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Maurice Cheeks eager to stand up for his players

Dan Gelston of the Associated Press on 2007-08 season:

It’s a late November game against Portland and the Sixers are getting crushed. The unruly home crowd has turned on their team and one dolt behind the bench pops off in true Philly fashion to one of the Sixers.

Cheeks whipped around and warned the fan, don’t mess with my players.

"I said, ‘I’ll take it all, but don’t yell at my players,"’ Cheeks said.

Now it’s halftime, and Cheeks is just as stern with his own team. He went into the locker room with Philly down 18 and told the Sixers he’d stick up for them, but they had to go out there and play their rears off.

"I’m not going to be standing out there taking, taking, taking and you don’t play," Cheeks said.

Down 25 in the second quarter and 22 in the third, the Sixers stunned the Trail Blazers with a 92-88 victory. Nothing has really been the same in Philadelphia since that wildest and unlikeliest of comebacks.

I don’t think the Pistons have had a coach the players trust in years, but Cheeks could change that. Players must respect his willingness to stand up for them, and certainly gives him latitude to be stern with them.

That conversation with the fan wasn’t an isolated case, either. Associated Press in 2003:

Cheeks has been a local favorite for his habit of chatting during games with fans that sit near the Portland bench

Fans in Auburn Hills should enjoy that, too.


  • Jun 11, 20132:34 pm
    by jacob


    Some positive feedback. Nice haha. I think you are doing a good job of showing both sides. Keep up the good work. How about some draft stuff and free agent ideas soon.

  • Jun 11, 20133:00 pm
    by sebastian


    There you go, Dan. A positive perspective of Coach Mo’.

  • Jun 11, 20133:15 pm
    by danny


    Dude is a class act, something players will learn from.  Taking responsibility and executing on both ends of the court.  Mo will lead by example like he always has.  Everyone likes to point out his mistakes like no other coach as made them.
    Pops never made a mistake ever coaching.  Neither has phil jackson but Mo has, remember that.

  • Jun 11, 20134:09 pm
    by Mo Cheeks


    Way to NOT be mad bro! 

  • Jun 11, 20134:30 pm
    by Clint in Flint


    This time next year we will have won 42 games and been defeated in the first round. Two years from now we will be playing for the eastern conference championship and lose. A few weeks after the loss Mo will be given a new contract.
    I’m not Dismal Dan. I believe we can do it with Mo and the help we will receive this summer. 

    • Jun 11, 20135:02 pm
      by G


      You’re definitely an optimist.

      • Jun 11, 20135:14 pm
        by Clint in Flint


        Believe it or not sometimes I’m right. Not often but……..

    • Jun 11, 20137:40 pm
      by P Diddy


      Pistons will be dangerous once they learn to play under control.  

  • Jun 11, 201311:49 pm
    by Crispus


    Now we’re talking! Some balance!

  • Jun 12, 20139:48 am
    by danny


    Let him come here mentor the dudes that need to be mentored then when we get it together we can get a new coach in a few years.  He is the right dude for right now in my book.

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