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Which player belongs No. 9 on the Pistons’ draft board?

Read this before voting

1. Ben McLemore

2. Victor Oladipo

3. Otto Porter

4. Trey Burke

5. Nerlens Noel

6. Anthony Bennett

7. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

8. C.J. McCollum


  • Jun 25, 20136:23 pm
    by Jay


    Wait, what’s the point of finding the 9th player on the Pistons draft board?? We pick 8th…

    • Jun 25, 20136:49 pm
      by sop


      we also have 37 and we could pick up more picks later in the lottery or drop down in the lottery. And its just fun Jay.

  • Jun 25, 201310:50 pm
    by Travis


    The point is that if the Pistons take a player past the #8 pick on this board, it shows that Dumars may have reached for a player that the readers felt was rated lower than #8 on this draft board.

    • Jun 26, 201312:14 am
      by Dan Feldman



      It’s to provide a little more perspective. So, we can differentiate, if need be, between the Pistons taking someone PP readers ranked ninth or 14th.

      • Jun 26, 20139:41 am
        by tarsier


        Although, to be honest, if you look at the voting, there isn’t a huge difference of opinion from 7-12, whereas there are at least 10 different guys who could be picked by the PP readers at 13 without being a surprise.

  • Jun 25, 201311:22 pm
    by Max


    The latest mock on NBAdraft.net has the Pistons getting Otto Porter with the 8th pick.   How awesome would that be?   I actually chose him#2 on the poll for the Pistons boards on this site.    

    • Jun 26, 201312:02 am
      by Blocks by Dre


      Extremely unlikely he gets past the Wizards. 100% fact he won’t go past Pelicans 

      • Jun 26, 201312:43 am
        by Max


        Getting past the Kings would be absolutely shocking.  

  • Jun 26, 201312:25 am
    by Max


    BTW:  Drafting the best player is not always the right thing to do as some are saying.   

    I’d also like to ask how many times a team has gone against their needs of the moment as the picking of a big would have to be considered.   I know you can’t just pencil in Monroe and Drummond because they haven’t proved it yet.   It seems more important to me that I think there would unanimous agreement here that if we could get rid of every player on the roster but two, Drummond and Monroe would be the sure keepers and they happen to both be very young and on paper seem a natural fit to play together as pure bigs.  I can’t be the only one drooling when I see Monroe throwing alley oops to Drummond in the post.   They are not Gasol and Randolph yet it is true but am I the only one hoping they will be better?   Randolph was not always everyone’s darling and Gasol for Gasol was once perceived as the Lakers taking dreadful advantage of the Grizzlies.    I really think the Pistons should pick a guard or a small forward.  

    When the Knicks drafted Rod Strickland a year after Mark Jackson won ROY, Strickland was probably the best player on the board and extremely good value for the pick he was and the player he became.  Drafting Strickland, in the short term of their long careers, hurt both his and Jackson’s early years and led to Strickland being traded for Cheeks when he was close to done but had enough veteran savvy to convince a horrible coach like Stu Jackson to start him over the recent ROY Jackson.   The Knicks were not the better for any of these moves, trust me.   

    The Cavs once used a lottery pick on Kevin Johnson when they already had Mark Price but Johnson didn’t flourish till he was on the Suns.  

    In 011, if the Pistons had completely drafted for need when they drafted Knight, the pick would have been either Faried, Vucevic or one of the Morris brothers.   I think most Pistons would wish that Faried or even Vucevic had been taken.  Personally, I’d still rather have Knight than the Morris brothers or Vucevic.   However, drafting Knight wasn’t completely going against need in terms of having a better projected starting lineup in the future because no one really thought Gordon was going to be good enough in Detroit as a starter and there has always been doubts about Stuckey.  

    Utah went against need that night too and drafted Kanter who does look like a very good player.   If they had drafted for need that night, they would have drafted Knight or Walker.   I think the Jazz would have been better the past two years if they had taken Walker or Knight instead of Kanter but even if he is the best player of the three in the end, which does seem likely, the ultimate worth of that pick will have a lot to do with the eventual breakup of Millsap, Jefferson, Kanter and Favors.   If they lose Millsap for nothing, I’m pretty dubious of that pick right now.

    To act like team balance shouldn’t matter is shaky territory.  Does anyone think young players and  players in their prime who have the talent to dominate enjoy splitting time with their equals or near equals. 
    No one is talking about passing up Michael Jordan.  To act like just anyone could be Jordan is really silly and to act like an NBA prospect like Bowie, Olajuwon, Drexler or even yes Darko wouldn’t be the automatic first pick this year is ludicrous.    A guard a small forward or bust.  


  • Jun 26, 201312:32 am
    by Max


    All that said, just for shits and giggles, if you read the extended mock draft on NBAdraft.net  you’ll find that it says the CAVS have offered the # pick for Aldridge and Love and been rebuffed.    This begs the question, would you trade Drummond or Monroe for the # 1 pick this year?   


    • Jun 26, 20135:59 am
      by oats


      Nope. This draft is too crappy to move a guy as good as those two.

      • Jun 26, 20132:17 pm
        by Max


        Well, that says a lot for the Pistons roster if you can say that Drummond and Monroe are both worth more than the #1 pick.  

  • Jun 26, 201310:10 am
    by Aaron Mannicci


    Where is Carter Williams??

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