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Trey Burke will hang over Pistons’ Kentavious Caldwell-Pope pick for a while

NEW YORK – Trey Burke – his mouth slightly agape, his face wide with dread – clapped for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, the Detroit Pistons’ pick at No. 8 in the 2013 NBA Draft. Then, Burke turned his head to the right and stared off into an murky and potentially disastrous future.

A day ago, after meeting with the Pistons, Burke said his draft range was No. 2 through No. 8. He hadn’t worked out for any teams picking shortly after the Pistons, and he worried he could fall far.

But the Minnesota Timberwolves drafted the former University of Michigan star one pick later, agreeing to send him to the Utah Jazz for two first-round picks. Burke didn’t know about the trade when he shook David Stern’s hand, and he had to sit in a backroom until it became official.

“My mind was pretty much everywhere,” Burke said.

Burke’s purgatory lasted minutes. The Pistons’ could last a decade.

Right reasons for Trey Burke

Defenders of the Caldwell-Pope pick will claim Detroit fans wanted Burke only because he played at Michigan.

They’ll bring up 1987, when Indiana Pacers fans booed Reggie Miller as their team passed on Indiana University star Steve Alford with the No. 11 pick. But Miller, not Pope, was listed nationally as a top prospect before the draft. If the Pacers didn’t take Miller, the Washington Bullets would have snatched him up at No. 12. When the Pacers passed on Alford, he lasted all the way to the second round.

Burke was gone a single pick after the Pistons passed.

These situations are nothing alike.

Chad Ford’s top 100, ESPN’s expert panel, ESPN’s sampling of NBA evaluators, Kevin Pelton of ESPN, DraftExpress and Mike Prada of SB Nation – every credible draft board I could find – all ranked Burke ahead of Caldwell-Pope. None of those evaluators have a Michigan bias.

Wrong reasons for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

There would be a very simple and defensible reason for the Pistons to draft Caldwell-Pope ahead of Burke: Joe Dumars believes Caldwell-Pope is a better prospect that Burke.

I disagree with that assessment, but Dumars should have every freedom to make his own determinations, draft accordingly and deal with the consequences. Picking a player simply because of his local ties will do the Pistons no good in the long term. To draw fans and make money, they need to win. And to win, the Pistons need better players.

Unfortunately, it seems Dumars prioritized drafting a wing over drafting a good player.

Dave Pemberton of The Oakland Press:

“The draft really doesn’t come down to a popularity contest. It comes down to teams trying to fill their needs.”

Via David Mayo of MLive:

"We are basically desolate at the wing positions," Dumars said. "It was just a major focus of ours, going into this draft, that we have to upgrade the wing athletic shooting. Just don’t have enough wing long athletes. And so that was going to be a priority for us."

Via Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

“When you look at our board, there is not a name up there where we say ‘two guard,’ ” Dumars said, talking about his team’s depth chart. “We have Khris Middleton and Kyle Singler (at small forward); we have (Rodney) Stuckey and Brandon (Knight), who are more combo guards. But just in terms of wing athletes, we don’t have enough and it was a position we knew we had to fill. When you look at the game today, you see more of the wing-athletic-shooters and you have to have that. It was time for us to address that.”

What’s missing from those quotes? Dumars saying Caldwell-Pope was the best player available.

Drafting Caldwell-Pope over Burke because he ranks higher makes sense. Drafting Caldwell-Pope over Burke because they’re in the same tier and wing is a greater need than point guard (which is not a positional preference I share) is understandable.

But simply cutting off other options to draft the best wing available is foolish.

Does Dumars, ignoring need momentarily, rank Caldwell-Pope equal to or ahead of Knight? I’d love to hear Dumars answer that question.

Update: Dumars did address whether Caldwell-Pope was the best player available. As transcribed by Sean Corp of Detroit Bad Boys:

We felt that he was the best player. And we also felt that he was a need as well. Sometimes it comes together like that. It’s a little bit like Drummond last year. We had a definite need. We didn’t have that kind of big and he was the best talent on the board. Sometimes it comes together like that.

This is the first time in a while that you can’t say that someone just fell to us. It was a deep draft at the two-guard spot. I don’t know what’s happening now, what’s going on with the draft right now but there is going to be several more two guards that are going to go off in the first round. Guys that are going to score.

It was that draft. It wasn’t one of these monster drafts. But in that particular position you were going to get a good player.

Here’s one Dumars more quote via Corp (emphasis mine):

We felt like in this particular draft that the two-guard spot especially was pretty deep in terms of this draft. And so we knew that at 8 we knew that one of those two guards would be there and so we focused on that early on in the process.

Dumars’ frequent references to need were quite different than previous drafts, and I find that telling. Also, is someone who focused on shooting guards early in the process necessarily qualified to say definitively whether a player at another position was better? You be the judge.

The Pistons outsmarted teams that picked in before them or could have traded up by perpetrating a ruse that they never met with Caldwell-Pope. In reality, they had a lengthy lunch with Caldwell-Pope.

The Pistons outsmarted their second pick, Tony Mitchell, too. After an interview with the Pistons he described as “intense, really intense,” he never thought they’d draft him.

All around, this was a clever draft by the Pistons. But did they outsmart themselves?

The last time Joe Dumars identified an NBA trend it was stretch fours, and that got Charlie Villanueva the huge contract that’s still saddling Detroit. The Pistons don’t need “wing-athletic-shooters.” They need good players.

The Pistons don’t have anyone who has proven himself to be a good point guard and is under contract for next season. Point guard is an area of need, if the team isn’t trying to shortcut it’s rebuild, just as much as wing, but that just confuses the main point.

Drafting for need when better prospects are available is usually a poor approach.

Unknown result with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Caldwell-Pope is a good prospect – I ranked him No. 7 on my pre-draft board – and the Pistons should be pleased to have him. He could easily turn into a very good player.

But that can no longer be the standard for determining whether he was the right pick. Outperforming Burke, fair or not, is the only measure that will be accepted.

If Burke excels in Utah, Dumars will have pushed away even further a fan base that has already distanced itself from the Pistons. That will almost certainly play into Tom Gores’ decision whether or not to retain Dumars after this season, and Dumars has to have known that when he passed on Burke.

Dumars isn’t doing himself any favors, hiring a coaching with a track record that rarely indicates future success and now passing on Burke for Caldwell-Pope. But it’s a long offseason, and with $20 million-plus in cap room looming, it’s way to early make any roster prognostications.

It’s unclear whether Dumars’ emphasis on a wing means he still views Brandon Knight primarily as a point guard or whether the Pistons will target a point guard in free agency. It’s unclear whether Maurice Cheeks has learned from his mistakes in Portland and Philadelphia or whether he’s in over his head. It’s unclear whether Caldwell-Pope’s 3-point shooting and athleticism will make him the immediate contributor Dumars needs him to be or whether an extended transition to the NBA will keep Caldwell-Pope benched.

Burke would not have singlehandedly answered all the questions facing the Pistons, but he could have answered some of them. Instead, Dumars and Caldwell-Pope are left to show why the Georgia wing was so appealing.

This could all work out, and just because passing on Burke looks foolish today doesn’t mean it will seem that way in a year or two. For all the grading we do this week, the real results don’t come in until much later.

Time will tell whether Dumars outsmarted all of us or outsmarted himself. For the previous three years, he’s let highly rated players – Monroe, Knight, Drummond – slip to him and then comfortably drafted them. Passing on Burke to draft Caldwell-Pope was anything but comfortable, and that indicates how confident Dumars was in his decision.

Or how stubbornly wrong he was.


  • Jun 28, 201310:35 pm


    Dumar evaluated Trey Probably closer than anyone else over the last 2 years… if he was special and he was a fit … Or the next Chris Paul or if he was an elite talent Dumars would have jumped all over him … Props for Dumars for not acting in emotions

    • Jun 29, 20131:45 am
      by Filo Putz


      You’re finally going to admit that Dumars is a professional at his job and capable of evaluating his team’s needs along with talent and upside?????? Look no one is perfect at this. Earlier I had an argument on here about Maateen cleaves going before Morris Peterson in their draft. Both went real close to where they were slotted after very smart professionals evaluated each of their potential. Cleaves played 3 years and Peterson something like 15. There is no mathematical formula that will give you the right guy. There is no way to know for certain how someone adjusts when going to the next level because unless you’re one of those very rare guys with super talent. everyone needs to improve on at least one facet of their game to be a contributor after taking that step up to the NBA…

  • Jun 28, 201310:46 pm
    by Tyrone


    ENOUGH of the Burke talk already!!!  

    Just be happy for him (Burke) that he landed on a good team, now its on him to produce at the NBA level…

    KCP should prove to be a great Piston… How about talking about what Joe D’s next move will be to improve our roster by either free agents or trades…

    One final note, the Jazz and Pistons are both playing in Orlando for the summer league and the only way the Pistons will play the Jazz will be in the finals games at summer league… 

  • Jun 28, 201311:06 pm
    by Wolverines23


    I’m happy with all three picks and excited to see them play.

    However, I was just really upset about Dumars calling Trey Burke the “popular pick”, and that it would just last for 24 hours. I think that was disrespectful, whereas he should have told the media clearly that we see Brandon Knight as our starting point guard for years to come, and he’s still young and needs to be developed into that role!

    That assurance itself would have justified the Pope pick. But again I am not complaining, yes I am a UMICH graduate and was a fan, but that has nothing to do with whether or not Burke was the best player in that given situation. Dumars is also such a hypocrite, because he claims that sometimes you don’t draft by need when the best player is available, I understand that he felt that KCP was the better player, but almost everyone had Burke going ahead of KCP. 

    Again, the problem with this franchise is that they don’t develop players the right way! Besides Monroe/Drummond who put in the hard work themselves and had the ability to play their positions, guards like Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight have to be labeled as combo guards, when really there no different then Westbrook with the elite size, Stuckey could have easily done that. But then Brandon Knight was drafted and in order to start them both he became a 2. You can’t do that, at that time if you felt that BK was better at the 1, then Stuckey should have been coming off the bench as the starting PG. You can’t keep confusing players and telling them that now you should focus on mastering this position, whereas you’ve spent your entire 3 or 4 seasons in Detroit playing the PG positon.

    Again, I really believe Brandon Knight is still young and can become a great leader at the 1, as many of you criticize Trey Burke for his size and strength, so I’ll say it BK is a liability at the 2, his size and strength only allows him to play POINT GUARD in this league, starting or off the bench, he cannot and should not ever play SG. 

    If Dumars made that statement at the press conference that would have been reassuring to people who were upset by the Burke pick, because him not the fans/or media earlier this season said that BK can play the 2 and were looking at Calderon coming in and starting for us at the 1. BK is a combo guard and will start at the 2 and can play both positions. Now that we have Pope, Knight will go back to 1. Imagine, if Russell Westbrook, Derek Rose, Tony Parker, Mike Conley, Rondo, Steve Nash, all the great point guards were constantly being switched from 1 to 2, back to 1. The Pistons organization continues to mess with the psyche of a player and that’s why we suck at developing and identifying talent. What was wrong with Aaron Afflao? He easily should and could have been our starting 2 even today.

    So I’m not upset with the picks Dumars made, but because he doesn’t acknowledge his own mistakes and doesn’t clearly give respect where it’s do. I also have the feeling that he doesn’t value the position of a pure point guard anymore. If so, why did he trade Billups, our team leader, why not Rip or Sheed, or Tay? If he clearly, also said that hey look we like Trey as a player and think he’s going to be great in the NBA, but we just don’t think he can play with Brandon Knight, because we feel that Knight is our starting point guard, then things would be different. Instead, he laughs it off and says I can’t just pick the popular candidate, that’s going to last for like 24 hours? Go fuck yourself JOE D.  

    • Jun 29, 201312:10 am
      by Russell C


      wow so angry. put on some sleepy time tea dude and take a deep breath. If the Pistons win 50 games this year (unlikely but stay with me here) this will be Joe’s best year yet, even better than the championship team that just fell together.

    • Jun 29, 20135:42 am
      by mshansky


      Good post. It underscores the general principle, i believe, that players actually play alot better when their roles are specifically defined, rather than put them put there as “hybrids”, uncertain if they should shoot or pass and confusing their teammates as well, who stand around because they arent sure what is supposed to happen. Ghe upside of KCP, for the Pistons, is even tough he cant attack the basket, cant play defense, and doesnt look lke much of an assist giver, he can concentrate on the one role he can fulfill- shooting.
      Joe’s insistence on combo guards is a loser….. 

    • Jun 29, 201312:02 pm
      by Matt


      That is my feelings on Joe D exactly just worded better. I have always said we’ve just screw players up by making the combo players. They wind up just becoming positionless and confused. The lack of a halfway decent coach just makes the problem worse. He doesn’t value coaches, PGs, positions, or leadership? Oh and throw in his hatred of superstars. Plus no one in the league treats veterans worse. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound like a winning attitude. Cleveland built a team in 3 years, Orlando 1, Boston just dumped their entire team for cap space and draft picks. 5 years later we’re…still terrible. It’s like Joe’s going “what would charlotte do?” I wish he wound’ve been fired. Thanks for 3 championships now goodbye.

  • Jun 28, 201311:20 pm
    by Jr Lopez


    I honestly couldnt belive they didnt take burke and im not a pistons fan or a Michigan fan but I say they shouldve gotten him he knows how to win and has that fire to will his team maybe not win always but a chance he is a good basketball talent not the best but good to be a starter for Detroit.

  • Jun 28, 201311:42 pm
    by AYC


    Would you rather have Burke and be tied to him, or have options going into the 2014 draft to get a PG there?

    • Jun 29, 20138:41 am
      by oats


      Detroit likely won’t have a pick in the 2014 draft.

  • Jun 28, 201311:51 pm
    by Black_Magic


    as long as we can all agree that people are mad that dumars DIDNT take burke, and not mad that dumars took KCP. KCP is a really really good player, and I think he will pan out in Detroit. 

  • Jun 29, 201312:07 am
    by jacob


    I really hope we can get Bledsoe from the Clippers now. We would be a very athletic team. Also it would allow Knight to come in as a 6th man.

  • Jun 29, 201312:08 am
    by Max


    I will say that while many say point guard is the harder guard position to fill; there are many star point guards in the league and very few shooting guards these days who stand out.   

    Bonafide Stars
    Kobe Bryant – injured and may never be the same or who know even play again
    Dwayne Wade – slowing down?  
    James Harden – Soon to be the best by default as in the days of Dwight Howard in Orlando?

    After these three things become pretty murky.  Here are some of the next best in no particular order and it’s hard to say that any of them are true stars at the moment.   

    Eric Gordon – always hurt
    Joe Johnson  - slowing down, has foot issues
    Kevin Martin – never can stay healthy, playing 6th man for the Thunder
    Tyreke Evans – played small forward last year, his teams always stink, doesn’t get along well with others
    Manu Gonobili – when he is flashing
    Ray Allen – ditto
    Monta Ellis – his numbers cost too much financially and otherwise
    Jamal Crawford –  sixth man type because of his overall flaws
    Jr Smith – ditto
    OJ Mayo – still needs more than just one decent year to prove he’s not like Crawford or Smith
    Tony Allen – not enough offense
    Aaron Afflalo – solid, not a star 

    Then there are Matthews, Green, Thornton Thompson, Beal, Waiters, Butler, Shumpert and Bradley who haven’t played long enough and are not really stars yet.  Some of them haven’t been used as stars.   Some have flickered for bad teams.  Most of them never will be true stars.   

    At this point it is very hard to determine the top ten shooting guards and any star shooting guard who came into the league would have a shorter rung ladder to climb than if he was a point guard.   

    Therefore, getting even a good shooting guard about whom you don’t have big questions is much harder to get these days than a like point guard.  I would guess the 12 to 18th best point guard in the league is more desirable for their current level of play than any but the top three shooting guards.  

    • Jun 29, 201312:27 am
      by Filo Putz


      The consensus is the 2 players with all-star capability in this draft were Mclemore and Oladipo both 2′s. To be a competitive team in the league these days you more than likely have a 2 or 3 who is a difference maker. It is more important than point guard.  Just saying you’re more likely to have success with a shooting guard or a small forward that is all star quality and then building with ancillary pieces. Not true in every case but that is the league trend.

  • Jun 29, 201312:13 am
    by Wolverines23


    Agreed. KCP is good. But just like anyone else (including Burke in Utah) he has to prove himself and put in the work. College is over.

    ^Bledsoe would be real interesting on this current roster, if we could get him and settle with Corey Brewer at the 3..we would be a solid defensive/offensive team in the East. I wouldn’t waste money on AI or Josh Smith. I would also try and get Jarrett Jack and let Jose and Bynum sign else where.

  • Jun 29, 201312:32 am
    by mike


    I don’t buy the talk about the Pistons spending most of their money in trades. Looking at the list of perimeter players in FA, there’s a ton of good players there, and I don’t hear many teams looking to dump good perimeter players for cap space. So why give up assets for a SG or SF when we can just sign one outright in FA? I think the talk about trades is just a smokescreen from the media, just like they did for this draft. Why tip off players you want in FA and possibly drive up the price? Better to just stay quiet until the moment FA begins and go sign who you want asap before the price goes up. 

    I do think they could be trading for a PG though, as there aren’t many good ones in FA 

    • Jun 29, 20131:16 am
      by jacob


      It seems like we may be targeting Iggy and trying to acquire Bledsoe.

    • Jun 29, 20131:49 am
      by Filo Putz


      They’ll trade cap relief for a player. That’s the asset they’ll give up not a roster player.

      • Jun 29, 20132:00 am
        by jacob


        Hopefully trade stuckey if you call him an asset. haha

  • Jun 29, 20133:54 am
    by burke sucks


    if pistons drafted burke i would have a new favorite team

  • Jun 29, 20134:44 am
    by Vic


    I think Joe severely underrated Burke because of familiarity, but I think he made some great picks anyway. They’ll be ok as long as they get a pg eventually. Right now Stuckey is their best bet. Hopefully they can resign Calderon instead 

  • Jun 29, 20134:58 am
    by mshansky


    After all the dust settles, they drafted three players who will never start in the NBA. Add them to the mediocre mess they call a team right now, and i dont see anyone but drummond even approach the quality of an nba starter. So the draft did not appreciably change the quality of the team, as of now. When they cant attract free agents who are anything but overrated bench players or starters on other bad teams. (BG and CV), Joe will say he took the best thats out there, same with getting nothing in a trade (you know, he doesnt want to engage in “bad” trades). So by the end of the ffseason, we will be hearing that Joe d is very excited for the new season, a new coach, a year more experience, oh boy! I bet that stuckey, Knight, Monroe, Maxiell, and Singler are the starters. sound familiar? Yeah, Joe is gonna accomplish a lot this summer. same ol same ol…really gonna lay down har earned money to see those stiffs play? I hope the team bosses see the increased empty seats this season, since the Pistons really have no one worth watching, much less a competitive, entertaining tem with an identity. Joe MUST go…

    • Jun 29, 20139:19 am
      by Travis


      I seriously hope this post was meant to troll the comments. If it wasn’t, I’m in disbelief.

    • Jun 29, 201311:36 am
      by Matt


      They play basketball at the palace? Sorry.

    • Jun 29, 20136:06 pm
      by Ryan


      Other than claiming we have no one worth watching (Moose and Dre), this comment is on point. Hoping Joe proves all of us doubtful Pistons fans wrong and somehow gets imaginative this summer, but history suggests otherwise.

    • Jun 29, 20137:06 pm
      by Filo Putz


      You don’t think Monroe is NBA Starter Quality. He’s one of the best power forwards in the league! 

  • Jun 29, 20139:21 am
    by Jack56


    Rumors have it that Pistons are trying to trade for Bledsoe and are real players in the Iggy sweepstakes.

      Bledsoe and Iggy would make this a very fun team to watch…Iggy isn’t my favorite choice, but he is a really good defender. I wouldn’t be for it if he is the “big” splash, but I don’t think he is…

    With these two and Drummond, Knight, Pope the team seems to be more of a running team with solid defense. The one player that doesn’t fit with that is Monroe.

    Perhaps they trade for Bledsoe, sign Iggy and then trade Monroe for a TOP talent PF that fits the new mold….those changes would at least pull us out of the lottery every year phase.

    Starting Lineup


    SG- Pope

    SF- IGGY (He has played SF)

    PF- MONROE or New PF after trade for Monroe   

    C- Drummond    

    BENCH- Knight, Middleton, Mitchell, Kras…etc.

    That team might not win a Championship, but they’d be fun to watch.       


    • Jun 29, 20136:07 pm
      by Ryan


      We won’t get Bledsoe, but if Mo can somehow convince Iggy to come, we should still have a little bit of money to bring in an Earl Clark or Martell Webster too (I don’t see Calderon in your lineup).

  • Jun 29, 201310:50 am


    For a know year we cryied about the lack of scoring….we get a athletic-shooting Wing …but evermind

  • Jun 29, 201311:10 am
    by wilmer sanders


    idk if this would work but what if we sign eric maynor, hes an unrestricted free agent and he was good before his knee injury and then what if we trade and sign dannny granger we could possibly trade rodney stucky and 15 2nd round picks

    • Jun 29, 201311:12 am
      by Jack56


      Stuckey for Granger….not going to happen!

    • Jun 29, 20136:09 pm
      by Ryan


      OKC cast off Maynor for a reason… we shouldn’t settle for less than a proven starting PG (even if it’s someone in the Collison range).

  • Jun 29, 20132:54 pm
    by Gordbrown


    Once upon a time, there was a Michigan team that won the NCAA championship. The starting point guard on that team won all kinds of awards and had crazy assist numbers. Of course, the team he played on was extremely well coached with a strong system that worked at the collegiate level and he had very high quality team mates. What he lacked in athleticism was supposed to be more than compensated by strong “intangibles” like leadership, BB IQ and “pure point guard” skills distributing the ball. The parallels are much deeper than people see. Height is not the issue. The issue is really how much can intangibles compensate for really really bad measurements at the combine. I don’t think history shows they will.

    • Jun 29, 20133:13 pm
      by Gordbrown


      Just to add, I don’t know why more people and especially those into advance stats don’t recognize that assists are a “counting stat” that really do rely on the talent around you. Also the whole bullshit pure point guard stuff. For example excusing a veteran with decaying skills who has also mentally checked out because the rotation on the ball put on by the passer. Let’s put that crap to rest once and for all please.

    • Jun 29, 20133:48 pm
      by Filo Putz


      Height was a big issue for Rumeal Robinson as it is for every player at every position. If a guy is undersized he would need to exhibit a skill facet in his game that compensates for the height disadvantage

      • Jun 29, 20134:18 pm
        by Gordbrown


        Argument is that he has skill set to overcome his height. But again, those skills are intangibles like leadership, not lateral quickness or agility.

        • Jun 29, 20136:33 pm
          by Filo Putz


          Right. It’s difficult to extrapolate those skills to predict success overcoming a height disadvantage when going up a level in competition to the NBA. 

          • Jun 29, 20137:47 pm
            by Filo Putz

            I could go into a long explanation but all you have to do is look at Mclemore. While certainly not on the tall side for a shooting guard at 6’4″ the skills and athleticism  he exhibits today are already on the level of a very good NBA player. He doesn’t need to improve in order to be successful. From his jumping off point if he does show additional  physical  or intangible qualities on the floor, there is the possibility maybe even the probability of greatness. The NBA is played at a quicker pace than college and there are many more possessions per game. So a guy who is already superior in both skill and athleticism should thrive. All that being said, when you look at a guy like Burke he has shown an ability to shoot, handle and pass at the college level but his athleticism is below that of, I’ll say top 15 point guard. Are the skills that he has shown NBA Quality at his jumping off point? My answer would be yes. Then the question becomes whether his intangibles like leadership and huge heart would overcome his lack of high level athleticism and his height disadvantage? My answer to that would be no.  But You never really know till he gets on the floor.We’ll see. 

      • Jun 29, 20136:28 pm
        by Ryan


        Has anyone who’s still knocking Burke on his size noticed that Joe was touting how teams have guys who are 6’6″/6’7″, in his arguments in favor of a guy who’s 6’5″? Just sayin.

        • Jun 29, 201311:28 pm
          by Filo Putz


          I was hoping for MCW in the first round then Carrick Felix from ASU in the second. Felix’ natural position is sg. and he’s bigger and more athletic than Pope. Then we would have gotten some size….. It would have transformed the whole look of the team

  • Jun 29, 20133:06 pm
    by levesque


    Burke was a great college player, but so was KCP. It DOES mean something that this fan base is the only one that would be this upset about passing on him for someone else. He played college ball in this market. That’s it. He could be a consensus better prospect than KCP for everyone’s fans, but only this fan base would be this enraged about getting someone else, barring a more likely bust candidate which KCP is not.
    KCP and Knight could prove one of the best defensive backcourts in the league, and that’s a huge part of having the right guys in place at those spots, having players that can hold up well on the defensive side. Knight has the tools to be one of the elite defensive PGs in the league, and there isn’t anything he can’t do that we really need at the PG spot. He can set guys up and make good passes with anticipation on the break. He’s not Chris Paul but this is a team built around Monroe/Drummond anyway. If he can continue to shoot well and learn not to turn it over so much and get 6-7 assists most nights he’s more than fine. KCP’s a fairly efficient scorer who doesn’t turn it over, good fit for this team.

  • Jun 29, 20133:52 pm
    by Tony J


    A bit off topic but do anyone have a link to the introductory press conference? This God awful Michigan weather knocked my power out 30 minutes before the draft (luckily ESPN radio kept me informed) and I didn’t get a chance to watch the conference. Thanks for the help.

    • Jun 29, 20133:55 pm
      by Tony J


      Nevermind, I found it on the Pistons official website haha

  • Jun 29, 20134:17 pm
    by Jack56


    All day and no new posts.

  • Jun 29, 20134:19 pm
    by Panda


    Other than Piston Powered where do you al get your Piston info and updates? Suggestions?

    What are the best sites for rumors and news about the Pistons? 

    • Jun 29, 20134:20 pm
      by Jack56


      Bleacher Report, HoopsHype, Hoopsworld, prosportsdaily, MLIVE…etc.

      • Jun 29, 20136:27 pm
        by Dan Feldman


        You know I can see that you commented as “Panda,” switched to “Jack56″ and then replied to your own comment, right?

        • Jun 30, 201312:30 am
          by Matt


          Sometimes the best answers come from yourself.

          • Jul 1, 20138:45 am
            by G

            Then why ask the question & pretend it’s not you answering it?

    • Jun 29, 20135:12 pm
      by City of Klompton


      In addition to the links mentioned above, http://www.detroitbadboys.com

  • Jun 29, 20134:32 pm
    by frankie d


    i didn’t like the fact that joe passed on burke.
    but i would have felt a lot better about the entire situation if joe d hadn’t responded with the arrogant statement about not taking the popular pick.
    if he’d just straight up acknowledged that they want to stay with knight as the PG, and that they didn’t see anyone on their board that looked good enough to supplant him, that would have been fine.
    but instead, he insults the fans who may have a differing view, and dismisses any concerns about the issue and really chooses not to address it at all.
    what is the team’s plan at point guard?
    knight?  calderone?  does he even think they have a need at point guard?
    he chooses not to even address it.
    i’d thought that the calderone trade marked a real change in his attitude.
    it seemed pretty clear to me that the team changed markedly for the better with the presence of a guy like calderone, who is more of the traditional PG joe d has always denigrated.
    looks like that was not a correct judgment on this fan’s part.  it looks like he is headed back to the knight experiment, for better or worse.
    the fact that he chooses not to even talk about that issue with media, for the fan’s benefit just illustrates the kind of arrogance dumars has started showing towards the public.
    he’s been in his position too long.  he treats it as sort of a birthright.
    i’m just wondering now, what the next egregious  screw  up is going to be.
    my guess is josh smith at a max contract.
    and then i really want to see how he is going to explain how smith and drummond and monroe are all going to play together on the same front line. 

    • Jun 29, 20135:45 pm
      by Jack56


      Nah, Joe D is fairly good at making trades…so I expect him to bring someone in to help.

      • Jun 29, 20136:13 pm
        by Ryan


        Haha! This comment is living about 10 years in the past.

    • Jun 29, 20136:24 pm
      by Ryan


      Preach Frankie D. Hopefully Joe just sits on the cap space for 2014 – when new management can make creative decisions.

  • Jun 29, 20134:35 pm
    by Javell


    Kcp will be a superstar! Reminds me of terrence ross but a better situation…. Humble kid and great motor! I recall a play in college when he ran/sprinted full court to get a chase down block! He fits detroit and he and andre will go good together

  • Jul 2, 20137:11 pm
    by jake


    burke is good. kcp is better

  • Aug 19, 20139:25 pm
    by ??? ???


    ????? ??? 149

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