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Maurice Cheeks pulling ahead of Nate McMillan in Pistons’ coaching search? Not so fast

For those fretting about Maurice Cheeks taking an apparent lead in the Pistons’ coaching search, myself included, there’s reason to relax – at least a little bit. Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Both McMillan and Cheeks have met with Tom Gores in LA. Both have met with the team three times

Obviously, the Pistons can’t control whether Nate McMillan wants the job. But right now, there are no know indications they prefer Cheeks to McMillan. Unfortunately, there are no known indications they prefer McMillan to Cheeks, either.

At this point, I’ll that that situation.


  • Jun 2, 20139:58 pm
    by Rob


    PLEASE not Mo Cheeks. I want to win bottom line and this guy has been over .500 only two times in his career. McMillan is at least more of a winner.

  • Jun 2, 201310:15 pm
    by Giles


    Man they are turning this coaching search into a cluster fuck…..its so comedic at this moment. Coaches meeting on the west coast, then in the easT coast.. secret phone call under the guise of night.. It’s playing out like a bond thriller.

    • Jun 2, 201310:21 pm
      by KaBa


      Yeah, just like the George Lazenby Bond Movie. Really really bad. Hopefully they will never repeat this again. Once is one time to often.

  • Jun 2, 201310:15 pm
    by KaBa


    Well they could call them all for an 7th interview round. This is getting ridiculous. At some point they have to decide! I don’t know if McMillan will fit but I liked the way he let Blazers play basketball, so he is my personal preference without knowing a thing what they talked about.

  • Jun 2, 201310:16 pm
    by jacob


    I’m hoping we go after Hollins.

  • Jun 2, 201310:16 pm
    by Giles


    P. To the muthaphucking. S.     

    go pistons 

  • Jun 2, 201310:28 pm
    by Hotep


    I wonder if Hollins would take an interview request from the Pistons. I think, at this point, he could take his pick of open jobs. I’m guessing he ends up in Brooklyn or back with Memphis.

    • Jun 2, 201311:59 pm
      by T Casey


      It depends on the offers he gets. There are some considerably better teams out there he could go to, but there are still a lot of factors that determine where he’d feel comfortable coaching for the next few years. Sure we’d be long shots, but our front office would have to be crazy not to extend an invitation to him. We’ve already got similar building blocks to what he has in Memphis.

  • Jun 2, 201310:42 pm
    by The Rake


    Silver Lining (not really): If Cheeks gets the job it will probably be open again after two sub par years, JD will be long gone from the team and we can do this all over again soon enough. Good times!

    • Jun 3, 201312:46 am
      by mike


      I’ll believe it when I see it. Same BS they said before Frank’s hire and I expect to here the same thing 2 yrs from now “Give Joe one more chance…”

      I don’t think Joe is ever going anywhere. For all we know he was given a piece of ownership from Karen in the deal. 

      I think the Fords will sell the Lions before the Pistons get rid of Dumars

  • Jun 3, 201312:42 am
    by mike


    This is like trying to choose between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb.

    Honestly what is the difference between Cheeks and McMillan?

    There seems to be some fans who don’t want Cheeks, but do want McMillan. Why? They both stink, and have virtually identical resumes. Where did this perception start that McMillan is a good coach? I don;t get it. He’s not good and neither is Cheeks, and this is turning into a disaster.

    How the **** do you hire Phil Jackson to help pick a coach, and over a month;s time these two bums are what you come up with?

    I can’t even fathom what the **** has happened to my Pistons. Joe Dumars has turned into a ****ing idiot. And Tom Gores might be even dumber.  Man this is irritating.

    • Jun 3, 20134:32 am
      by rick77


      Wow! I still cant get over the constant bitching on this board about nothing. Pistons won a title in 04 and everyone acts like their is no LeBron or Kevin Durant or Kobe for that matter trying to do the same damn thing. Joe is an idiot why? Cause the rest of the League is trying to win as well. Since you seem to talk like you have the magic formula then why not throw your hat out there for the Gm’s job. Stop complaining and pay attention to what is going on in the league. Some teams have just finished their perspective seasons and now their coaches can do interviews, and Indiana wont let their asst’s do interviews until after playoff’s.  Please tell me what is all the griping about?

      This Phil shit has got to stop. Please recognize that he had Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Scottie Pippen, and Shaq. Four of NBA’s top 50 greatest players. So to act like he is the greatest thing since sliced cheese is disingenuous. Dude I could have coached them guys to 11 titles myself. People around here act like Detroit hasn’t won anything.  Well we have and the reason we did, was Dumars. I am not giving Phil credit because Phil didn’t want to give Detroit credit when they beat LA in 04.   Oh how band wagon fans forget this known little fact, but yeah go ahead and give him free reign..This marriage is based off a friendship with him and Gores. Most astute people would be able to connect the dots and see he is probably lining Shaw up with the job, but go on and disparage Joe. Like I said a bunch of whiney fair weather fans that forget quickly. Bet you all think the Tigers are the shit even though they aint won a damn thing since 84. Cmon man give it a rest. Cause at the end of the day Joe has helped get Detroit back relevant again and that’s the only reason you bitching..

      • Jun 3, 20136:15 am
        by Vic



      • Jun 3, 20133:32 pm
        by MIKEYDE248


        Great rant.  I agree with you completely about everyone bitching about JD.  If you are expecting a miracle this summer, I don’t really see it happening.

        The Pistons are going to be hiring a new coach.  Are there any great ones available this summer?  Not really, so we are going to be disappointed know matter who he signs.

        They have a bunch of money to spent on free agency this summer.   Are there any great ones available this summer?  Not really, so we are going to be disappointed know matter who he signs.

        They are going to be drafting in the number 8 spot this summer.   Are there any great players that are going to be available at that point.  Not really, so we are going to be disappointed know matter who he drafts.

        Then when the Pistons suck again next year everyone will be saying Dumars should be fired.  If you think anyone else could do a better job than him this summer, why don’t you let us know who the Pistons can get to improve the team in any of these three catagories.

        Last thing.  I agree with you completely on the Phil thing.  I have said many times on this site that he is the most over rated coach ever.  I probably could have won at least 8 championships with the teams he had.

      • Jun 3, 20134:21 pm
        by mike


        lmao at Rick77. You keep believing Joe is god for winning 1 championship 10 yrs ago.. and keep believing Phil just rode Jordan and Kobe to 11 championships…

        Its funny because Jordan and Kobe never won anything before Phil, and never won anything after him. But you’re right Phil had nothing to do with those 11 championships. smh

        And no I don’t care about petty rivalries from the past. That stubborn thinking gets you nowhere. I believe we have a player in Drummond that is capable of making us the next dynasty of the league after Lebron retires. I don’t believe Joe is capable of building that dynasty. He’s proven he knows how to build 1 championship team. There is no evidence that he knows how to build a multiple championship team. Phil has helped put together not just 1 dynasty, but 3!!! He is the right man for the job, not Joe.


  • Jun 3, 20136:03 am
    by Grizz


    Rick 77 … Excellent Post .. Kudos …

  • Jun 3, 201310:40 am
    by Huddy


    Who is the available candidate out there who is known for taking teams from the bottom of the league with only a few raw talented players and blasting them through the playoffs right away, while simultaneously using their amazing player development skills to teach guys who seem lost at their position (BK) how it should be done and making all stars out of everyone on the roster?  It seems like a lot of people are mad we aren’t picking this mystery man so whats his name?  To be more specific, he is also the guy that WANTS to go through the process of building a team from the bottom to hopefully compete in the future, even though with his talents he could take over a team like the Clippers, Brooklyn, or (depending on Hollins) Memphis with all star level talent already on the roster and in better markets.  Dude sounds like a saint.

  • Jun 3, 20133:38 pm
    by Jay


    Please interview and hire Stan Van Gundy. Pay him whatever he wants to coach this bad team that has a lot of potential. I know that Stan is a hand full, but he knows basketball, how to get the best out of his players and most important how to win. Both stars got Stan fired in Miami and Orlando, but neither player has ever reach the same level has when Stan coached them.

    • Jun 3, 20134:25 pm
      by G


      SVG already said he didn’t want to coach next year. He’s also already said if he were to return to coaching, it would be for a contender or a warm weather team. I’d love to have Stan, but he’s not coming here.

  • Jun 4, 201311:10 am
    by Desolation Row



    Interesting stats noted. If Joe D hires Cheeks, it’d be a major disappointment. Still an upgrade from Frank, but that’s not saying much. I hope the hiring of Phil is just a bribe to get him to push Shaw to Detroit.  

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