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Maurice Cheeks accepts offer to become Pistons’ new head coach

Marc Stein of ESPN:

ESPN sources: Mo Cheeks has today agreed to take Detroit Pistons’ job. Story posting online at ESPN as we speak

Matt Dery of 97.1 The Ticket:

Mo Cheeks gets #Pistons job. Source: It’s a 3 year contract.Not sure if team option for 4th. I am checking on it.

I’ll certainly write more about Cheeks in the coming days and two seasons, but I’ve already made my thoughts on this hire clear. If you missed these previously:


  • Jun 10, 20136:38 pm
    by The Rake


    Official Pistons nickname Mo “Butt” Cheeks

    Inspiring hire. This will reinvigorate a disgruntled fan base to be sure. 

    • Jun 10, 20137:33 pm
      by Tony J


      Haha you got my vote for that nickname!

  • Jun 10, 20136:43 pm
    by MongoSlade86


    I wonder if they wanted someone who would start the player with the most potential and Nate wouldn’t agree to that.

  • Jun 10, 20136:46 pm
    by Edgar


    Let’s not declare this offseason a disaster until we overpay for OJ Mayo, draft Shabazz Muhammad and get at least one story about Charlie Villanueva getting in real good shape.

    • Jun 10, 20136:50 pm
      by MongoSlade86


      Don’t forget a player telling us how they will provide leadership to the team instead of just doing it.

    • Jun 10, 20136:50 pm
      by Faraz1013


      You know there is definitely gonna be a story written by Keith Langlois on Pistons.com about how Charlie V is in great shape  

    • Jun 10, 201310:45 pm
      by Crispus


      Haha I watched that video with the boxing workout where the reporter got dizzy. Still, last season Charlie V went from total pariah to overpaid 3-pt contractor. That’s an improvement right?

  • Jun 10, 20136:53 pm
    by Mel


    I’m not going to hate on this hire right now. He’s helleva better than Frank’s in my opinion. Frank at certain points in the season just looked like he couldn’t coach. I’m going to give Mo a chane to prove him self. hopefully Joe D pull a rabbit out of his hat and do well with FA and Draft picks. I’m just glad all this drama is done. Now get rid of the bums on this team and get to work. Cheeks will need a good assistant staff now. Lol Hire Brian Shaw!

  • Jun 10, 20136:56 pm
    by Jay


    George Karl is out, Hollins is out, Doc is probably out, Brian Shaw is a candidate, we HAD McMillin, and we choose this guy?? Are you shitting me??? I thought we were on the verge of becoming a decent team. I hate to say it, but I think we’re turning into the Wizards…forever doomed. 

    • Jun 10, 20137:58 pm
      by Huddy


      By HAD McMillan you mean?  Because he got multiple interviews?  That means the pistons wanted him…doesnt mean he wasnt holding out for a better gig. 

    • Jun 10, 20139:20 pm
      by RAW


      All you people on here yelling for karl,shaw, hollins, & mcmillian need to realize that it takes  two sides to agree on a coaching hire. With all the playoff teams in search of a coach, the pistons were not going to get one of these coaches. Besides we should more concern with what type of players we bring in this summer, because we all know its gonna take a more complete roster with better talent to turn this team and coach cheeks fortunes around just ask doc rivers n danny anige

  • Jun 10, 20137:02 pm
    by JYD for Life


    Seriously…enough about how horrible Cheeks will be.  Phil Jackson couldn’t lead the squad we have to the Playoffs.  

    figure out how to make the team better.  Next year, get to round 1.  2015 Playoffs, get to the ECFinals.  By then, Miami is a few years older and will have a different makeup.  Indiana will slide back down a few seeds because they can’t pay all of their guys.  Chicago will be our only serious competition in the east unless Orlando or Cleveland do anything.  

    If we  get to that point, Cheeks is expendable for a Frank Vogel or a “Phil Jackson” type to finish the job.  

    • Jun 10, 20137:22 pm
      by Geoff


      More to the point, Phil not only couldnt coach the Pistons to the playoffs–he wouldn’t try.  Since his Jordan days, Phil has only latched onto to championship teams.  He is certainly a good coach.  However, I temper my respect for his career with the fact that he simply has not coached a developing team in the last three decades.  I can’t say the same for guys like Larry Brown or even Doug Collins.  Also, Frank was never going to get the Pistons in the playoffs and he got the, there it would have been a disaster.  Am I the only one who understands that this team is still acquiring needed players?  Its a good thing that we are in this draft. 

    • Jun 10, 20138:04 pm
      by City of Klompton


      Whoa…. If we make it to the ECF in 2015, I will be absolutely stunned and thoroughly delighted.  However, let’s work on contending for a playoff spot (let alone actually having one) before we start thinking we’ll be in the ECF in two seasons.  That would be a monumental improvement from selecting lottery picks for four straight seasons.

  • Jun 10, 20137:07 pm
    by Bryan


    Haha. You know the pistons too well saying you’ll be writing about Cheeks for two seasons when he has a three year contract. Nice.

  • Jun 10, 20137:28 pm
    by piston moribund


    Not sure how this team can possibly get any worse.  Just glad someone actually accepted a job to become coach here.  For all the talk about getting a better coach, in all honesty, who would want a job here is they had a chance somewhere else.  Hmmmm, coach with close to a .500 record, played basketball and was actually good in the nba in the modern era,  not like the pistons were in a position to choose anything, it like Jonah Hill asking Kate Upton to marry him.  Not going to happen, pretty sure money not an issue.  Detroit, where coaches come to die. 

  • Jun 10, 20137:34 pm
    by Vic


    I’m not too worried about this as long as they get 1 of the 3 true pgs available in the draft 


  • Jun 10, 20137:54 pm
    by Mel


    At least we got the smart one now. Mo, Larry, and Curry Kue. LOL
     I know but I had to say it.

  • Jun 10, 20138:16 pm
    by Desolation Row


    In the coming two seasons… HAH!! Not a fan of the hire. More telling than anything is that OKC opted not to fire Scotty Brooks to promote Cheeks. Mainly because they have more intel than Detroit and Brooks is not a good coach. Safe to say we are getting a coach who most likely is worse than Brooks. Again, the retread dilemma. 

    Dumars, you disappoint yet again. 

    • Jun 10, 20138:22 pm
      by Desolation Row


      Also, if we’re worried about developing PG’s, I’d rather hire this guy.

  • Jun 10, 20138:48 pm
    by Ozzie-Moto


    I have said for 3-4 years that Dumars is the problem. This is what you get when someone been in his job WAY to long,   his comfort zone is old and boring ..  Shack said it, and just this AM Chauncy Biliips said it  Hire NEW YOUNGER COACH one’s that can relate to YOUNGER players  …    I am so sorry Detroit but the owners, sport writers and now T Gores have coddle JD mess for years and never called him out to the extent that any other GM would have …  Gores is chicken to take the reins leaving JD to take the heat if this doesn’t work out ….  and i am afraid it will not …    (no hating just feel a good guy lost his touch long ago )   good luck Detroit and Pistons … 

  • Jun 10, 20139:09 pm


    we should tank for Wiggins,Parker or Randle

    • Jun 10, 20139:18 pm
      by Reaction



    • Jun 10, 20139:57 pm
      by frankie d


      The problem is that cheeks is not bad enough to get detroit into the worst record race but he is not  a good enough  coach to make a real difference.   I will bet that he is mediocre enough to get detroit just enough wins so that charlotte gets their pick in 2014.
      What a nightmare!  This does not portend well for the free agency period.  I can see a max offer to josh smith coming… 

  • Jun 10, 20139:22 pm
    by Mo Cheeks


    Hey Dan…you mad bro?

  • Jun 10, 20139:30 pm
    by Corey


    On the bright side, at least we’re not the only did functional team when it comes to coaches. 

    Grizzlies make WCF… Fire coach.
    nuggets win 57 games and Karl gets coach of the year… Fire coach.

    six playoff coaches have already been canned this year. It’s amazing. to think positive: so many areas are run by morons that we could clearly be back in the upper half of the league quickly- the competition isn’t too bright.

  • Jun 10, 201310:21 pm
    by Big Rick


    Don’t see what the uproar is all about. True bigger names were out there but think about the bigger picture though. There are better options, and better teams to coach than in Detroit. I think we’re lucky to get someone of Maurice Cheek’s character and experience. Lets give him a chance and see how this roster shapes up, and how the season plays out before we riot in Auburn Hills because of the coaching hire. 

  • Jun 10, 201310:22 pm
    by Big Rick


    On another note I actually laughed out loud reading the posts on Charlie V’s fitness articles. Good one! 

    • Jun 10, 201311:13 pm
      by gmehl


      Hey don’t be surprised if CV has a good season next year ala Maxiell in his contract year. He will be playing for his next contract. I mean someone has to pay to wash all his Bentley’s.

  • Jun 10, 201310:25 pm
    by Joey


    Seems like Dan isn’t even a pistons fan

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