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Andre Drummond gives up No. 1 for Chauncey Billups, switches to No. 0

Andre Drummond:

I will be wearing number 0 this year

Couple that with this photo of Chauncey Billups holding up the No. 1 jersey, and it’s clear Andre Drummond gave up his number so Billups could get his classic No. 1 back. Awesome move on Drummond’s part.

This is a break in protocol, though, one I didn’t originally believe would be possible. David Mayo of MLive:

the NBA relented on a rule requiring jersey number changes to be submitted in March of the previous season and allowed Andre Drummond to give up his number to a player who wore it for a 2004 Pistons championship team.

Billups’ reintroduction press conference was delayed 25 minutes while the team awaited the NBA ruling, followed by a jubilant reunion.

The rule was made so the NBA wouldn’t get stuck with unsold and out-of-date jerseys. I wonder whether the league has more No. 1 Billups Pistons jerseys than No. 1 Drummond Pistons jerseys still in stock. Billups was probably anticipated to be a higher seller during the 2008-09 season, when he was traded to the Nuggets four games in, than Drummond was last season. Perhaps, this was a rare case where the financial realities supersede intent of the rule.


  • Jul 16, 20137:14 pm
    by sloppy joe


    Yuck, number 0.  What is he 12?  Dip into the 30′s like a real big man.

    • Jul 16, 20137:59 pm
      by Chuck


      His choice, he can do whatever he wants. Great Job Andre.

    • Jul 17, 201311:21 am
      by Tony J AD1 for 3!!!


      Come’on man it’s just a number. Let the  kid build his legacy wearing the number of his choice.

  • Jul 16, 20137:27 pm
    by Vince


    Great move by Dre to give up his number for Chauncey. Not sure how I feel by number 0 though, I guess it’ll take some time to get used to that.

  • Jul 16, 20137:28 pm
    by MongoSlade86


    Didn’t they deny Brandon knight this number?

  • Jul 16, 20137:30 pm
    by Joey


    No he was going to wear it before Ben Gordon switched to number 8

  • Jul 16, 20137:32 pm
    by Joey


    And sloppy joe, you are retarded

  • Jul 16, 20137:33 pm
    by Joey


    You fartmuncher

  • Jul 16, 20138:25 pm
    by jake


    lol i’m with everyone else: 0? really dre??
    whatever. as long as it reads “pistons” on the front, i’m okay with it. 

  • Jul 16, 20138:28 pm
    by Alex


    You expect us to believe that the Pistons jerseys haven’t changed a bit since 2008-2009 and that someone has a warehouse somewhere that the jerseys are just sitting in on the off chance that Billups ever became a Piston again?  Those things better have been shipped to a 3rd world country a week after he was traded.

  • Jul 16, 20138:58 pm
    by Brigs


    it don’t matter what jersey number he wears he’s gonna be a beast either way, I just hope he doesn’t bring his guns to work…. Gilbert arenas

  • Jul 16, 201310:13 pm
    by ryan


    Double zero like Robert Parish used to wear would’ve been cool.

  • Jul 16, 201310:48 pm
    by tarsier


    Why does anybody care what number a player wears?

    • Jul 17, 201311:23 am
      by Tony J AD1 for 3!!!


      Exactly. If this kid wants to be #0 then so be it. I wouldn’t mind having a #0 Drummond jersey hanging in the palace rafters. Haha.

  • Jul 17, 20137:30 am
    by rainmax


    I would have preferred him to wear number 12 as it was his jersey number at uconn… but will bynum is still with the team.. maybe if bynum is finally traded or released dre will switch to #12… Its probably the reason why he wore #1 during his rookie season

  • Jul 17, 201310:01 am
    by Crispus


    Financial realities ALWAYS supersede the intents of the rules

    • Jul 17, 201311:24 am
      by Tony J AD1 for 3!!!


      ESPECIALLY with Dave Stern as commissioner lol

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