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Shabazz Muhammad works out for Pistons today

Shabazz Muhammad’s second visit to Sacramento didn’t included a workout, because he was injured. But he’s reportedly feeling better in time for his meeting with the Pistons.

Sean Deveney of Sporting News:

Shabazz Muhammad had ankle sprain that kept him from working out w Kings last week. But 4 days off, and he’s working out for Pistons today.

If the consensus top six players – Nerlens Noel, Ben McLemore, Otto Porter, Anthony Bennett, Victor Oladipo and Alex Len – and Trey Burke are off the board before the Pistons pick at No. 8, I’m pretty up in the air about whom I’d prefer. Muhammad is definitely in contention, though.

Leaks about the results of Pistons workouts can be pretty hit or miss, but I’m especially interested in learning information about this one. A strong workout could definitely make Muhammad Detroit’s most likely choice. He fits well, as the Pistons need a wing player and a scorer, and he provides both. But there are still plenty of questions whether he’s good enough to justify going eighth.


  • Jun 24, 20137:19 pm
    by Aruna



    So according to Marc Spears at Yahoo, the Hawks are interested in Muhammed and might be willing to give up the 17th and 18th to get him.  I’d do that straight up in a heartbeat.  Even if the Hawks end up jumping us for him, that means someone better will drop.

    • Jun 24, 20138:38 pm
      by Natopher


      I’d definitely do that trade, but only if Burke was gone. Burke is the best fit for us, in my opinion. If he’s gone I vote trading down with the Hawks and drafting Dieng and the best of whoever’s left between KCP, Allen Crabbe (my favorite) and Tim Hardaway Jr.

  • Jun 24, 20137:21 pm
    by Lorenzo


    I think in the said scenario you have to go with either Muhammad or Calldwell-Pope…though the more I watch of him the more I’m starting to like Pope. Both would fit well, but I currently think (with a bit of polishing/coaching) Pope has the better potential to be a very good two way player in this league. I would even go as far as to say that if it were up to me I would take him over a couple of “consensus top players” that may very well be off the board by the time the Pistons make their pick. Must add that Zeller shouldn’t be forgotten either….

  • Jun 24, 20137:51 pm
    by Sop


    Ok here’s what you’ve all been waiting for:
    Tier 1

    1.     Victor Oladipo
    2.     Nerlens Noel
    3.     Ben McLemore
    4.     Otto Porter
    5.     Anthony Bennett
    Tier 2
    6.     Trey Burke
    7.     Cody Zeller
    8.     Alex Len
    9.     C.J. McCollum
    10.  Michael Carter-Williams
    11.  Shabazz Muhammad
    Tier 3
    12.  Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
    13.  Sergey Karasev
    14.  Mason Plumlee
    15.  Steven Adams
    16.  Dennis Schroder
    17.  Isaiah Canaan
    18.  Jamaal Franklin
    19.  Shane Larkin
    20.  Giannis Adetokunbo
    Tier 4
    21.  Reggie Bullock
    22.  Allen Crabbe
    23.  Tony Snell
    24.  Tony Mitchell
    25.  Lucas Nogueira
    26.  Kelly Olynyk
    27.  Mike Muscala
    28.  Tim Hardaway Jr.
    29.  Gorgui Dieng
    30.  Archie Goodwin
    31.  Jeff Withey
    32.  Rudy Gobert
    33.  C.J. Leslie
    34.  Glen Rice Jr.
    35.  Pierre Jackson
    36.  Ricardo Ledo
    37.  Livio Jean Charles
    Tier 5
    38.  Erick Green
    39.  Ray McCallum Jr.
    40.  Alex Abrines
    41.  Lorenzo Brown
    42.  Nate Wolters
    43.  Grant Jerrett
    44.  Deshaun Thomas
    45.  Myck Kabongo
    46.  Nemanja Nedovic
    47.  James Southerland
    48.  Andre Roberson
    49.  Ryan Kelly
    Tier 6
    50.  Vander Blue
    51.  Phil Pressy
    52.  Brandon Paul
    53.  Richard Howell
    54.  Adonis Thomas
    55.  DJ Stephens
    56.  Khalif Wyatt
    57.  Trevor Mbakwe
    58.  Colton Iverson
    59.  B.J. Young
    60.  Seth Curry

  • Jun 24, 20138:52 pm


    I like Shabazz he’s the type of player we need … I compare him to Isisah Rider … With a Coach like Cheeks, he could really be a nice fit …

    Not a huge fan of Pope, but even he is a better choice than Burke

    • Jun 24, 20139:29 pm
      by Filo Putz


      I don’t see it. Isaiah Rider was a high energy 2 guard. Muhammad is a plodding undersized SF.

      • Jun 24, 20139:46 pm
        by I HATE FRANK


        Smh … he played G/F in college to fit a system…he is clearly a SG …something are just simple

        • Jun 24, 20139:55 pm
          by Filo Putz


          OK we’ll agree to disagree. I see him as an undersized small forward who doesn’t have the skill set to play shooting guard

          • Jun 24, 201310:05 pm
            by I HATE FRANK

            do you have espn insider? its a wonderful article about Shabazz skill-set and ability to play SG…

        • Jun 24, 201310:54 pm
          by tarsier


          I don’t know if he has the quickness to play at SG full time. But 6’6″ is a fine height for a wing.

          The questions on Shabazz are how much he can score efficiently, whether he can be a plus on D, and whether he can bring anything else to the table.

          Right now, my draft board looks like:
          Rice??? Maybe? Not sure who to take after this group. 

          • Jun 24, 201311:40 pm
            by Filo Putz

            Just a couple of thoughts on Noel and Len. This is such a weak draft that 2 guys  who still haven’t healed from serious injuries might be taken in the  first 6 picks. With Noel, the ACl injury has been repaired so that shouldn’t present a problem. But whenever you have a torn ACL there is also meniscus damage and the extent of it is what  long term will limit him as a basketball player. If the meniscus damage was minimal it probably won’t effect him as far a pain but still with the injury it is inevitable at some point arthritis will set in.. If the extent of meniscal damage is considerable which happens frequently when an ACL is torn he will be faced with playing with pain in the joint along with early onset of arthritis.

            As for Len.when a 19 year old 7 footer already has had an ankle stress fracture it is a red flag as to what the future holds. If you remember what Bill Walton and grant hill went through with their ankle issues that were reccuring., This is an issue that comes back again and again. And of course it is impossible to have a high level basketball career with constant ankle injuries. Unfortunately although it’s not a 100% certainty, when a stress fracture occurs and doesn’t heal properly it usually happens again with further complications..

          • Jun 25, 201312:36 am
            by tarsier

            Throw in Bennett who isn’t yet healed up either.

            Of course, medicine has come a long way and former injuries are nowhere near as disconcerting as they once were. Also, most teams drafting high shouldn’t care that much if the guy they take is available to start the season anyway since they probably won’t be making the playoffs regardless.

            But yeah, this doesn’t look like a superstar draft. But besides the very top, I’d expect it to be a fairly average draft class. 

  • Jun 24, 20139:56 pm


    I like that we worked out Ledo…

    • Jun 24, 201310:22 pm
      by Filo Putz


      I  don’t have Espn insider I’m just going off of what I’ve seen. One thing about him is he’s a bull who likes to get to the basket and hit the offensive glass.

    • Jun 24, 201310:47 pm
      by Jon


      i’d be ecstatic to somehow get into the late teens and pick him up. he’s got size, shooting and handles; all things we need in the backcourt

    • Jun 24, 201310:50 pm
      by Jon


      i’d be ecstatic to somehow get into the late teens and pick him up. he’s got size, shooting and handles; all things we need in the backcourt. i think it offsets the offcourt issues in the late lottery

  • Jun 24, 201310:24 pm
    by Talan


    Vincent Goodwill: Source: Shabazz Muhammad worked out for the #Pistons today. “It went well” Twitter @vgoodwill

  • Jun 25, 20131:46 am
    by Filo Putz


    Noel will play when he feels confident his knee won’t give way. That is long after he’ll be medically cleared. So I’m not worried about him. But Len I am worried. You can see in his interviews he going crazy not being able to show what he can do. It would be much better for him long term if he sat longer than prescribed.

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