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Michael Carter-Williams in play for Suns at No. 5? Hopefully

Michael Carter-Williams and Trey Burke worked out with the Suns earlier this month. As far as I know, only one of those two has been invited back for a second visit to Phoenix.

Hint: It’s the player I hope the Suns draft at No. 5.

Carter-Williams tweeted yesterday:

On my way back to Phoenix #5HEnergy #draftdreams

As I wrote in relation to Shabazz Muhammad going to the Kings at No. 7, the Pistons need one player in addition to Nerlens Noel, Ben McLemore, Otto Porter, Anthony Bennett, Victor Oladipo and Alex Len to go in the top six for Trey Burke to fall. Either Muhammad going to the Kings or Carter-Williams to the Suns works.

Heck, if both happen, the Pistons might even get their pick between top players. I’m writing a lot about Burke, because I think he’s, by far, the top prospect most likely to fall. But I’d be happy if the Pistons get him or any other top guy at No. 8.


  • Jun 24, 20135:39 pm
    by jacob


    Anyone know how shabazz’s workout went today?

  • Jun 24, 20135:40 pm
    by Otis


    Hasn’t it leaked that the Pistons aren’t crazy about Burke? Matt Dery just said he heard from an inside source that the team is liking Cody Zeller more and more.
    A good young point guard would help, but if this is a MAKE-OR-BREAK season for Joe (as it’s been made out to be), do you think he’s going to take a chance on a rookie PG running the show? Might make more sense to get a veteran PG, and if they took Zeller and traded Monroe for some legit perimeter help, I’d be pretty happy.

    • Jun 24, 20136:20 pm
      by gmehl


      I truly don’t believe Joe will make any decisions based on his own personal future. He’s way to classy for that. If Trey is the best prospect on the board then he will take him.

    • Jun 24, 20137:32 pm
      by deusXango


      Otis, you had my attention with the Burke vs. Zeller argument but, when you started talking about trading Monroe, I found that to be a total turnoff. Zeller is a good prospect, don’t get me wrong, but he doesn’t work without Monroe and Drummond when he gets here. There aren’t many three-headed frontcourt monsters in the NBA like what Monroe, Drummond, and Zeller would represent.

    • Jun 24, 20137:46 pm
      by Filo Putz


      Why would they trade Monroe if they take Zeller. They need at least a 3 man rotation at the 4 and 5.

      • Jun 24, 20137:49 pm
        by Worm


        Because some people, for whatever reason, have convinced themselves that a guy who hasn’t played a minute in the NBA is better than a borderline All-Star. It makes no sense whatsoever.

      • Jun 24, 20138:00 pm
        by Byron


        I’m not normally like this, but I just have this bad feeling that Monroe is always going to be a huge liability defensively and have an early peak offensively, so I kinda hope they trade him while his value is high. But I also don’t know anything about anything, so I’m probably just wrong. But if we’re paying Monroe a max salary in 3 years so that he can score 8 more points a game than a replacement PF while giving up 18 more, I’m going to look back to this summer as when we should have moved him.

  • Jun 24, 20136:17 pm
    by Filo Putz


    My top eight in draft order. Not considering team need.

    1) Mclemore

    • Jun 24, 20136:55 pm
      by Jeremy


      On the SVP and Russillo show earlier today Chad Ford said he is about 99% sure that if Cleveland doesn’t take Noel #1, the Magic will take him at #2. I’ve also read that there are brass in Cleveland that like Len better than Noel. I see the draft working out this way:

      1) Mclemore
      2) Noel
      3) Porter
      4) Oladipo
      5) McCollum
      6) Bennett
      7) MCW
      8) Leaving Detroit the options of Zeller, Muhammad, or Burke. I would be happy with any of 3.  Important thing to take into consideration is Burke isn’t going to be the starting PG on this team if he is selected here. If he is the pick, my money is on Joe making a run at Calderon still and letting Will walk.  Part of me is hoping they go either Zeller or Muhammad over Burke and then Ray McCollum drops to 37. Muhammad provides some scoring pop this team desperately needs on the wing and Zeller is an upgrade to the departing Maxiell. 

      • Jun 24, 20137:27 pm
        by Filo Putz


        Muhammad reminds me too much of Michael Beasley. Also,  I can’t see his skill set adapting to playing shooting guard.

        • Jun 24, 20137:45 pm
          by tommy t


          Muhammad doesn’t go in the top 12

      • Jun 24, 20137:44 pm
        by deusXango


        Jeremy, that was the most sensible post I’ve read in a long time. If given the choice between Zeller, Muhammad, and Burke (and I love this player because I’m a homer), selecting Zeller at #8 and hoping McCollum falls to us at #37 is so simple; Joe D has a great lure to bring back Calderon, which is who we need to get back into the playoffs, and we have a more balanced team for Cheeks to coach.

      • Jun 24, 20137:57 pm
        by Who Is Us


        KPC goes before Mohammad would be my guess. 

      • Jun 24, 20138:09 pm
        by Filo Putz


        You think Cleveland will take Mclemore #1 even though they took Waiters at 4 last year

        • Jun 25, 20138:41 am
          by tarsier


          It’s certainly possible. After all, SGs and SFs are pretty darn close to interchangeable.

  • Jun 24, 20136:17 pm
    by Matt


    Wow, I guess the saying goes “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with bullshit.” I’m curious as to why such a project would excite them more than Burke. Not complaining but I’m curious what MCW showed that Burke didn’t. I personally think he won’t do well. He has too many holes in his game to be effective barring a major improvements. I could be wrong. Phoenix thinks I am. Is it possible 2 top 7 players fall to us?

    • Jun 25, 20135:36 am
      by oats


      5″ taller and he more athletic. That’s really the extent of the argument.

  • Jun 24, 20136:22 pm
    by gmehl


    I wonder who will be the first here to bite and say that MCW is actually good and should be our pick. The smoke and mirrors have begun. Who they want to pick and who they want you to think they’ll pick are 2 different things.

    • Jun 24, 20139:05 pm
      by Pimp Zombie


      Ive been saying all along that MCW should be our pick. I cant wait for my cookie after the guy shows he’s was best PG in this draft, whichever team drafts him. Mark my words: he would be a BEAST with the pistons.

  • Jun 24, 20137:16 pm
    by Tyrone


    This is just a smoke screen…

    MCW is not going to be the 5th pick in this draft… 

  • Jun 24, 201310:58 pm
    by Hook shot


    I just hope he isn’t the 8th pick. I am for getting Calderon and drafting Zeller. After that I think Martel Webster could be a good wing player for us

  • Jun 25, 20134:53 am
    by Wolverines23


    I obviously would love Burke over anyone in this draft, but a lot of people are quick to write off MCW including myself. After following him for the last few weeks, reading about his workouts and watching film/interviews, I actually really like his size at the 1. He could work wonders with Brandon Knight, as Knight could guard the PG and MCW could guard the SG. What made me like him a lot more was his NBA job interview on youtube with Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCrYqDeSDYI

    Outside of his basketball game, he also seems to be a high character guy, who will be a great leader for his teammates and I just love his defensive abilities. We need a guy who can not just score but do other things. That being said if the Pistons were to draft MCW, we’d really have to get a good quality SF to play the 3, either in FA or via trade, a guy who can be our go to guy, and score with range. I see Corey Brewer being a guy who can at least shoot and defend his position well, probably not be our go to guy, but we can save money and sign him for the time being, until next season or look for trades during the season with teams that have to cut cap space. 

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