Wait for next year to spend and just wait out this one? They have to spend money and onnly so many guys are left when it gets down to 1 year deals   All that does is drive up how much Monroe can ask for since he will remain the best player on the team and leaves us hoping that someone like Lebron or Melo want to play in Detroit.  There are 1-2 reasonable options like Luol Deng to hold out for and that is it.
      My dream scenario would have been facilitating a trade for a better fit in Wilson Chandler this year, but trades have two sides and Denver lost Iggy upping the need to keep Chandler. 
      The team has a year to answer some questions like can these 3 rotate together, is Knight a PG, what role players will shine and then even more flexibility next year with CV and Stuckey off the books.  Knight will still be tradeable, Monroe is always an option for a sign and trade if he isn’t seen as a fit next year…the organization’s hands aren’t tied and they have upped the talent on the team..not to mention adding Rasheed and Chauncey as mentors to this young squad.

  • Jul 11, 20133:56 pm
    by Mel


    Trade stucky kim english and CV for Gerald Henderson.

    That settles it !

    Keep Siva 

    • Jul 11, 20134:07 pm
      by G


      Isn’t Henderson a FA? Can’t do the trade unless it’s a sign & trade. I agree though, I suspect (and hope) that Dumars fixes yet another clogged roster with a trade. I’m not real happy with the PG situation. Billups is barely a shell of his former self & Knight looks exactly like a shooting guard.

      • Jul 11, 20134:19 pm
        by tarsier


        We need to frankenstein 4 guys into one solid PG.

        • Jul 11, 20139:42 pm
          by Max


          Which part of Knight would be vital to the mix?  

          • Jul 11, 201311:28 pm
            by tarsier

            Defense, work ethic, hard-nosed mentality. You know, a lot of things that Billups used to have. But he’s kinda old now.

  • Jul 11, 20135:16 pm


    Drummond and Siva had great chemistry… summerleague of now…some people just got that it factor together

  • Jul 11, 20135:20 pm
    by Carl


    We had 8 mil left after the Smith deal, why didnt we go after Gary Neal….SMH!

  • Jul 11, 20136:15 pm
    by Justin


    Pistons have too many players and not enough talent just yet.
    Trade: Stuck, CV, and Will Bynum for either Danny Granger Harrison Barnes or Rudy Gay
    then Trade: Moose and Knight for Rondo and Lee 

    • Jul 11, 20137:55 pm
      by tarsier


      “Trade: Stuck, CV, and Will Bynum for either Danny Granger Harrison Barnes or Rudy Gay”

      Danny Granger: Why on earth would the Pacers accept this deal? But it would be awesome for the Pistons if they did. Turn a bunch of junk into one good player. Overpaid, but who cares, because he is an expiring deal.

      Harrison Barnes: Why would the Warriors accept this deal? And the salaries don’t come close to working.

      Rudy Gay: Now this would be a fair exchange. You could argue for or against it from either side. Personally, I’d be fine with it, although it would really necessitate trading one of the frontcourt rotation for a backcourt player.

       ”then Trade: Moose and Knight for Rondo and Lee ”

      No, no, no, no, NO! Moose has more value than Rondo. And Knight definitely has more than Lee. If you can get them to include a draft pick, then maybe. But why trade away Knight anyway? Especially if you’re bringing in Rondo, this team would need all the shooting it could get.

  • Jul 11, 20138:28 pm
    by Desolation Row


    Prediction: Chauncey Billups will be coaching of the Pistons in two years. 

  • Jul 11, 201311:54 pm
    by FireCoachL


    Signing Will Bynum is a bad mistake. Don’t release Siva. BK7 is no hope at PG. Remember Stuckey project? Billups also the tutor in that one. Remember how different the ball movement was when Jose first traded? PG has to be pure, cant be combo guard. Look at Chris Paul and Tony Parker

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