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Which player belongs No. 5 on the Pistons’ draft board?

Read this before voting

1. Ben McLemore

2. Victor Oladipo

3. Otto Porter

4. Trey Burke


  • Jun 24, 20139:36 am
    by tarsier


    Wow, if only Pistons fans were drafting, Noel would really slip.

    • Jun 24, 20139:47 am
      by Dan Feldman


      Well, to be fair, this is a board specifically for the Pistons.

      Some might use fit rather than value as their primary criterion. Some might see Noel as similar in value to other players, that might push Noel down if fit is a tiebreaker.

      Either way, these same voters in these polls might have chosen Noel higher when picking for another team. 

      • Jun 24, 201310:19 am
        by Keith


        While I disagree with the idea of passing on a superior talent for a superior fit (every historical precedent says this turns out poorly), it makes sense that fans wouldn’t see things that way. Most fans are worried about how many more wins a player will give you right away. Noel is going to miss a large chunk of the year, and still needs more seasoning to be a big time contributor. This isn’t generally the right move for a franchise, since talent drops off in the draft precipitously, but from a win-now perspective (and odd perspective given the team we are following) it makes sense.

      • Jun 24, 201310:37 am
        by tarsier


        True but I’m still amazed to see him fall to at least 5.

      • Jun 24, 201311:39 am
        by DoctorDave


        I haven’t chosen Noel yet due to his injury; too high a risk in my view.

  • Jun 24, 201310:08 am
    by Dan Feldman


    I had to reset voting. If you already voted, please vote again.

  • Jun 24, 201311:38 am
    by Jack56


    Last I checked Noel was up. This is a poor selection. I love Burke, but if we were at 5…you can’t pass on Noel unless they have concerns about injury. There are so few bigs that this is just plain short-sighted.

    Despite the fact that I personally want Burke…I’m glad fans can’t draft for the Pistons. When we draft on need we get hammered….Darco is the perfect example.

    Draft talent first, then fit. If you get talent and fit then wonderful!     

    • Jun 24, 201312:29 pm
      by Keith


      Completely agree. Having talent is, in itself, a position of strength.

  • Jun 24, 20132:03 pm
    by tarsier


    These will get pretty interesting at 7.

    We fans may have different ranking within the top 6, but it would be shocking if more than one of those guys fell to 8 anyway. 

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