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Vincent Goodwill predicts Pistons will hire Maurice Cheeks

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

If I had to guess, I think Maurice Cheeks will be the next #Pistons coach

Take that for what it’s worth, and Goodwill is clearly saying where he’s coming from. He’s a very plugged-in reporter, though, and I don’t think he’d be publicly making this guess on a whim.

As far as Cheeks, my preference would definitely be Nate McMillan – not that the Pistons necessarily have that choice.


  • Jun 6, 20138:43 pm
    by TDP



  • Jun 6, 20138:45 pm
    by joe dumars


    Adrian Wojnarowski ?@WojYahooNBA 6m
    Y! Sources: OKC assistant Mo Cheeks has emerged as the strong frontrunner to become the next Detroit Pistons coach.

  • Jun 6, 20138:52 pm
    by mike


    yeah, sounds like all but a done deal. The article says ownership and management are all in  agreement on Cheeks, just a matter of working out a contract now.

    • Jun 6, 20138:54 pm
      by mike


      I could’ve  come up with a lot better  options than Cheeks, but I’d take him over McMillan if I had to choose. So I guess I’m fine with the lesser of two evils. Whatever.

      If Drummond pans out how I expect, and becomes one of the most dominant players in the league, the coach won’t matter much. 

  • Jun 6, 20138:53 pm
    by Chabvis


    I don’t get it. I really don’t. I am just straight up bummed out assuming that it is true.

    Obviously I will give him a chance to prove me wrong, but am not expecting this to go well. Although I would love to be proved wrong. 

  • Jun 6, 20138:57 pm
    by Combo Guards VS Logic


    Well…we wanted Wiggins right? Then CHEEKS is our GUY!!

  • Jun 6, 20138:57 pm
    by elshark81


    I also would have preferred McMillan. Although Cheeks profile is very similar. He had runs of 4 years with two different teams and had 50+ win seasons and made the playoffs with both.

    Former guard, known for great defense and seems to have a cool, even keel demeanor. Hopefully his time as lead assistant with OKC during their deep playoff runs and experience with superstar talent has taught him a thing or two.

    He’s a step up from Kuester/Curry but not sure hes that much better than Flip/Frank. We shall see! 

  • Jun 6, 20139:05 pm
    by Lorenzo


    Cheeks is underwhelming for sure…..would have preferred McMillan without a doubt. The silver lining is that at least everyone seems to be on the same page with this hire (if it indeed comes to fruition) than the previous one. Hopefully that galvanized organizational mentality leads to better chemistry and results than previous years.

  • Jun 6, 20139:23 pm
    by gmehl


    I think what irks me the most is the even the Bucks came away with a better coach than we did. I am hoping Cheeks can prove me wrong though.

    • Jun 6, 201310:07 pm
      by CityofKlompton


      The Bucks made the playoffs and haven’t fired three coaches in the past five seasons. I’m not entirely surprised.

  • Jun 6, 20139:49 pm
    by Big Rick


    Everyone is down on the potential hire of Mo Cheeks but he is a vast upgrade over what we’ve had over the last half decade. I think that he may surprise some of you guys but I hope we at least reached out to Hollins 1st. IJS. Lol

  • Jun 7, 201312:36 am
    by mshansky


    cheeks will not be a pleasant surprise. He is the detritus from the coaches carousel this offseason.
    no other team had even the SLIGHTEST interest in him, so he is a cheap retread whose record definitely predicts more mediocre losing seasons. he is not a coach that can redefine a team, build a team,motivate a team, etc. he is a quiet, let em play coach, who might be a little successful   with a really talented team.
    he will fail here, land what’s worse, I predict that the team will not be any better after two years than they are now , in terms of competitiveness, watchability, court  identity, and probably talent too.
     the good news is that he will be gone after a couple years. he has failed and will fail as a head coach.
    Mr Dumars has proven he cannot attract a decent coach and mr gores has proven that he really does not want to spend money on anything but halftime entertainment and luxury suites….they are both losers. 

    • Jun 7, 20139:03 am
      by MIKEYDE248


      I’m not saying that I’m a Mo Cheeks fan at all, but how many better coaches are there out there that you thought the Pistons really had a chance of hiring?  There are quite few head coaching job openings for teams with much better players on them than the Pistons have.  So, the better coaches will most likely be picking the better destinations over Detroit.

  • Jun 7, 201310:26 am
    by Samuel Small


    A yo, let me ask you guys something. What was Scott Brooks record before he became coach of the Thunder? What was Frank Vogel’s record prior to his becoming Indiana coach? And Mark Jackson? My point is this, in order for the Pistons to get better, it’s gonna take the work of the entire organization to make it happen. These coaches had a organization that saw the bigger picture from top to bottom. Not only does a take a good head coach, It takes a patient owner, a smart head of operations, good scouting and players willing to want to learn and have a winning mindset. Not just about cashing a check. Cheeks may not be the flashy name, but if he makes Knight a better guard, install hard defense, help with the development of our young guys, gets the right guys on his staff and Gores and Dumars do what they do and we get a good draft, We will be ok. I still wanna see just how great Phil Jackson is coaching the New Orleans Pelicans or the Charlotte Bobcats.

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