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Michael Carter-Williams could fit well with the Detroit Pistons

A panel of ESPN experts picked the best fit for Michael Carter-Williams, and Fran Fraschilla named the Pistons:

Fraschilla: Detroit Pistons. New coach Mo Cheeks has two young bigs, Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond who could take the lob passes Carter-Williams can throw. Cheeks would be a great role model for a young point guard, and he could help his rookie guard iron out an inconsistent jump shot.

The Pistons might be the best landing spot for Carter-Williams – Fraschilla doesn’t even get into how his ability to defend shooting guards could get him on the court sooner if Brandon Knight is Detroit’s shooting guard – but I have major doubts Carter-Williams is the best choice for the Pistons.

Those lob passes will be pretty difficult to get off if Carter-Williams can’t shoot, because Monroe’s passing can only do so much to space the floor if the Pistons are relying on three players without much range. There are also serious questions about Carter-Williams playmaking ability against good competition.

The Pistons will likely have to pick a player with major question marks, and Carter-Williams could be the best of that bunch. Fraschilla thinks the Pistons could the best by him, and if they agree, that could give him the edge over a crowded group.

But for a team with such a mixed record of developing young players, the Pistons might not be so appealing to Carter-Williams.


  • Jun 19, 20132:04 pm
    by Piston Maniac


    The reality is BK can’t/shouldn’t be handed anything. I’ve never been a fan of his nor did I believe the hype prior to his arrival in kentucky. I will accept anybody can replace BK

  • Jun 19, 20132:07 pm
    by RyanK


    This pick will show a lot about the piston’s plans with Knight.  If they pick a PG, it probably means Knight is on his way out…hopefully part of a trade that brings in a good wing player with playoff experience.  

    • Jun 19, 20132:12 pm
      by jacob


      Well if Noel Mclemore Oladipo Porter Bennet Len and Zeller are all gone who do we take?

      • Jun 19, 20132:24 pm
        by I HATE FRANK


        this draft is 10 players deep…. 11 depending on how you feel about Shabazz or Pope …

        The talent level isn’t that different, but skill and positions ….

        I like Shabazz , Zeller and Williams …. Bennett, Oladipo or Ben Mclemore one of those 3 will fall promise

      • Jun 19, 20133:01 pm
        by tarsier


        Burke would definitely be the right pick at that point.

      • Jun 19, 20134:41 pm
        by deusXango



  • Jun 19, 20132:38 pm


    Ben McLemore is repeating what paul pierce did leading up to the draft

    He declining workouts with teams outside the Top 5
    He has question about can he a go to player
    He didn’t want to compete against other prospects
    He is not in great shape
    He play a position only a few teams need filled
    He is being called Soft  

    Recipe fore a fall 

    • Jun 19, 20138:46 pm
      by Docter coffee


      I tried to read your post you must not have used spell check. Recipe for a fall. Not fore

      • Jun 20, 20138:28 am
        by G


        “Fore” is an actual word, spell check wouldn’t have caught that.

  • Jun 19, 20132:53 pm
    by Otis


    Lobs for Greg Monroe? He can’t leave the floor. This is why national writers/commentators should not be taken seriously when discussing the Pistons.

    • Jun 19, 201311:32 pm
      by gmehl


      Ha ha… I thought the same thing (about Moose) when I read that too.

    • Jun 20, 20138:30 am
      by G


      I was picturing a lob pass into the post if he’s getting fronted by his defender, like how the Spurs have had to get the ball in to Duncan. If the guy thought Monroe is a high-flying terror, he’s an idiot.

  • Jun 19, 20133:07 pm
    by joe dumars


    You’re basically taking away all the advantages MCW had against point guards by having him guard 2s. Hes rail thin, and also got a mediocre wingspan for someone that’s 6-6. He and Knight shouldn’t be guarding 2s.

    His defensive potential is very questionable because of the Syracuse 2-3 zone defense. Syracuse have a poor track record in the NBA. I’d pass on MCW.

    • Jun 20, 201312:11 am
      by Matt


      That is exactly my fear with MCW. I would take Burke not for his talent but because of our stupidity. All we’re going to see is a 6’6 combo guard. Burke we won’t have that choice unless we want him to always be injured. I’d honestly worry about MCW being under 200lbs. NBA players are bigger, faster and stronger, ask Knight.
      I’d also chose Burke because he fits better, I think. I think we need 3 point shooters to surround our big men. I think Burke is a better 3 point shooter.

  • Jun 19, 20134:20 pm
    by Oracle


    Michael Carter Williams’ shooting makes Austin Rivers look like Reggie Miller.  

  • Jun 19, 20134:44 pm
    by deusXango


    Michael Carter-Williams is a wasted lottery pick for us.

  • Jun 19, 20135:37 pm
    by Killmovez


    How about Draft neither…

  • Jun 19, 20135:48 pm
    by Vic



    • Jun 21, 20131:48 am
      by gmehl


      Yep that is our board but I am tempted to switch around McLemore and Burke.

  • Jun 19, 20138:15 pm
    by Army Ray


    You a an idiot if you think BK is not a good player. And your an idiot if you think Burke is the right pick. Now dont get me wrong all though i am a Michigan State Fan i wouldnt mind seeing Burke In the Palace. But. If we Draft MCW which i really hope we do. thats a 6’6 Point Guard who excels in passing the ball and is a true point. BK7 ive been watching since he was in 10th grade and he has always been a shoot first guard so when he had his chance a the 2 he played very well. This meaning with MCW at the 1 we will not have a small backcourt and our 1 spot will be handled more efficiently. We wont have a miss match defensively, like would with two guards under 6’4. But if that is how the cookie crumbles i would gladly welcome Burke to the team. All though i think MCW is the right choose for the pistons. 

    • Jun 19, 201311:39 pm
      by gmehl


      ‘You an idiot’
      That’s a great way to open a post and expect to get positive feedback. Well I think you’re an idiot if you draft for need over talent. If the best prospect is there at pick 8 (Burke) you take him even if he doesn’t fit beside Knight. Knight could be put into a Jason Terry role and a SG (Mayo or Iggy) could be secured through free agency. Going for need over talent is how you miss out on future stars which we’ve done before (Ty Lawson).

    • Jun 20, 20138:48 am
      by G


      And a couple more things… *you’re, *although, *mismatch, *like WE would, *although (again), *choice (not choose), not to mention all the missed apostrophes, capitalizations, and incorrect capitalizations. Be careful calling other people idiots, homey. Normally I don’t get all grammatical on people here, but when you call someone an idiot for having an opinion and then crap all over the keyboard like that, I feel the need to speak up.

      I’m not an idiot (and I also know how to spell most of the time), and I don’t think Knight is a good player. He could BECOME a good player, but last year he wouldn’t have started on over half the teams in the league. The Pistons need good players first and foremost, and I don’t think MCW will develop into a good player. He looks like a career backup to me. Too many critical flaws. Burke is actually the IDEAL height for a PG.

      ESPN did a study a couple years back listing PER by height for each position and found that while the average height for a PG was 6’2″ (so 6’1″ isn’t THAT undersized), the height with the highest average PER was 6’0″ for point guards. PER doesn’t factor in defense for the most part and this is where the shorter guards would suffer, but Chris Paul is listed at 6’0″ and is possibly the best defender at the PG position in the league.

      • Jun 21, 20134:59 am
        by Filo Putz


        This is ridiculous. So according to the study your citing Magic Johnson, the best point guard of all time, would have been even better if he was shorter? 

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