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Pistons won’t waive Rodney Stuckey

David Aldridge of NBA.com:

Pistons, per source, will not waive Rodney Stuckey

Stuckey will count $8.5 million against the cap during the 2013-14 season. After the season, he’ll become an unrestricted free agent.

Here’s what I wrote when the Pistons re-signed Stuckey two years ago:

The way I see it, there are three possibilities if Stuckey becomes a Pistons free agent in three years – none of which would place Detroit in ideal position.

1. Stuckey underperforms. This is pretty self-explanatory. The Pistons can’t really afford to have another* one of its players, especially their second-highest-paid player, have his production fall below his salary.

*Have I mentioned Detroit’s three(!) amnesty candidates?

2. Stuckey takes the next step and become a star. In the short term, that would be great. But in three years, unlike this time, Stuckey would have leverage as an unrestricted free agent. There are strong signs he wants out, and the Pistons only option for keeping him could very well be to overpay.

3. Stuckey plays like an $8.3 million-per-season player. He hasn’t done that yet, so it would take modest improvements. But that’s what Stuckey does: make modest improvements without reaching star status.

The Pistons were in a lose-lose situation with Stuckey now – either keep a less-than-stellar fit or let a talented player walk for nothing. They’re headed down the same path again. This time, they have a chance to do something about it, and they should.

Trade Stuckey before his contract ends.

I don’t think my assessment has changed. Unfortunately, Stuckey’s trade value likely has – for the worse.


  • Jun 30, 20136:12 pm
    by hoophabit


    Likely RS and CV are cap space for next year.

  • Jun 30, 20136:30 pm
    by Rodman4Life



  • Jun 30, 20136:51 pm
    by Ryan Kelly


    Yeah the hope is you can trade the bum and bring back players in return without hurting your cap space as much.   As a player he has minimal value. 

  • Jun 30, 20137:37 pm
    by Lorenzo


    Really no point buying him out unless you feel good about using that cap room to sign someone in free agency. Looking at this year’s free agency crop plus the cap room already at disposal it’s probably best to hang on to Stuckey and the last year of his contract and use it as trade bait or let it roll over to next year’s FA (Monroe’s contract extension not withstanding).

  • Jun 30, 20139:08 pm
    by Russell C


    since he and Charlie V are making the same I would go ahead and amnesty Stuckey. Charlie V as a sometime three point threat and expiring contract may have value in a trade to someone.

  • Jun 30, 201311:12 pm
    by Filo Putz


    How is this news??? Did anyone expect them to cut him out and just leave a rookie as the only 2 guard on the team?

    • Jun 30, 201311:17 pm
      by Max


      KCP wouldn’t be the only 2 guard on the team but he’s still the very best guard on the team until Knight drastically improves or KCP proves better.

  • Jun 30, 201311:16 pm
    by domnick


    trading Stuckey and CV would be the best move ever! if joe d can do it… then wow… he is good!

  • Jun 30, 201311:17 pm
    by Filo Putz


    I had no problem with money and three years. It was the money and 4years given to Prince that roiled me. But hey they were able to get out of the Prince deal with flying colors..

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